Discussion on Circles - Ajax Portfolio Template

Discussion on Circles - Ajax Portfolio Template

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Afternoon.. i am looking for a quick solution

by default you have 4 circles in a single row

how easy is this to customize to make it in rows?

ROWS by number 1-4 each with different amount of circles?

1. o o 2. o o o 3. o o o o 4. o o o o o o o o

Are you interested in circles animation or the site?

Hi, I just bought this template. Do you have a responsive version?

Hi! Unfortunately this of my early template with fixed 960px grid

Hi I would to add another folder to the portfolio but every time I try to do that the website becomes unstable. Can you help me?


Hello, please explain how you do this. Or give me a link to your site and I will check.

What I mean is I want add another folder to portfolio

All Popularity Animations Design Illustration New folder

But every time I try the portfolio becomes unstable.

Make sure every item in portfolio has unique “item-id” attribute

Any chance of making this into a wordpress theme eventually?

Nope. I don’t have such plans

Hi there, any chance of making this theme responsive?

Unfortunately no. Template is designed as 960px and is not responsive.

Hi flGravity,

I am having an issue with the background picture you are not enable to see it on a laptop. How can I fix that?

Regards Sisqo611

Hi! Are you saying you don’t see background image on laptop?

Yes. Its a laptop with a size of 1280×768.

I need to have a look. You can write me privately using mail form on profile page and give me your site URL

Hey .. My send e-mail php is not working not able to recive e-mails after i submit form .. Pls Help me with this .. http://www.waltzinteriors.com/ This is how i customized the temp als need your feedback to improve on it. Regards

Hi! When I submit your mail form I see sendmail.php script returns “Thank you!” what means that email has been accepted by mail() php function. Now you need to make sure that email address of receiver is correct and if your server is property configured to send emails

Hi..may i change the way each title starts, i mean, when you click on Blog, while you’re surfing the ” About” page,it closes the current page and open the new one, a shutter like.. As if clicking on ” Circles” each time you open a new title..

Hi! Could you elaborate your question because I don’t understand.

well..when I choose ” about” item from the main menu, the screen opens the ” About” content, now when I click on” blog” for example, may I have the screen shuts down the current ” About” section then opens the ” Blog” content..I mean, to close the current item and re-open the new one..something like a shutter..close and open…

Ok, I understand now. What I can say that this functionality is not available by default. But in js/sources/circles-main.js file there is PageCover class with open() and close() methods that are responsible exactly to open/close front site covers. And I guess you can safely create PageCover object and use its open/close methods in click handler (defined inside pagePluginsInstaller function) for ‘page-loader’ links. When done replace js/circles-main.min.js with js/sources/circles-main.js or change path in index.html

Hi. Is this a WordPress theme?

Hi! No, this is html template.


Under Google Chrome v26 PC photo filter doesn’t work properly! Even Preview on this site has the same proble. After choosing for ex. Portfolio/popularity page goes up and never resize to display more content. Portfolio it’s just cut in the middle

How can i fix it

Hi! I tested portfolio page in Chrome version 26, but I didn’t see this problem. Portfolio filtering works ok. I tested on Win 7.

Any plans to develop this into a Wordpress theme? I’d buy it ;)

Hi! Maybe someday I will convert Circles to WordPress, but right now my priority is a brand new projects

how to change the links to friendly? I have a problem because I have links to pages such as www.akwarium-dekoracyjne.pl/ #! (portfolio) and wants to change the / portfolio

2 problem as I add the Google Analytics code to each page as I have added to the index but google does not see the other pages

The problem is that this is onepage ajax template, and if you are going to use google analytics to collect information such as pageviews then you should consider to write JS code that would call _trackPageview() function when ”.page-loader” link is clicked. See this https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gajs/methods/gaJSApiBasicConfiguration#_gat.GA_Tracker_._trackPageview This JS code you will then have to insert in plugin section in js/circles-main.min.js file (see documentation about “how to add external plugin”)

Thank you for your quick response and what friendly links? How to Solve?

The links should have # (anchor part) in them as this is one page site.

Hi! I have a problem WP says: Theme corrupted, text style missing how to fix this?

It’s not WordPress theme, this is html template and should be installed on its own.

Ok, it’s possible to install on WordPress platform?

No, this is site template.

HI I need help to link social icon to my Fb and twitter pages Where do i past my URl link..?? pls help

this is Index.html <!- social icons ->
<!- end social icons ->

Hi! Do you want to add them to the contact page?

I want is, if a user clicks on social icons it takes them to the corresponding profile of FB etc.

Yes, I understand this. But in my template there are ‘social share buttons’ on blog post page (which are generated automatically and you cannot modify them) and facebook/twitter profile icons in contact page. To add these simple profile buttons just add this markup

<div class="contact-info">
    <div class="facebook"><a href="http://facebook.com"> Join on Facebook </a></div>
    <div class="twitter"><a href="http://twitter.com"> Follow on Twitter </a></div>

Hi thank you for your help .. I need to add my project img to the portfolio how do i add new images to each category in portfolio.


you need check documentation that comes with my template, particularly page 12 (“PortfolioFilter plugin”). This section explains how filtering works in portfolio and what markup you should use to add new items.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Thanks but it does not work for me I have a living room photograph which I want to display on the front page i.e index.html page , when I replace the background_photo with my img that only shows half because of the bottom cover Pls help .. Regards


Circles is one-page ajax template, and what you see always would be index.html page. All other pages (or content) are loaded dynamically to the document. Give me a link to your site, so I could look what you already did!

hey i need to change front page cover bg as full bg.

Hi! To change front covers background you need to replace images/background_photo.jpg with your full-size image.

hi as per your doc you have mentioned that to change the bg img as full web bg as you have shown in live demo index pg ,the very first img in bg.. my query is i have created my img which is a photograph which i want as full bg on index pg. Pls suggest how can i get that..


what background image exactly you want to change? My template has few backgrounds. There is page background, front page covers background and main (body) background. Thanks!

hello, i would like to ask you if this template works when you see it from a smartphone, ipad etc?

No, unfortunately it doesn’t. It’s not responsive

Hello I purchased this template and want to install WordPress. Can I do this? If not, what kind of engine should I use?

Hello! Circles is site template, not a theme to any of cms or blogs engines, and therefore it should be installed directly in www/ folder of your site and manually configured with database. If you’d have any questions please feel free to contact me again!


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