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Love this design. Best of luck :)

Looks so pretty theme! :)

hi there… i would love to use it but tested it on iphone and had some problems with the responsive slider in header… it’s not matching the screen (like you showed at the item image / small iphone screen -> bubble not centred) and users can’t scroll to content or use the slides properly. is there some update coming?

hi, whenever i send a message via the form, it puts me all the way at the top of the page again. Is it possible when it refreshes the page to get back to the previous state again so the sender can see the succesmessage?

oh btw, is there some way to show extended information about a project when you click on a circle under “work” ? now it just moves back top :P

Please write us on Updated version about scrooling issue will be available soon.

Hi, do you have a wordpress version?

No, only HTML version for now.

Hello, LOVE the design, but was wondering if you were going to come out with a wordpress version soon? Am only able to work with wordpress for the company I am with. Thanks!!

Thanks! Yes, we get a lot of requests for WP version, so it is in our plans. Please, folow us.

Thanks for the reply! Is that something that we could expect to see in the next few weeks or months? Really interested in purchasing it soon. Thanks!

congrast, good job :)
good luck with sale
visit this item :grin:

Hi guys, I love the theme, you helped me out before with the modal reveal, but I found out that the animation from the portfolio items doesn’t work properly with Internet Explorer 10. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong? You can see the site on . Furthermore I love the theme, awesome job

Hy, we are using “Circle Hover Effects with CSS Transitions” and this category is not fully supported for IE. As soon there will be update, we will update our theme too. If you want to use other “Circle Hover Effects” contact us at

I love this theme but am having issues on mobile devices, mostly with the large blockquote images. When I test the site on the computer, the images scale appropriately but when i actually view it on a mobile device, iphone or tablet, the large images aren’t scaled, it just shows a pixelated portion of the whole image. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, What is the status on the wordpress version? Thanks!

Hy, it is in our plan. We are hoping soon. Please follow us!

So, what about wordpress?

Hello FT :) Can you be more specific? 10to30 days, 30to45 days 45to60 days? Thanks! (I’ve my credit card ready lol )

:) sorry, i really can’t tell, we are still working with designer. We will personally let you know, when will be available! Thanks for waiting.

hi, love this design and I’m thinking of purchasing.

This question may sound crazy but how easy would it be to turn the circles into rounded corner squares?

Hello, yes it is possible, you only remove all border-radius classes from css style.

Love the theme – and it’s working great on Just need a bit of help with the Portfolio (Fotos) section. Would like to be able to click on a image to open a larger version as lightbox or similar. Can you help me achieve it?

Hello, write us on support and we will help you:

Thanks. Email sent!

Hello, is it possible to put vimeo and youtube video links attached to the circles on the portfolio page? Or at least to have the circles re-direct to a blog style page within the theme that would have the video? Thanks. Also, any new updates on the release of the wordpress version?

Hello, yes it is possible. Let us know if you’ll need any help:

Hi! just a quick question, when are you bringing out an update so the circles work in IE9 & 10?