Discussion on CitiLights - Real Estate Drupal Theme

Discussion on CitiLights - Real Estate Drupal Theme

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hi, the link you sent me belongs to nootheme author.

i found the icon here. / /sites/all/themes/citilights/images/icon/ and i was surprised why there was this link embedded to my core files. have you ever had any kind of partnership? also where can i contact you ? the demo links the your site all are offline. we may need an upgrade to drupal 8. and an implementation of a better slider.

You can say so if you stop working on this.

Hi Maps in development again. :)

Hi, you must get new api key. Please watch this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1JNwpp5L4vM

The map suddenly stopped loading. Kindly you provide the location to change the google map api key ?

Please check your email. Thanks!

Hello. Is there a version for Drupal 8? I would like to know if it is possible to view a demo of the admin for the management of the selected structures and there is an internal control counter for the building cards. Thanks in advance

Hi, there’s no version for Drupal 8. But if you want you can order me to make one for you. Thanks!

What production times would we have for the realization? Thanks

About 2 weeks

Hello, I have this same problem “Hi. This is a pre-sales question. I am about to buy the theme but I previewed it and realise the search results are shown on a map. Is there a way of having the results like the recent properties below the map instead of having the properties displayed on the map?” Can you please send me the version were product result are not displayed on a map. Thanks

Ok Thanks. In “Home Slider” (on the main page) how to make selected properties rotate automatically ?

Another problem with slider range (area and price). Screenshot sent by e-mail

It’s Ok Homepage auto scroll on main pager (modify script.js), but real problem with range slider for price and area

Hello TK-Theme. I buy this theme but when I update all the module and drupal core I have lot of problem with panel. Can I have help please?


What is your problem? Please send me a screenshot of your problem to my email which you can find in the document. So we can discuss more about it.


Hi, I found the solution on this link: https://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/26974/use-a-block-in-a-panel/26976#26976 The problem was due to the fact that I activated “views content pane”, so I didn’t see the blocks in the “Miscellaneous TAB”. Thanks for your answer. Waiting for drupal 8 version.


can you tell us how to change sqft symbol?

I am very interested in the theme. Are you planning a Drupal 8 version?

Can you send me a quote for a Drupal 8.8 / bootstrap 4 version?

Hi, we are urgently waiting for a response please.

Hi, please give me your email. We will discuss this more. Thanks!

Good Morning, Please i how do i get help. I want to put pictures on the home slider

please check your email

I’m thinking of buying your theme, can you tell me which PHP version the theme supports?

Hi, this theme is using Drupal 7. So it runs okay with PHP 5.6

What’s new with the latest update?

Drupal Core and some related modules!

Hi, I’m very interested in this theme, can be any problem using a multilanguage module? or… have his own multilanguage? If there’s no problem with this funcionality I’m very interested in purchase your theme. Thanks in advance.


There is no problem with multilanguage module. Just let me know if you need help with multilanguage.


Hi are you planning to answer my emails? This is very bad support I even shared my ftp details!!

Hi, I did not receive your ftp account. The latest email that I received from you is 3days ago. And it only contains website account for login. Thanks!

Do you have similar for Drupal 8?

No, I have not. Thanks!

Hello TK-Themes,

I bought this theme yesterday, overall it looks very good to me but there are 2 things I am facing and would like to get your support. 1. I tried to edit the panel on the homepage but I couldn’t save this panel. I got this error message:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

- Look like there are few missing fields in panel_display table: storage_id, storage_type

2. On mobile (android s8), it is very difficult to navigate testimonial items on the homepage, I have to zoom in to press the bullet items, how can we make it easier to use and how do we enable swiping option for testimonial slideshow as the very top slideshow.

Currently, I am using Drupal 7.58.

Looking forward your response.



1. Please reinstall that theme then let me know. If there’s still error please give me your cPanel. I’ll help you.

2. Please give me your FTP. I’ll help you.

Please send that info to tkthemes2015@gmail.com. I’ll fix it within 24hrs.


Thanks, I have emailed you with information.

Before I purchase,

1. I want to use your theme with drupal ecommerce, do you have official support for that? 2. Can I integrate the search form on top with views exposed filter rather than the default drupal search?


1. What is the purpose of using drupal commerce? Please let me know. Apparently, I will support you. But if it took me much time I would charge you extra fee.

2. Do you mean that you want to replace search form on top and near the Login? If yes you can do that but the views expose filter must be display as a block.


1. I want to sell files, not real estate property search. But it will work exactly the same as finding property for real estates. It shouldn’t take you much time because I do everything, its just when I bump into errors and such

2. Cool thanks

3. Do you normally support latest versions of Drupal?


1. For this, I can give you articles or advice that can help you fix your error if you have. If you want me to fix bug for you you need to pay extra fee because this feature(commerce) is not included in this theme.

3. After buying it, please let me know I’ll send you the latest Drupal version of this theme. And this theme is running on Drupal 7.


Hello, I’m interested. How can I make users to pay some fees before posting their apartments for rent/sale on this theme?

Yes, that will be fine. Where can I message you privately?

Please send your message via contact form on Themeforest or via my email tkthemes2015@yahoo.com

Message sent on both, thanks.

Hi. This is a pre-sales question. I am about to buy the theme but I previewed it and realise the search results are shown on a map. Is there a way of having the results like the recent properties below the map instead of having the properties displayed on the map?

Please I have not received it.

Please check your email again, check in Spam also.


hi I`m interested in your theme but your theme`s live preview didn`t work when did you fix it? thank you

Hi there,

Our demo is live. You can check it again. Thanks!

all youtube video in (video field) can not show. How to modify embed video scheme?

>> Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://au....' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure resource ‘http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ul_bKC6av8I?feature=oembed'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

Hi there, you need to remove http: Thanks!


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