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I’m really enjoying your theme. Very good work! Is there any way to customize the background photo? Thanks so much.


Hi, thank you for your kind words! Yes, just add this line to your custom CSS:

background: url(xxx) top center fixed;

xxx is adress of image on the internet.

Viktor – 2nd comment: I’m getting symbols instead of quotation marks on the quotes I’m adding to my blog post. Any ideas?

These are the characters I’m getting – €Ž

You can see an example at www.wikirascals.com

Don’t know how did you get those characters there. What do you see when you edit the post?

No one had problem with something like this. Let me know.

I removed those characters from the “quote” section of the custom CSS – don’t know how they got there. It’s fixed! Thanks for your help!

Great, I’m happy it’s okay :)

Hi, Viktor

Background changing trick doesn`t work for me.


background: url(http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3133/2624503827_cd4777bc60_o.jpg) top center fixed;

nothing happens :(

P.S. oh damn flickr policies, i am checking out unavailability of photo

Tried reuploadung http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5328/9141745581_344e0723a5_o.jpg

and even non-flickr URL sources – still doesn`t work

body {background:#333333 !important;}


Thanks again. I choosed CityBridge among 100+ options, it is truly cool :)

Thank you so much!

How to change font, font color, Quote post font size, and color of h2 header (its white on white background).

Just bought the template.

Nope, you’re buying it as it is in live preview (http://citybridge.tumblr.com ). And if you want to customize it, you can do some changes via custom css.

Ok. How do I return it?

Try to contact support if you don’t want to buy what you see.

Hi Viktor, I just purchased this theme but I have a problem getting it to work on my Tumblr.

When I try open CityBridge.php I end up on this website where it asks me to download the whole file again. And I can’t seem to find the index.php code either.

I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!

No worries, I fixed it! :)

Beautiful template, Viktor! I’m just a bit confused about where to put the code for custom background.

background: url(http://www.amyleighstrickland.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/stagunderground.jpg) top center fixed;

Where do I specifically paste it? Could you give me a few lines of code with INSERT HERE to find the specific spot where it will work?

Nevermind. Got it. Feeling silly now.

Great to hear you found it :)

I just downloaded this nice template. Just am confused, how to replace correctly the Twitter and FB buttons with the normal Tumblr sharing buttons.

Hello, Thank you! Unfortunately it’s not possible to change it this way. You have to find a developer/coder to change it for you.

Very nice job