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Congratulations for the new colors, it´s fantastics.

Thanks :)

Do you have the wordpress version out yet?

No – Its in Development. Somewhere in late February will be available.

Your support forum not working i need help with your template Churchy

slider not working or images after using quick install

otherwise the template is great

this was the site i was going to http://www.webthemer.com/forum

Also your ticket system dont work filled out the ticket and went back to the form :(

Try send a email to support@webthemer.com this will make a ticket automatically in the HelpDesk.

We will drop support for ZOO in the next update of Churchy. So there will not be any zoo component in there. Next update will have revolution slider and styling for Widgetkit Pro.

The Next Update will be somewhere in late February.

Ok thats great news but silder still dont work. are you saying there is a problem with zoo component thats why the slider dont work?

can you email me better that way

Try sending a email to support@webthemer.com this will make a ticket automatically in the HelpDesk and we will continue there.

Thank you :)

Is this not mobile (responsive)? I test the demo on my phone and it came up with a ERROR: 500

Yes it is, i tested it now and it works on iPhone 4s.

I tried to create the slide show, but it is going to a error page. please help me. otherwise template is best.

Please open a ticket on help.webthemer.com all help will be provided there.

The position located right side of Logo is not there. It is not shown in the position. Please tell how can I do the “Next upcoming event will be on:”

Please open a ticket on help.webthemer.com all help will be provided there.

Hi I need help to install churchy-joomla-template. steep by steep thx

Hi how do you hide the output or the component only from the frontpage and nowhere else.?

You must Create a Profile in the Theme Settings, and set the specific page in assign pages in Drop Down and set the System Output to NO

Got that working now, thanks…

In the first version, the theme support Kunena but in the last version no. Do you design the template for Kunena Forum?


Will be available in the next update.



Is there a position created specific for the search module in this template?

No, Simply put it in sidebar-a or sidebar-b

Hi, Congrats! Wow! What an excellent product…!!! Waiting for the word-press version for more than 2 months… Always checking the updates…! Still waiting. :)

Hi I am working on it, it will be worth of wait.

I have joomla 3.0.3 installed and am not able to upload it. I’m going to Extensions> Extension Manager> Upload Package File choose the ThemeForest-3399878-joomla-churchy-church-template.zip, I click upload & install and nothing happens.

Unzip it and in theme folder you will find 2 theme zip files. And here is the instructions http://help.webthemer.com/solution/categories/45063/folders/73122/articles/36550-install-a-template-in-joomla-2-5

Why is the quickstart package with a different template demo?

Please open a ticket on help.webthemer.com

What extensions are required to install is already configured with extensions like in the demo. Because the template is installed, and when I select and update only appears a lot of text

Please open a ticket on help.webthemer.com

Is the updated version of the theme you’re speaking here uploaded yet because I like you work and I would like to purchasable a copy?

Also – is it Joomla 3 compatible?

Best regards

The Update with Kunena is still in development but latest update is available 27 February 13. You will get all the updates in the future for free. Its Joomla 3 Compatible only the Revolution slider don’t work jet on Joomla 3 it will have an update in a week or so.

Dear sir, madam,

I would like to place an extra module to the right of the Slideshow banner op Top-a module position.

For instance, if I make the Slideshow 500px wide how can I place another module next to it (for instance a custom html module)?

Now it appears BELOW the slideshow when I assign it to Top-a position instead of NEXT to it to the right or left?



Hi, i have answered the ticket on the help.webthemer.com

I bought Joomla Churchy and you mentioned in the description that it has full support to RTL, I cannot find anything related to RTL in the documentation, kindly tell me how to turn my it to RTL. thanks.

Hi i will answer your ticket in a minute.


it isn’t possible to get a ticket on help.webthemer.com – so my problems: 1. I can’t edit the module of the map/contact (error) … could you please tell me, how to create a new map and contact page? The postion of my map isn’t correct: (http://gewerbe-klettgau.de/ggg/index.php/kontakt/kontakt)

2. Is there anywhere a documentation of the portfolio examples (mod_roksprocket)? Can’t get the filters (my own) run.

Finally, it’s not really well documented template!!

Why is not possible? Send an email to support@webthemer.com

I didn’t get a reaction to my signup (name + email).

Send email to support@webthemer.com and ticket will be created


I just bought the theme but I cannot see any Joomla 3 quickstart! This is dissapointing….

Any clues to install demo data in Joomla 3? In your product description it clearly says that demo package is included (assumed for both 2.5 and 3)

Looking forward to hearing from you.



This is easy to upgrade to 3.0.3 quickstart here are the directions:

1. Go into the Components – Joomla Update 2. Click options on the right corner and set it to short term support 3. Upgrade Joomla to version 3 4. open a ftp and take joomla theme wt_churchy_j30_v1.2.0 and overwrite the files in theme folder and you are done.

if you will have any problem please open ticket on help.webthemer.com

Hello Webthemer, I have followed your instructions and it worked perfect out of the box. Many thanks for your immediate response. Will buy from you happilly again in the future. Thanks, Haris

Glad to hear that.