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Hi, Just purchased this yesterday. I have uploaded the standard wt_churchy template but am unable to upload the wt_churchy_quickstart template. Any reason why this would be? Thanks.

The quickstart template is a pack (Joomla + Plugins and Extensions and sample data) you install it like any Joomla installation. Basically you get completely copy of the demo theme.

Hi there. This template is amazing!!! :) I love it!

I have one question. How i change de filds name(to my languages) in contact form(ex: name;email;subject;message)?

Help me please…

can i change in php(?) files? What is the file(where is it)?

You are in luck are you using Joomla 3.2?

I have activated you on my support forum ”’juliopinto4’” make a post there and i will give you the Portuguese language for Joomla 3.2, i created it for a client.

I using Joomla! 3.2.1 Stable

I have activated you on my support forum ”’juliopinto4’” make a post there and i will give you the Portuguese language for Joomla 3.2, i created it for a client.

i have registered the acount in support fórum but i dont received the email to activated the acount

I already activate you just login. Check the spam folder if maybe the email is in there.

i dont received the email.i dont have the email in spam. When i try login, tell me to activate the acount.

Try now

no say “Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.” sorry man.

check your mail for login details

thanks :) I login in fórum.

Discussion is created successfully. Thanks Webthemer. Love the support


Where are the screen shots & documentation located in the download

Most of the link you have above are broken or bad


Nice Theme!

I bought and installed Quickstart yesterday, following all instructions step by step, however there are several broken links. In fact it appears only the home page works. All other pages are not working.


I need help fixing this as soon as possible.



Go into the Global Configuration and turn off SEO Settings, clear the cache and try then.

Love the template. Noticed that the content page area does not expand to fit full width of site if no sidebar-a or sidebar-b modules are present. How can this be archived?

Hello, i have a very strange problem with the installation of the churchy theme to joomla 3.2. The folder with wt_churchy is in the /template and in the /tmp directory. but i see no images or the slider or any others. Here is the link to the side: www.hort-76-grundschule.de Where is the error? I work with them about 3 days…. I´m at a loss

Thanks for help!!!

Do you still need help with this, why didn’t you install Quickstart?

Hello! I like this template very much and I have purpose to buy it. But first I would know is there supported croatian language (types ?, ?, ?, š, ž). Which font is used in main titles like “Understanding Love” or “Faith for the Family”? Thanks a lot for answer!

Your Welcome, Hvala!

I installed the template using the quickstart. On the contact us page there is a Google map. How do you change the address the map points to. Also if you edit the Module – Contact Us by adding any text,the map disappears, how do you get it back. Basically I am looking to learn how this map works. I cannot find the settings for it anywhere. Thanks

Hi Webthemer, Thanks for getting back to me, I have now registered and confirmed on your site.


Hello there,

I just want to know how to allow the mega menu, I need to create a menu with 3 columns cause I have many menu items. Tried to install other mega menu modules but it was not supported and didn’t work with the template. Kindly feed me back concerning this point.

Kindly feed me back concerning the mega menu issue. How to use it in my website to create a 2 column drop down menu. specially that it’s mentioned in the description of your template before purchasing it that it supports mega menu. Thank you.

I wanna add Arabic language to my website how can i add it to the template

Did you install it into the Joomla?

I am wondering why the html version of this theme is not added in the bundle How can I get it?

There is no HTML Version for this only Joomla and WordPress is Coming next month!

this template is functional with joomla 2.5.19

Yes fully functional!

Hi, Is this template compatible with Joomla! version, 3.3.0? Thank you

Yes its compatible!

Great! will purchase in the AM. Hope your support is as good as your response was today! :-) thanks

Yes the support is good! :)

I have purchased this template but this font OpenSans isn’t compatibile with croatian language (there is no types š, ?, ?, ?, ž). I would change that font with another one. Can You send me tutorial how to do it? Thanks!

Can you send me link of the General Forum? Thanks!

Is this General Forum – http://webthemer.com/support.html?envato_item_id=3399878

I haven’t account but I can’t register there. What I can do?

Download this and unzip it and replace it in fonts folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7dg64ncXtLFdzNIbGxNZDI2RGs/edit?usp=sharing

Hi, I want the content of the headerbar position also shown in the mobile phone version. What should I change in the responsive.css? THX

The forums are up so please write in there: http://webthemer.com/forum/