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Tried to register an account with the support forum, seemed to be successful, but when I went to ask a question, I received a 404 on the following page: http://webthemer.com/support/ask.html.

hi Webthemer . sent the mail to activate account. also could you please install it for me as version 3 demo site. i sent you the info

thanks so much for a great theme

Activated you!

Hi Webthemer, This is a great theme! Is it compatible with Google Agenda?

Thanks, Guilherme

Hello, today I bought your template. Entered into a panel pressed the extension tried to upload the archive template downloaded after purchase, But failed to upload template , an error when loading JInstaller: :Install: could Not find an XML file ?????????.???????? – why Joomla 2.5.14’t find the installation file? What to do? Sorry I write through a translator-I am Russian, English don’t know

Please unzip it first.

I am in process of getting my upgraded Joomla 2.5 site with Churchy template ready to go live but I have a particular category on my website that is not rendering the default choices for displaying links – including links in menus, articles, and modules.

If you look at http://dahlfred.com/j25restore01/index.php/blogs/gleanings-from-the-field, you’ll see that all the links are underlined, and the article title & links within the article are not green as they should be. If you look at any other page on the site, you’ll see that the color scheme for links is correct and the links are not underlined.

I do not have any template styles or profiles assigned other than the default. I have searched in vain for an incorrect setting someplace. Any idea where the problem might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Never mind. I located the problem. A single article was causing the problem. I think what happened was that when I cut-and-pasted the article text from MS Word, some font & hyperlink attributes came along and somehow populated themselves throughout the whole blog category page. Strange. Anyhow, I’m glad its fixed.

The continue and frequent requests for k2 support on your templates has so far fallen on deaf ears, please kindly consider updating your templates with K2 support as a matter of priority on your to do list.


The K2 Support is coming when the Template will be ported to Gantry Framework.

there is no Joomla_3.1 in my download only 2.5? i mean version im using 3.1 Joomla

You can upgrade to 3.1 from 2.5 its easy go to our support forum and read this thread. http://webthemer.com/support/how-to-convert-quickstart-2-5-to-3-1.html

Great theme by the way! We’ve pretty much figured out everything else without much fuss but the twitter list,bubble,feed modules just don’t budge and we’d like to know why.

furthermore widgetkit keeps bugging us to update to 1.4.6. On the site, following the link, it appears widgetkit is paid for but widgetkit lite is free, which should i use?



You should use lite version and here is how you make twitter work. http://www.yootheme.com/blog/2013/03/27/widgetkit-14-update

Basically, when i try to go to the relevant modules in Module manager – all belonging to the roksprocket module, i just get blank page without any errors or anything, I’ve tried overwriting the roksprocket module by install/upgrading with latest version from their site but it changes nothing. i’ve ensured gzip compression is off as per site but still no joy.

all the rocksprocket module options in module manager not viewable. The features are still active on site home page but we are no longer able to view or edit. I noticed 2 days ago but didn’t know it affected all the module features. e.g Portfolio mosaic no longer working this contols the same banners under the slideshow. This is how the module page looked like http://www.rockettheme.com/extensions-joomla/roksprocket and http://www.docs.bdthemes.com/docs/degree-responsive-joomla-template/how-to-create-roksprocket-mosaic-home4-mosaic-with-roksprocket-module/ . it may be a clash with another extension

Thanks for all the support!

Please write in support forum and i will answer things there.

Hi, Still waiting for the release of Wordpress version since last year! :O Your previous comments mentioned WP version will release on April… but still no more update regarding wp version! When will you release the wp version?

We are working on it there is no release date.

I sent the email to activate my account. I can’t find where to edit the contact us information and the twitter module. And I can’t read any of the support forum responses until my account is active. :(


Hi, I’ve patterned my site’s homepage exactly as per the wtCurchy template, even duplicated homepage articles and modified them for use. The problem is when i open up the articles in full view, they still open with the homepage slider and top-a modules and sidebar items showing as though i’m still on the homepage. This doesn’t happen in the wtChurchy demo.

i’m running on latest stable joomla 2.5.14.

already activated and posted as user Evodias. not comfy posting url in public. how can i PM?

ok. sent

I just launched my upgraded site (Joomla 2.5) with the Churchy template but the logo header and drop down menu are missing when viewed on iPhone or any smaller screen. I have the responsive setting turned on, and fixed width turned off. Can you help me get this fixed? Thanks! (website: www.dahlfred.com)

Problem Fixed :)

You rock! Thank you!

Your Welcome!

i just installed this template and its working fine. But when i logged in to the backend, and tried to edit the contents, i find that the editor shows only the codes. as i am not good in codes, i cannot edit. please how do i set the backend to show editing through preview interface. someone help please

Go into the Global Configuration – Site Tab – Default Editor * and chose what you please…

Is this template work with Joomla 3.2?

Yes it does.

Hi. I’ve purchased this template, and after quickstart installtion I see no Russian language in the configuration menu.(

Well you will need to install it from joomla.org, go into the administration and choose the Extensions / Extension Manager, chose Install languages Tab, enter Russian in filter and check it and hit install. More info here: http://docs.joomla.org/Adding_multi-language_support

Does the template support Vietnamese?

Yes it support Vietnamese – if Joomla is in Vietnamese then its supports it. :)

Hello, After I installed Joomla 3.2, I tryed it install the theme but it does not works! Is there a way to do theme installation for Joomla 3.2? what are the steps to do?, or the configurations that I should do? or the ZIP file that I should run? many thanks in advance… Abed


Thanks :)

Template is Updated to New Version with 3.2 Quickstart and Joomla 3.2 Support.

To update to 3.2 just uploading the new version to theme folder is ok?

From what version will you update your Joomla to 3.2?

I’m on joomla 2.5.14 and Churchy 1.3. I think I will stay with 2.5 for now, can I just update Churchy?

Yes you can update Churchy, but if you plan to update Joomla to 3.2 i suggest you first update Joomla manually to 3.1.5 and then use the automatic uploader in joomla to 3.2.1 there where some issues in Joomla that when you uploaded from 2.5 to 3.2.1 it broke the whole site, yes and most important thing backup first.