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good job!good luck!

Thanks :)

Seriously? The circle and percentage is all hardcoded. Please fix this so the amount the circle is filled and the percentage shown is calculated based on the countdown time.

Hi, thank you for your purchase.

We are working on updating this feature, and it should be finished soon. You should see the updated item when we upload it here, or we can send you part of the code (when we finish it) earlier if you’re in a rush.

Just get in touch with us via email form.

Best regards, and have a good day ;)

nice and cool;

Thanks, we’re glad you like it.

Hi I have a problems with update the time and email address on this tamplate under my domain name :/ could you assist please.

Hi, I purchase your template , but I can’t find instruction how to link YT,Facbook etc buttons to make them life ??? Please assist…

Sorry for the late response. Find this bit of code in the html file

Simply replace the # symbol with your twitter profile url. Same goes for other social networks.