Discussion on Cinematix - BuddyPress Nouveau Membership Theme

Discussion on Cinematix - BuddyPress Nouveau Membership Theme

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marvc Purchased

Geesh! I bought this theme in 2013 but have never used it for either of my projects. Now that I’m trying to use it the Home always shows “Not Found! It looks like nothing was found at this location.” I didn’t have this issue with the previous theme which was in place for years. Resetting permalinks don’t work. Once I log in to the website I can see the Home page. Is there some trick to getting the Home page to stick for visitors? Any responses appreciated.


Make sure you selected Homepage or Frontpage 1 Elementor page template for your home page.

afotey Purchased

I don’t have any questions or issues at the moment. I just wanted to thank you for FINALLY updating this. It looks amazing now!

Hello, I am glad to hear that everything is working fine, if you find any problems don’t hesitate to let me know.


rmonis Purchased

Hello, I want to buy “cinematics” theme. We have some doubts, 1. This theme has “Paid Membership” feature. Here we have to send SMS after member registration and payment. Is it possible? SMS should be sent to member and admin. 2. Can admin edit member details? We want a front end that shows all members and admin can add/update/edit members and membership details. 3. Is it possible to send upcoming events to all members through mail and sms?

I look forward to your reply.


rmonis Purchased

Please reply


1. There is few Paid Membership Pro extensions with SMS feature like this one – https://zapier.com/apps/paid-memberships-pro-wordpress-p/integrations/sms

2. Yes

3. I think it could be possible to do manually using some newsletter plugin.

Hello Admin

I want to purchase this theme but the many errors, reviews and ratings have me concerned.

I need some answers before making my final decision.
  1. What is the difference between OneCommunity & cinematix themes?
  2. Which is the better choice between OneCommunity & cinematix themes?
  3. Is a user able to also see their payment history in their profile?


1. Main difference is design, besides both themes are quite similar. OneCommunity has more frontpages, sliders, ajax search pro plugin included.

2. Well, it depends what do you need.

3. Yes, if you are talking about woocommerce.

Thank you for the prompt reply

@Payment history

I am referring to Membership Pro payment history. Will it also reflect in a user’s profile page

There is invoice page so probably it contains all history too – https://diaboliquedesign.com/screenshots/3/screenshot_at_12-33-29.png You can install this plugin and and test it – https://wordpress.org/plugins/paid-memberships-pro/


This is my domain and I am using the Cinematix theme. So I am facing lots of issues.

Please review and let me know were is the issues

When I am login in admin its redirect to home page.

It can be redirected by some plugin, paid membership pro plugin maybe? Probably it redirects to the login page while the Login page is not assigen as login page. Here is the info how to disable plugins without wp dashboard access – https://www.ostraining.com/blog/wordpress/disable-a-wordpress-plugin/

Login page not works as well GamiPress. plugin not installing, gamipress shows installation failed issue

There is no login page but a login popup box, it looks fine – https://diaboliquedesign.com/screenshots/3/screenshot_at_11-56-50.png

Please open the wp-config.php file in the root of your wp installation and change

define( 'WP_DEBUG', false );


define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

if there will be more detailed error message while plugin installation then post it here, if not then send me login credentials to your WP dashboard.

Hello. I want to buy the theme but just want to know if i can merge SNax plugin with Cinematix. Snax is only compatible with buddy press, so… Thanks very much !


Yes, this plugin should work fine.

I am so happy to become a member here… one question Does it have an anonymous Features let members join conversation in the forum ?

and also report Features ?

Hello, as far as I remember you can enable in bbpress guest posting.

and also report Features ?

It’s possible with following plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/bbpress-report-content/

Hello I have a pre-sales question In the forum, the post of the article link can it show the thumbnail 『 picture』in the reply topic? any suggestion ?


It’s possible with this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-upload-for-bbpress/

I have some pre-sale questions for the seller:

1. Can I easily integrate adsense ads with Ads Inserter? 2. I want to build a community for my radio station. My focus is music producers and record labels. Can I adjust this theme to my liking so that my members can post their social media such as soundcloud, mp3 demos, beatport store, etc… 3. Simplicity is key, is it possible to work with social integration? So that people can register with their desired social network.

Waiting for your reply

Thank you.

ps: When visiting the demo account of @quintin you notice a status update with 4 photos next to each other overlapping the feed zone which doesn’t look finished.


1. Yes

2. Yes, I think it can be done.

3. You can do it with some social login plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/miniorange-login-openid/

ps: When visiting the demo account of @quintin you notice a status update with 4 photos next to each other overlapping the feed zone which doesn’t look finished.

I just fixed it

Hello! 1. Is it a problem if I use the theme of two domains and hosting? I want to test it first on a cheap domain and hosting and if it looks good then I will put it on a new hosting and domain and the old one will be deleted. Is it a problem that I first installed the theme on another hosting and domain and then on another hosting and domain? Will this be a problem? 2. I tried localhost but failed because it gives me an error. If I happen to succeed on localhost, would it be a problem to try it first on localhost and then on hosting and domain?

Hello You can have theme installes on unlimited test sites but on 1 live site only.

Trying to change profile pics on the frontend. Getting: Use bp_before_members_cover_image_settings_parse_args instead. Can you assist? Also where is a complete list of the Cinematix plugin shortcodes? didn’t see it in the documentation.

I just uploaded theme and Cinematix theme is not loading login shortcode and Join now button. Any ideas? I ran plugin detective and it would seem that there may be a conflict within the Cinematix plugin help

There should be cinematix addons plugin active.

Yes Cinematix addons are active but items are missing

There could be some hidden error, please open the wp-config.php file in the root of your wp installation and change

define( 'WP_DEBUG', false );


define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

Hello, This is a pre-sale question. Can you point out the differences between Cinematix and OneCommunity please? I need one of the two, I don’t know how to choose. Differences does not seem obvious. Thanks


Both themes are versy similar except design. OneCommunity has bundled ajax search pro, youzify plugins and more frontpages.

Activated the BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types plugin and got the following error: Deprecated: bp_before_xprofile_cover_image_settings_parse_args is deprecated since version 6.0.0! Use bp_before_members_cover_image_settings_parse_args instead. in /var/web/site/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5236

Any ideas on how to resolve? Any responses appreciated

Is this error visible when a default wp theme is active?

Hi does Cinematix support RTL? I saw a comment from 7 years ago that it doesn’t, but has it updated since? thanks

thanks! i warmly suggest to add “RTL” in readable text on your themes, because I searched for this, and when I didn’t see this on your theme page, I almost gave up…

OK, I added it

Pre-purchase question: Great theme you have there, Is it possible to be able to change the theme color? I would like to change to green instead of the orange, if YES, how?.

Also, I see the last time you updated was June 2020, I was wondering would it work with the latest wordpress version? I hope it won’t throw up some bug errors because of the latest wordpress version?

Please let me know.


Colors can be changes under customizer – https://diaboliquedesign.com/screenshots/3/screenshot_at_19-44-57.png

There is no need for update since there is no bugs reported by clients, theme works with the latest wp version and will be updated if needed.

Thank you.

Waiting for a new update from a long time

Both themes use the same code (just different sizes) and that’s all code for thumbnails.

But it should setup image thumbnail size automatically just like onecommunity but this theme does not

Try to upload bigger 1920×1080 image

Hello Diabolique, I purchased your theme that look nice. It was exactly what I needed. However, I’ve installed the theme and the result dont match with the live demo. At any point. Could you have a solution ? My website if you want to check what its look like : www.obbies.fr

I turned off the maintenance plugin. you can have a loook

I’ve installed the Zip content from my purchase

You should download the full zip file from themeforest and follow instructions in the Demo content folder.

Hi Diabolique, I currently use Olympus with Youzer/Youzify and really disappointed at the mess the ‘upgrade’ has caused and looking at your excellent theme that doesn’t use Youzify. Before I purchase, I note it doesn’t seem to have been updated since June last year! Is that because it is as current as it can be and if required will you still issue updates? I presume all media is stored via rtMedia so unlike Youzify, it is available to any new theme I may use in the future? with regards to notifications, are the real-time on the page when a comment is made? I think that is all and I look forward to your reply!


There is no bugs reported by clients so far so no need for update. Of course there will be updates in future. Yes rtmedia so images can be used with other themes too. Notifications are refreshed every 10 seconds, you can change interval.

Can you change some things for me?

Well, it depends what do you need


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