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Very nice! Good luck with sales!

Thanks weddigkeutel!

Great theme. Any news of a WordPress version – I’d buy tomorrow!

Yes the WordPress version is in the works. ETA is late December.

Awesome template Webthemer, good luck mate! ;)

Thanks! ;)

Nice theme, does it come in only one color? I don’t see see any other colors.

The updated version will have more colors and there will be file style.css that you can alter to make your own color. It will be released tomorrow.

Great template. As soon as it’s released with more colours, I’ll buy it. Out of interest, where does the ‘next event’ bit get its data from? Is there a calendar extension included?

The next event in the header is made by hand it is static, as for the calendar for now we haven’t included any calendar in the template.

Thanks for the reply. A shame about the next event in the header but I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to pull it from a database…nice idea though.

Please make this template J2.5 / 3.0 Compatible, look forward to buy it then.

This theme is Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 compatible work in both version.


webthemer I have problems when installing the template in the Joomla Extensions Manager 2.5.8. When I click upload and install does not show me the message of successful installation.

Is this the file you are trying to upload wt_churchy_j25_v1.0.0.zip? If not please unzip the pack that you downloaded this file must be in theme folder.

If the above is not the answer please open a ticket on help.webthemer.com and we will address the issue ASAP .

I was buyer #7 of this template. I have an old Joomla 1.5 site that I wanted to make responsive – and I had looked for the past 2 or 3 months for something I liked. I’m a member of a couple of clubs, but this had the “look” I wanted so I decided to spend the $ on it. I am incredibly happy with my purchase!!!! LOVE THE TEMPLATE ! It looks and performs great – and I am just totally pleased with it !! Had a few issues getting started but used the Webthemer forum and submit ticket to ask questions – which were quickly and efficiently answered by the developer. I came back here to post my testimonial and RECOMMENDATION for the template – and a big thumbs up for Damir!

Thanks for Testimonial :)

good afternoon, How to modify the CSS module of recent events, the idea is to assign ownership. “Width66” as shown in the demo of the template “Churchy”. Now I need to show a module ”. Width66” and another ”. Width33” on page. Please help me.

Ok i see that you opened a ticket on Support i will replay there

Does this template allow double dropdown menu items (ex. dropdown menu item inside a dropdown menu)?

No, the framework is made like that i use Warp Framework. It has 3 levels and if you look at the features menu on the demo of Churchy. The items in red are 3 level.

The live preview is not working anymore. Please, could you fix it?

Working o the issue, will be fixed soon.

Ok the live preview is online sorry for the inconvenience.

How can I change the colour of menu? I just installed the theme.

The colorization will be available this week. You will simply need to change one css file.

Thanks, where I will exactly find css file and color of the menu?:)

In Style Folder

Color green is available?

Available he new version with the color green please?

I will release it on Sunday.

Is there any Wordpress version yet? Thank you.

Will be soon.

Hi, I’m sure I was looking at this template a while ago and it had a blue background with some other images other than the demo. Is there a way to view the other styles of this template?

Working on the colors, the demo will have them on Sunday.

some how favicon is not changing? can you tell me where else i can change. i changed on in churchy template folder. thanks.

Try clearing your cache in your browser

Hi there, I very much enjoy this template! I am having some difficulty with the template installation. i have uploaded the extension via the install extensions route but am having some difficulty. I found the installation instructions, but was confused with the font installation instructions. What do you mean by font provider? If it helps, here is what I have so far (my joomla installation is 2.5 with the sample data.) www.seayschapelumc.org Thanks for your help!—Andy S.

First of Thanks for Buying. :)

If you would like the exact copy like the demo. You must install quickstart (New Joomla Installation) this is the joomla installation with sample data and all extension. Currently my support is down because i have transferred my domain and server to a new provider and waiting for DNS to properly propagate. So i will help you here to install fonts for churchy please download them here and unzip them and put them in the fonts folder in theme.


The font needs to be installed separately because Envato (ThemeForest) don’t allow us to pack them in the themes copyright issues etc…

Hi what is the current status of the updated version of this template? Reading through all these comments it has become apparent to me that you simply haven’t kept to your word regarding the updated version. You keep moving the goalpost (so to speak). Please give a firm date and stick to it, you owe it to your customers.

Currently working on the colors. Waiting for DNS to propagate this is why demo is not working. I will submit updated version tomorrow evening.

Update 1.1.0 will be in queue in couple of hours. You can check the demo for colors now its online (Green, Yellow, Blue, Black and Red). The colors are in Layout Menu. If you have any suggestion for additional colors please submit and i will made them available in the next update.

Sorry for the delay. :)