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Hi, I have some problems while using this template. 1)How to edit the menus in member’s page? I want to replace settings menu with Blog menu. 2)How to list a particular member blogs in his profile page?\


1. Buddypress doesn’t have included easy mechanism to customise tabs on members pages.

2. Here on Themeforest support doesn’t provide help with such extended customisations – http://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy


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we need several customizations before we can go live, can we discuss these over skype so that you may provide us the quote for effort and price. my skype id is ‘hsakarwal’

1. the members list in home page to be separated in different categories( mentors, businsses, service provider etc) and to be displayed in separate rows in the home page. 2. The member profile page with the list has edit option for all members. A member should be able to edit only his profile not others. 3.we need to edit the menu of ” activity, profile, forum….” in member page, right now its not possible

Unfortunately I don’t offer any services. Try to find somebody here – https://buddypress.org/support/forum/plugin-forums/bp-jobs-board/ or here – http://jobs.wordpress.net/

1. Use custom fields.

2. It’s already implemented, edit button is on the sibgle profile page.

3. I already told you how to do it.

A couple questions here:

1) Can your post embed Youtube video directly and show the video on activirty stream?

2) Can we hide Post Update box at the top of Activity stream, both site-wide and member profile Activity Steam?

3) When clicking on a username and his photo in a post, is there any way we can link them directly to the user’s profile page, instead of his post stream page?

4) when an user needs to change his profile photo and background cover photo, does he need to create an account with Gravatar, or can he simply upload a photo from his hard drive / device?

Thank you.

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Member can just upload photo on your website.


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How to activate the ‘Event ’ menu? How to book an event?

how do I log onto your demo site?

All inner pages you can see on screenshots – http://themeforest.net/item/cinematix-buddypress-theme/4959387

prsales query,

I am testing out, but the chat option is not working at all,

Any clue, or it not functioning,

Thanks for report, I’m just working on it.

It works fine now, there was a conflict with other plugin.

Is it a common chat or individually ? too

I mean to say, private chat option ,

I am sure you will find many private chat plugins working with my theme.


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Cover photos are not supported very well, do you plan an update to enhance support for them?

There is no good place for cover so it’s not supported.

Great Theme. My users seem to like it and have no trouble using it. I would like to add banner ads in this theme. I haven’t found a plugin that will work well so I want to hard code banners in the bottom of the forum pages. Just below the forums in the blank area on the page, im just curious which page to edit for the main forums page.

Open bbpress/loop-replies.php file and paste code with ad before

<?php do_action( 'bbp_template_after_replies_loop' ); ?>


Hello thanks for this theme, I think is a unique one. I need to know if users on my forum can upload pictures, if yes. please where can I activate it or which plugin do I need to upload. I just need them to be able to upload images in the post window by uploading from their hard drive not just using a tag.

will subscribers be able to post videos on their own too?

When you install this plugin – https://rtmedia.io/ then users will be able to post videos on their own profiles.

Hello! Does it work with PhpBB???


Unfortunately not, theme was crafted for bbpress forum plugin but you can always migrate your forum to bbpress and use my theme – https://codex.bbpress.org/getting-started/importing-data/import-forums/

hey i would like to know if that theme is a drag and drop builder and what what kind of builder do you guys use ?


Unfortunately theme doesn’t use any drag & drop builder.

Cinematix produces an error 500 with WP version 4.6 – When I delete the them, the website loads fine.

Presale Question:

Would Facebook Login Plug-in crash the theme? If it doesn’t, is it possible to set Fb login as my main and only log-in function widget?

There is no problem. Yes, fb can be aa main login.

hello, header menu tag not working activity,blog,members. we click on that menu it can redirect the home page. what can i do??


Check the real URL of the activity page under dashboard.

does it support wc vendors

Well, it’s paid plugin so I can’t test it but theme works great with a woocommerce – http://www.demo1.diaboliquedesign.com/5/shop/ so I think theme will work with all woocommerce extensions

This has been a great theme. I am using it in a high traffic local site in combination with a FM radio station. One of the problems I have had since day one is spam in the activity feed & groups. Im deleting about 18,000 spam groups a day and more in activity feed. I have installed many 3rd party plugins such as recaptcha, this has slowed it down but not solved the problem. Do you have any recommendations?

Well, it’s not a theme issue but somebody recommended this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wangguard/ If it still won’t help then please search in google for – buddypress spam registration

Do you have a demo login please, registration is disabled.


Unfortunately not, all inner pages available after login you can see on screenshots.

Hello Diabolique please can i use this theme for more than one client??


Here on themeforest 1 purchase = 1 website