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hi there, do you know why this error show when i’m trying to open a video in the gallery “Refused to display document because display forbidden by X-Frame-Options.”. I changed the url of the video that came default, and every url that i insert it allways give this error, the only video that works is yours.

Hi @MSev, thanks for purchase, can you please send me an email by using contact form available at our profile page. regards

I’ve send you an email already

Hi @MSev, email replied. regards


Great theme!

I want to buy this theme, but which CMS (content management system) should we use with this theme. We would prefer Joomla or Wordpress.

Can you please guide me, how we can use this theme with joomla, wordpress and any other CMS ?

Looking forward to your reply, so I can purchase this theme!


Umer S.

Hi @umersh, thanks for liking our template. you can use wordpress or joomla both on it. you need some help from a developer or if you are a developer you can easily do it. regards

I like this theme but will not buy unless its Wordpress. Do you have any plans to make a WP version? If not, how easy is it to convert it to a WP theme?


Hi @coingroup, thanks for liking our work, but there are no such a plan to convert this into wordpress in near future. regards

Hi Chimpstudio,

My other question was how easy is it to convert an HTML theme to WordPress? Do you know?

Hi @coingroup, you need development skills to convert this into wordpress, better hire someone who can do this. regards


the layout is really great but once i purchased the template i discover that the css is really very poor which is not contain styling for buttons/input submit all links are only ahref links, I also sent you an email form 5 days and you didn’t reply (poor support) is just pretty static layout

I want to use a slider on the home page, I didnt see hoe to in your help file. Can you please five me the code for it.


We take care of all support through our website to improve response time and make information more readily available to others who might have the same questions.
Please open a ticket at our support System if you need any more help.

Hi @emil79,

I am sorry but we don’t have any plans for its wordpress version. But we have one educational wordpress theme (kingdom college) in our portfolio, please check if that meets your requirements.


if I upload this with all its edits and so on, will i need to add a admin panel to it or does it come with on?

Hi @dayah,

its just an HTML version that will not work with any CMS until you don’t develop it for that.


Hi i was asking about the wordpress theme Kingdom College .. i want buy this theme please . if there r any way contact me through my email please

Hi @abdouziada,

kingdom college will be back in few days.


Hi Thanks for you template Chimpstudio. i had question how i can change the footer color headings (“about us” academia” Portals” )

Thank You

Hi, How can I get the wordpress version of this template?

do you have it in HTML5?

i cant download the files, when i donwnload it tells me the page not found, i just made the payment

Please open a ticket at Our support team will help you there to sort out this issue.

Has anyone gotten the search feature to work. I purchased the theme but I don’t see instructions for editing the search and the php or java script for compiling the results. I want to do something like it shows the course description once selected.

This is the html template and it does not include any php code to make search area work. If you want this area to work, you need to do customization.

i would like this theme in wordpress version. how to contact you guys ? can u give ur email address.

thank you regards

You can contact us using contact us using contact form on my profile.

i already send u the mail but still not getting any response. :(

i send u a email n follow up bout this this to convert to wordpress but very disappointed that i have receive no response at all !!

I am afraid it is just a template, it will not be responsive in its current condition.

r u capable in that ?. let me know how much u will be charge to make this theme responsive ?

yes, we can do this, but it depends if we can manage time of our developers to do it for you. Please contact customization department by creating a ticket at and explain what you are looking for. They will get back back to you with timeline and quote for it.

Do you have a responsive HTML version of this theme that I can adopt to any framewok by myself? This is so ideal for a project I am working on.

I am afraid I do not have any latest version or updated version of this template. I do apologise to disappoint you as this is older product and no more in update process.

Do you have a Wordpress version of this?

Hi@hwsamuel : Thank you for your interest in one of Template, sorry but currently just HTML version is available.You can find our other WordPress themes related to same category. Thank You

Very nice theme. I really want to buy it if you have a wordpress theme like this.

Wordpress version is not available. Thank you