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I love the theme though I noticed one thing…there seems to be an issue with the navigation being slightly off center when using the media query with a max width of 640px. It’s hard to notice with your live preview because there are four categories. But, if you have three or five categories it’s easy to notice it since the circle for the middle category is not lined up with the vertical line (repeated dot.png). It seems to be about 6px to the left. To keep it centered I changed

#nav ul li { min-width: 50px; font-size: 0.875em; }
on line 890 of style.css so the min-width is at least 63px.

Also, I was thinking of adding the Retina.js like ReagentX mentioned in the comments but when I look at his site on my iPhone I do indeed see the flashing he is talking about with the thumbnails of their work. It seems to be bouncing between the 1x and 2x image files. I haven’t actually tried implementing it on my site though. We will see how it goes.


Hi there, thanks for the purchase and the kind words! Also thanks for pointing out the issue, I’ll have a look at it and try to figure out what’s going on. We’re in the process of updating the scripts and plugins used with Circular so this could be a good time to have a look at other possible issues too. I have my suspicions about the flashing deal that it my be caused by the skills/testimonials slider, since it seems to also add a little blur on the nav items as well on each slide transition, but we’ll need to test properly and see how we can add Retina.js by default it it.

Once again thank you and have a nice weekend! Alex

Thanks for this beautiful template! It looks beautiful. I wonder whether you would like to help my by showing how to use a rotating picture instead of the ‘skills wrap’ on the about-page. The texts may stay on their place. Can you provide the code for this?

Thanks in advanche!

Greetz, Lara

Hello Lara, sure thing. Could you please contact us through the contact form on our profile so that he can continue talking there?

Kind regards, Alex

Hello, i have the same problem like ReagentX with Flashing Retina Images. I use ipad air, macbook retina, iphone…you can see this “MIRACLE” on portfolio images…please help!

Looks like this: https://imageshack.com/f/ipHSX7Rgp

Cheers, T.

Hopefully :)

Good news T. We’ve been working on updating the scripts. Did some major changes to some of the scripts, added new features and as it look now, the template serves images with Retina.js ( now include by default ) without issues. We’ll submit the update for review in a few hours and if you have notifications ON, you’ll be notified about the update. Thing is, you’ll have to port your existing content in the new template as we’ve removed a good deal of the scripts, replaced some and did some in-depth changes to both HTML, CSS and JS.

Regards, Alex

i pray for

Hello, did you guys stopped support to the template?

“Hi, sure. Send us an email through the form on our profile and I’ll see to it. ” Sent you the 2nd message through the contact form.

I want to display multiple pictures in portfolio, for multiple images projects. Read that there was another request on this. Can you provide me with directions to do it? Thanks.


We’re going through a back log of support issues and we’ll reply to your email too. Considering you asked about it 5 months ago and we asked you for a message and at that time we never got one, we believed you managed to sort it out yourself. This is the first email we get from you and we’ve added it to our queue.

Thanks for your patience, Alex

Hello, you should have the solution in your inbox. Have a look and thank you for your patience!


Hello -

Love the framework, but since updating to SSL the captcha image no longer loads. I get this …

<img src="assets/php/yenoh/yenoh.php" id="yenoh-pic" alt="Honey!" />

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers -


Hi Scotty, any chance for a live link?

Regards, Alex

Sure thing Alex – https://onepage.somecodeiwrote.com



Good day, I really like your theme and how different it is to all the other themes. However, do you have a Wordpress version of it?

Hello, unfortunately there is no WordPress version of the Circular template. Thank you for your interest! Alex

This template is just great, love the design but I have just one annoying problem.

I just cannot get an external link to work if I add it to the sticky navigation.

Links within the page are fine and if I put an external link anywhere else on the page, no problem. But if I add one within <nav></nav> tags it doesn’t function. The browser sees it as a link and the link is fine but it just doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas? Cheers Les

Ok, think I’ve got it sorted. I needed to add a “filter” parameter within the sticky nav settings for external and add this as a class to my link. Hope this is correct and maybe this will help someone else. Les


Is it possible to insert videos on section “Samples of my work”?


Yes it is possible, but requires a little modification. The lightbox plugin that Circular uses is “Magnific Popup”. After you purchase it, please refer to their official page with well documented samples to learn how to easily do it yourself:


Regards, Alex

Hi, I wanted to know if this theme would work on WordPress platform as i am new to all this.

Hello, no. This is an HTML template and will NOT work on WordPress. For WordPress themes you need to look under the “WordPress” category in the top menu.

Thanks for your interest though!

Hi, I’m Sergio and I’m a junior graphic designer. I buyed Circular template 2 months ago and I made some changes for create a website for a painter. But my client wanted more photos in to the gallery (original was 6 baloon and now are 24). For made this change I copied and pasted the code and i tested the result (index.html on chrome) and it’s OK. But after the development phase I wanted to upload the website on web with FileZilla and after this passage when I want to see the site, the gallery don’t load the baloons added by me. How do I fix it? This is the link for see the website with the gallery’s problem. http://giovannicarluccio.it/

Thanks, Sergio Rota

HI, I see the issue has been fixed meanwhile. Congratulations and thank you for your purchase!


I have configured the email in php file, But still unable to receive mails. Please help on this.

Hello, could you please provide a link to the live website?


gsmach Purchased

hello, i have a question concerning the forest theme I recently purchased. when trying to upload on my private site as a theme, two files were reported as not being there. a template file called index.hbs a template file called post.hbs

thank you for your time

hi guys, I purchased the “Circular – Personal Portfolio HTML Template” template with purchase code 379b1ae9-f1bc-4d21-8164-bd62501f2314, and after having customized it and installed it on my web server, I realized that I could not use the php mail function, because my web server has this function disabled because of spam. The information I received from the company where I have the web server is that I should use SMTP authentication. Will it be possible to helping me change the sending of the mails of this template using SMTP authentication?


jufo71 Purchased

I am using this template for years and it worked like a charme, but today i checked my site with google chrome and found out, that inner links do not work with chrome any more – this problem does not exist with Microsoft IE, or Microsoft Edge. Any idea? Thank you very much.