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Thank you ! Merci !

Looked through many. Glad the stars aligned and you released at the same time I needed a construction page. Can’t wait to try it. #1st buyer :). I always look for both count down and progress bar. Great use tabs. I want to provide a long description about the site without having to let user scroll much.

PROS : the circles and bar graph colors can be EASILY edited. It uses #hex, and not images. I wasn’t into the white so I gave them color. Documentation is superb. It is a HTML file with code colored.

CONS : newsletter requires a database. Not big, but I recall another UC template just overwrote a file (no database needed)

Conclusion: The circular time clock effect is awesome. Putting this in tabs gives it a minimal feel and saves a user from scrolling. I highly recommend people edit to make the bar graph and circles colored. It gives it a more focal point.

Thanks for your feedback ! I’ll definitely have a look to other solutions regarding the newsletter but I’m not that good at coding :)

As always, I love your stuff and always look forward to what you come out with next!

Thank you :)

The next one will be the WP version of this template !

I fell in love at first (construction) site ;) As for the newsletter, you can use a simple phpmailer that sends the submitted email to your inbox. I’ve done it for my html pages so if you need the code hit my inbox. :)


Thanks a lot ! That’s very kind from you to offer your help :)

hello first of all let me say that you have done a great jobs . i have one problem & would be happy if you can help

it seems every light-box script i use to for the gallery at the bottom of the image is making conflict with the jquery in the page . i have tried many and non worked. would be nice if you can update the script to support this feature thanks

Hello ! Each script is different so I can’t guarantee 100% compatibility with all possible plugins available. And there’s no way for me to add something that would make it compatible with any lightbox. However, this kind of issue often happens if the scripts are no placed correctly.

If you look at the structure, all plugins are in a separate file and everything is fired at the end of scripts.js. In other words, you should place the lightbox script into plugins.js, fire it with the others in the last part of scripts.js and try different positions for the new scripts if it doesn’t work.

Hello Guillaume,

I bought this template yesterday – it’s a best one I’ve ever seen!

However, being a newbie I ran into some problems – no matter how I upload it to my website I can never see a proper page – it seems that all the images are missing and all that’s displayed is just a plain text.

I’ve uploaded the whole folder ‘circular_countdown_template’ to my /www remote folder and it’s giving me either 404 not found or non-formatted text page when I try to view it online.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


Hello, I guess that it’s because you uploaded the folder, not directly the content. The result is that the site should be visible at something like www.yoursite.com/circular_countdown_template/

If so, all you have to do is to either move the files or reupload from the content of the template folder.

Well, that’s what I thought but even when I upload it directly to the main folder on my website and try to see this: www.davidbauer.cz/circular_countdown_template/Documentation/index.html It is still giving me 404 or unformatted page. Same thing happens when I create a new folder at the remote host and upload content of circular_countdown_template folder on my computer.

Any idea what might be wrong?


Well, the documentation has nothing to do there. It would be easier to contact me by email via my profile page, I’ll need more informations. Thanks !

Email sent. Thanks a lot for your help!


Good day, My manager (user: George Levitikos) just purchased a copy of the countdown page on Thursday. He had me set it up for a certain website. I have an issue with the newsletter registration form. The database was created, a user with full privileges was assigned to it and the appropriate file access rights were set. The script seems to not be able to pass the record to the database. We need this database in order to get the necessary data. Firebug gives me a “jQuery is not a valid function” error, which does not add. Any ideas? It is kind of urgent, so if you can suggest anything, it would be great. Thank you in advance.

Hello, the best option would be an email sent from his account from my profile page (contact form in the sidebar) with a link showing the problem. Thanks !

Hi, nice template but how do i set up the facebook like box no the social networking page? thanks

Hello, as this is not part of the template, you should find the informations on Facebook, they explain how to add a like box. Thanks !

Hi, would like to know if the contact form works. I’d like to purchase it. i will buy your template if it works without me adding php.

Best Regards.

Yes, you’ll need to add your email address as explained in the documentation :)

do u already have contact us php script? or I am supposed to work on that.

Everything is there, you just have to open the PHP and add your email where it is indicated in the doc.

I can’t get it to work on wordpress, I have sent you an email but you dont seem to be replying. i uploaded the files on Cpanel and changed the .htaccess and is still not working.

Thanks in advance, Jose

I’d need to know what doesn’t work. The files need to be at the root of your site and this can be done simply via FTP.

yes I know my friend I have tried it and it just doesn’t work, i contacted one of the hostgator.com staff and he said to contact you because even him couldn’t upload it. The site is quickinstalled through wordpress and he said that might be the problem. All i am asking is are you able to install it?

Maybe yes but I just don’t get it, you already have wordpress installed there and this is a static HTML template. It’s complicated to have both at the same time…


I like the design very much, but the animated parts (seconds counting down, the circles ticking along) don’t seem to work in Chrome? (also when I open the liveview example via this site…)

Something I can do about that? Because it should be compatible according the description.


Really hope you have the solution for this problem meanwhile? Would be great, cause now the problems with the animated rounds also seem to happen with IE8?

Hello, I have removed the tweet plugin in the last update, they made it so complicated that many templates don’t have this feature anymore. Also IE8 doesn’t support canvas elements at all so it was never animated with this browser (and it will never be).

Ok, thanks for your quick reply!


The time has come for me to use your beautiful countdown page again. :-)

I’ve got it set up pretty quickly, but one thing I cannot figure out – I am using only one Facebook icon in the footer and I need it in the center – no matter what I do to the code it floats either on the left or right.

Please help!

Thanks a lot!


Hello and thanks !

It’s better if you can send me an email with an URL from my profile page, it also depends on the changes you’ve made if any.

Hi. You mentioned two years ago that you were working on a WP version of this theme. Any news on that? If not, is it easy to set up and edit… I’ve only used WP themes before.

Hello, in fact this has been released as a WP plugin quite a long time ago but my partner who created it couldn’t maintain it anymore, we had to remove it from the marketplace. If you’ve never worked directly in the code, then it could be hard to use this version here.

This is just not works for me, please give a refund. Thanks

Hi, this is a bit short as explanation. Could you describe what is not working exactly? When you unzip the package downloaded from here HTML files should work as usual, now you may want to set a new date in the future to see the countdown in action. It’s all detailed in the documentation.