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Hi there, I noticed in one of your earlier comments that you mentioned migrating to the revolution slider in your next update of Churchy. Is this change implemented in version 1.2.0, or will it be added in a future version? thanks!

No it will be in the new update by the end of the April when the WordPress version will be out to.

Is there any Demo Sample info for 3.0? I would like to be able to have some sample data to go off of.

The version 2.5 is easy converted to version 3 its done in 2 minutes and i can done it for you open a ticket help.webthemer.com and send me details.

Thank you for your prompt response.

Hi Webthemer, I´m thinking to buy your awesome theme. Just want to know if the theme has 1. Does a screen reader for blind people work with this theme? Is an accessible rich internet application included?. Are ARIA landmarks already set in HTML5 to markup regions of a page? Also see: http://pbwebdev.com/blog/adding-wai-aria-landmarks-to-joomla#.UWcGKVf5V3N and this: http://blog.paciellogroup.com/2011/07/html5-accessibility-chops-aria-landmark-support/ 2. Hyphenation to allow the controlled splitting of words to improve the layout of paragraphs. Also see http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-text/#hyphens0

Is this included?

Thanks for your help + Cheers :-) Simone

Sorry this is not supported in the template.

Thanks for your reply, never mind, we will include it – will buy your template anyway – nice thing Best Simone



Please consider adding K2 styling support to your templates, especially K2 styling for Rocksprocket. The only thing stopping me buying your template Maxwell is because of the lack of K2 styling.

Please kindly consider adding K2 styling support as an update.

Many thanks

I will see about this and if i will provide k2 styling i will post it on the update page.

How can I configure this Joomla theme for multilingual?

Did you buy it?

I’m planning to… A good question could be: is the template ready for multilngual configuration? Which plugin works to do this job using this template.

Yes its ready for multilingual and RTL based languages.

Purchased this theme a few weeks ago, great stuff! I used the quick start in my Joomla 2.5.9 install. Upgraded to Joomla 3.0.3 Everything works except the layout changer. Whether I change from the back end or from the layout menu in demo, it will not change from red, there’s no background either, please help!

EDIT: It will change from <Template Manager: Edit Style> but not from frontpage menu in quick start.

ok, thanks. The issue is changes made to template profiles are never saved, it always revert to default after I save & close. I will open a ticket now.

I’ve opened ticket (#250) and emailed you login info. Thanks again!

I will get back to you in a few hours.

Hi Webthemer,

I wrote in the Support Center, hope to get your help soon. Thanks.

Responded! :)

can the typography be changed in your template? I am not very adept at css. I love your template except for the fonts I see. also, are all modules collapsible? thanks

You can change the font in theme options from drop down menu.

NVMD, FOUND IT: Ignore—>Where can I see the module positions. Am not finding it on the demo

Hi WebTheme, i purchased the CHURCHY $ 45 joomla Theme / Template.but its not visible / recognised through the template manager. i have tried it with Joomla 2.5 and the NEw Joomla 3.1.

I tried it with the Quick starter as well and it is not recognised among installed templates.

make a ticket and send me ftp and database info and i will install it for you. help.webthemer.com

Hi. Is there a PSD available ? Thanks.

No sorry.

I should ask before buy it; i’ll do it next time ! :)

mod_widgetkit_twitter does not show tweets, It says “No tweets found”. But it worked 3 days ago.

Did you put the api information from developer.twitter.com?


I sent you a message and have not receive a reply yet. I would like to know how to remove the title and hits info at the bottom of the zoo item pages.


Please resend reply I have not receive it yet. Thanks.

Go into Components – Zoo – Pages – Config and set the parameters.


after installing the 2.5. demo version and updating the modules and joomla to 3.1.1., the backend works, but the frontend shows a white, blank page. In the backend/templatemanager after click on “churchy” the following error is shown as site name:

Error: 0 SQL=SELECT m.id, m.parent_id, m.title, m.menutype FROM `q8v2z_menu` AS m WHERE `m`.`published` = 1 ORDER BY m.menutype, m.parent_id, m.ordering

I hope you can help us. Thanks.

You must update the theme in theme folder there is a theme for Joomla 3.1 please check


Waiting for the word-press version since January :D Hope to hear a good news from you :)

It is in the Works should be next month. New Framework and packed with features.

where are the actual demo images? everything looks different? i need the background images pls. Do you sell those as well?

No i don’t sell them. They are copyrighted but you can buy them on http://photodune.net/

Hello Sir,

I want to ask if you support the Arabic language or not…


Yes its supported fully.

Hi, great theme. Everything is working ok. i’ve only one problem: on iphone (and even resized on mac) I have no dropdown main menu (no menu at all). I’ve already set the main menu module in menu position, it’s working for bigger resolution.

Any idea?

Send me the url , username and password i will take a look. help.webthemer.com

Hi, I would like to buy it. However, I would like to see the document and how to customer the template first. Where can I find the document for this template? Can I change the logo to my logo?


Send an email.

OK, love the theme, documentation on the other hand…

Theme Sample Data will not install, is there a way to get this installed? The Quickstart directory only has Joomla 2.5, but even that doesn’t work.

Any help on this?

Tried to register an account with the support forum, seemed to be successful, but when I went to ask a question, I received a 404 on the following page: http://webthemer.com/support/ask.html.