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Hi Seal

I tried what you suggested but it’s still the same, which is what I expected. I didn’t change any widths before I sent the first test email and it did the same in that email.

Could I forward it to you so you can have a look?

Well you can send the email to me at me(@)byseal.com

I just tested with your file from this link: http://thecommunitynews.org.uk/newton/newton_rca_1111.html

There was no brake in yahoo mail, gmail and thunderbird

Another person new to this site and buying newsletter templates, generally. It appears that the purchase is for PSD files, but I don’t have Photoshop. I am simply looking for the HTML to use as a template in PHPlist. Do the HTML files come with the PSD files upon purchase? Thanks for your response to this n00b question.


The purchase is for html files, however you get the psd files as well

I want the HTML files of this template, if i buy it would it be included? because i will send it using Outlook (and to Outlook)


Well, this template is actually html files. You also get PSD files as well in case you want to make your own modifications, but the html files with inline styling are the core of this template

thank you, you might need then to modify the description that said: “All PSD files included in well named and organized layer structure!”

How does it work? Will I have to install it in my Wordpresspage or on my computer? And how do I ad content? Is it possible that you could send me documentation/instructins on how it works? I am new to this, and don´t feel I can by before I know exactly how it works :-)


Well this is html newsletter, so you need some html editor in order to change the content. If you are using web based program like Vertical Response or MailChimp you will need to just copy/paste the content of the newsletter (as html) and then upload any images to your own server.

I haven’t used WP for sending newsletters so far so I can’t comment n that

Hello Seal,

I’m looking for a newsletter template for my company and I quite like your template. Since this is my first purchase on this site, I have few questions:

1/ After purchasing the template, will I receive both PSD. and HTML. files?

2/ Is it easy to make changes? (change the color, insert the images, etc.)

3/ Can I re-use it every month or I just can use it one time?

Thanks a lot in advance for your responses.

Thanks a lot Seal, I will ask Envato about that policy as you suggested.

Hello Seal, it’s me again. Does your template works with Mailjet? Thanks in advance for your response.

Never tried it on but it should work on every mail sending program since the content is just an html code. So if Mailjet supports html newsletter it should work

Hi. I´m new to this so I have a question about how this works. If I use Gmail or EMClient to send the newsletter, do I then need a Maichimp account or any other account? Will this work with gmail or EMClient as the only service? What about the HTML newsletter pages, do I need a place to store them? on my webpages for instance? Hope you can give me some feedback on this :-)


Mailchimp or Verticalresponse has many added benefits but in general you don’t need them. You can send the email via outlook for example. But you need to place the associated images on your hosting and link them in the newsletter

Hi. Is it possible to have a customer referral promotion and other incentives using this template?

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