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Are you gonna post links to the other colour variations not just what I assume is the red one in Preview

@herrbutzie: – Hey check out 3rd option in the main navigation links i have added “Color Options” dropdown there.

wow awesome work mate, very clean design GL :)

@mabuc: – Thanks buddy :).

Very Sharp Looking! :)

Any change you will be releasing this for WordPress?

@kemrich: – I want to release its Wordpress version but now a days I am concentrating on more Drupal Themes, just send me your email id via contact form available at my profile page, I will send you an email once its Wordpress version is released.

Very impressive. Definate bookmark

@sticker : – Thanks, just all for you :)

Hi can I get a screen shot in blue?

@drcrumbs: – You can see the live preview of all colors by clicking on the “Color options” link of the main navigation (Home | 3d Slider | “Color options”).

Is this what are you looking for and if not please send a private msg via contact form visible on my profile page.

Appears to be something very wrong with the preview in Safari 5.01, the Cu3er slideshow is off the the far right side not centered under the nav bar

@herrbutzie: – I tested it again in safari 5.0.1 today and its working perfect, can you please re-test?

Many Thanks themesmania

any word on the word press version?

This theme looks awesome! Do you know if it would be difficult for me to modify it to make one of the thin columns on the right appear to the left of the page? I’d like to have my main content in the middle and have ads and other stuff on either side.


@DrMarie:- Yes you can make it just by adjusting few lines of code. Feel free to contact me via contact form available at my user profile page.

Many Thanks themesmania

I just wanted to tell you that this theme is amazing. It was really easy to figure out how to make a third column on the left using the grid system. You should really make that a selling point. I know it is in the “typography” page but it would be great to have more clear directions on how to use the grids to make as many columns as you want.

I’ve made some changes on the design and had a lot of fun doing it. I’ve used a lot of templates and this is my favorite one so far!

@DrMarie: – Thanks for your wonderful comment :).

Many Thanks themesmania

Hi there,

I love the theme.. i wanted to know if the news ticker is a java plugin or something else…?

How do you eventually personalize it?


@neuropass: – Yes its a jquery plugin which I am using and customizing it in the way like we do for all other jquery plugin.

Many Thanks themesmania

Hey, it’s me again. Again, I really love this theme. Have a look at what I have done with my site.

Do you have any plans to create a WP version? I would like to make my blog fit with my main site.

If you don’t would you be willing to show me what I would need to do to make my blog look something like my main site? Or perhaps I could hire you to help me?

@DrMarie: – Hello Marie You have done a nice job :), no plans for Wordpress version as if for now, please contact me via contact form available at my user profile page for your other queries so that I can help you better.

Many Thanks themesmania

I have used this theme in one of my client website, the theme looks awesome in design and also includes a lot of drupal features in it. The support is very speedy and really helping. I appreciate the work from themesmania and also recommend others to get his themes for both Drupal and Wordpress.

Nice Work ThemesMania :)


@itariq: – Thanks for the comment :). You are welcome :).

Many Thanks themesmania

Does this template come in a boxed layout?

I was doing pretty good until I got stuck on the drop boxes. I really need help.