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Great one, good luck with sales buddy :-)

Thanks a lot mate!

Nice Work , GLWS ;)

thank you!

nice work,good luck with sales

Thanks so much!

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks a lot!

Cool design, well done ;)

Thanks a bunch!

Awesome Work! Keep the good work up! :)

Thank you so much!

hi, question how should i setup that blog part? i really like the theme! but i dont know how to setup a blog. please help.

hi, how can i download the 1.1 version?

It will probably be available some time tomorrow. Cheers

Hi phozeex,

Sorry for the delay. Please download the updated files. You’ll find details about how to set it up in the documentation.


Your demo uses php pages – is that what’s in the theme package you sell, php files?


The package includes both php as well as html files.


Hi, this is great work and stunning design. One question though, I would like to purchase this. Can I get to work with the Logo and design mine ? I will just be using parts of it.

Best regards,



Thanks for contacting us. Of course, the PSD files are included so you can start working on the logo there.


Hi there,

first of all, great theme. thank you :)

which font would you suggest to use for latin-extended support instead of Lato in this theme. on site, i couldn’t find a font which looks like Lato and have support for turkish characters.

i’d very much like your opinion on this as the creator of this theme :)

thank you

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for the praise.

Please offer our theme 5 stars if you like it here

This font would do good: but it doesn’t have a bold or italic version, so I’d go for Open Sans.

Cheers man!

Dear am_themes,

I have an issue with my container widths, didn’t change a thing, but they don’t seem wide enough. I miss 15px everywhere. Adding these to the container width will solve the problem in a rough way. Maybe you can take a look at:

Thanks in advance!



Hi Pim,

Please send us a private message using the contact form available on our profile page and after we’ll reply to that, you’ll attach the zip file of the work you’ve done so far.

Thanks Andrei

Dear Andrei,

Problem fixed. Overlooked an custom css. Thanks anyway.

You’re very welcome.

Have a great day.

Hi, what do you mean exaclty with “retina ready” ? I’have implemented it server side, but I’m curious to know what you have done to manage retina images in this template. Thanks Simone

Hi Simone,
Here’s more info regarding those. Let us know if you need any more help.


email is not working

Hi Phozeex, sorry for the delay it’s in TF review so it’s out of our hands. I’ll personally let you know when it’s done. Have a great day.


hi, can you checkout this link and help me with email part? contact us page is not working! also on mobile the dropdown links for top menus are not working i dont know what is the problem. please help

Hi Phozeex,

Please contact us at with this so we can have a closer look. It would be ideal if you would attach the HTML/PHP code you’ve been using on that site. Simply zip it and send it over.


Hello, I recently purchased this theme, but i’m having trouble uploading to ‘wordpress 3.8’ through the themes, ‘ADD NEW’ upload process… do i have to upload the theme through my hosting site?


I’m sorry to disappoint, but as the item name states – you’ve obught an HTML template not a Wordpress one. Cinergy’s Wordpress template will be released later this month.

If you want to request a refund contact Envato Support and tell them about the mistake.



Please how can I begin editing the HTML files? Is there a visual way to do this without writing code? Do I require a special editor to allow me do this? Thanks

Hi there,

Unfortunately there’s no visual way to edit HTML of what I’m aware, you’ll probably need to hire a third party developer if you don’t have coding skills. Otherwise you should try a Wordpress theme, that’s much more “human” friendly so to speak.

let us know if we can help.



ZHR Purchased

Great job, thank you!

Thank you so much for the kind words and please let us know if we can be of any assistance.


How do I center the people’s profile on the home page? I only need 3 of them and when I delete the rest of the profiles the page looks off center.

Glad to hear that, let us know if you still need help.


Now none of my pictures are updating. I’m trying to change the pictures but they are not working.


Please send us a mail at and we’ll fix it asap. Let us know your url and we’ll make sure to help you.

Hi, I’ve bought your template – amazing by the way – but I can’t seem to make the contacto form work. In fact I can’t seem to find the contact full width HMTL file, only the PHP..

Could you please help me ?

Hi Jojogali,

Yeah the folder either needs to be on a local host (using a software like Wamp, Mamp, Xamp, etc) or live on your hosting provider in order for the contact page to actually work in your browser. That’s just how PHP code is, so there’s nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

As soon as it will be live you’ll be able to see it.

On the other hand, the contact-smth.html link in the menu is wrong (our mistake) that needs to be php.


Thank you for your patience. It was quite a rookie mistake from me, but I had never worked with php code before.

Thank you for such quick and clear-easy-to-follow support.

Keep up the good work ! *

Thanks a lot for all the praise and please don’t forget to rate!


I really like the theme. I don’t need the menu drop downs. Is there a parallax/one page version of the site?


Thanks so much for the praise. There’s no one page version at the moment unfortunately, but with a bit of coding skill you can create that for yourself.

If you need any help feel free to contact us.