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Beautiful Design, congrats, good luck with sales. :)

Thank you :-)

nice work on this one.. good luck with your sales!


glad to see that this was approved! good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much :-)


I just bought your template. Unfortunately, the newsletter and message form do not work at all : nothing happens when clicking the “submit” buttons. Moreover, on Safari it displays a bunch of code lines when submitting an email adress.

Can you halp on that ? Thanks in advance,


Hi. Thank you for purchasing my theme ;-)

Can you please try demo

It is going well on your computer? Do you have javascript enabled in your browser?

Hello, I trying find the font “Bristle Bold”, can you include in the download package or send me?

Hello. Thank you for purchasing my theme. I didn’t realise that the font is proprietary font and I can’t include it in the theme package (it comes preinstalled with mac).

I’m really sorry. I can help you, just send me email with text you want to have on your web page and I will create labels with Bristle bold font for you.

One more time sorry for troubles.

PSD missing?

Sorry for that. Updated version has been submitted with source files, psd + doc. It should be live asap.

I just purchased this and have the .zip on my desktop. When I tried to upload that to Wordpress to install the theme, it said “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Also, once installed and activated, will it delete the work I’ve done on my main theme/site? Can I keep working on the main site (the other Wordpress theme) while this is active?

Hello. This is not a wordpress theme. It’s html template. You must customize it for wordpress on your own. Sorry.

Just an FYI – The countdown doesn’t work under Chrome on OSX

New version submitted. It should be live soon. Thank you for report.

Hey, I can’t find PSD in the files, have you updated?

Also not able to find information on how to integrate with mailchimp.

Would you advice on integration please? I went to mailchimp website, created form, copied url but not token it was provided. Lack of support.

Hello. All you need is set up mailchimp api key and mailchimp list id in config.php You can find more info here

I forgot to upload psd file. Sorry for that. I will upload new version wit psd asap. Thank you.


I purchased your beautiful template and updated the config.php file. But the newsletter does not work. When I type in a valid email, it says “something went wrong try again later”

Please can you help me set this up correctly? I’m a novice and would appreciate some directions :)

My site is

Hope to hear from you soon,

With kind regards, mario

Hello. Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have Mailchimp account, you need api key and list id (the one you want to subscribe new subcribers to) and set $MAIL_CHIMP = true in config.php file or if you don’t use mail chimp, you can use standar php mail function then. Set $MAIL_CHIMP = false in config.php and $EMAIL_ADDRESS_NEWSLETTER =

Hello! I opened the jquery countdown file and saw a very big line of code. Something that to be honest, I didn’t felt like reading. On what column can I find the place where I set the date where I want my countdown to point at?

Btw, thanks for Mailchimp integration, took me a good time to find one with this feature. Gr8 Job!

Never mind! Found the config in the “main.js” file.

Hint: consider adding a pdf with a little bit of documentation

Hi. New file with documentation submitted.