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Hello C- Themes Author,

I am now trying to work with Google Maps but the integration is not an easy thing… I send you through many screenshoots all the steps I have made so you can check if I may left something missed:

https://www.kanpo.eus/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Screenshoot-5.jpg https://www.kanpo.eus/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Screenshoot-4.jpg https://www.kanpo.eus/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/screenshoot-3.png https://www.kanpo.eus/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Screenshoot-2.jpg https://www.kanpo.eus/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/screenshoot-1.jpg

I believe I have done everything properly, but it doesn´t work, please I need some help as this theme is giving me more obstacles than expected…

Thanks and Regards,


Hello, You should use premium api key in CityTours theme. Best regards,

I want to know if this theme has the feature that each hotel will come with a set of room type?

Must Hotel owners register first to be able to list their hotels or the website owners himself that must input manually for Hotel owners to be able to list their hotels?

Website owner should add hotel owners manually. And each hotel has room types. Best regards,

Hello Sir, I want to change my Book Now button replace in the Query Now button, Please Help.

Hello, CityTours theme is translation ready. You can translate it using language file. Or please edit /wp-content/themes/CityTours/single-tour.php file to change the text. Best regards,

Hi. Is there a possibility to have different tour prices for only 1 person, 2 persons and so on? It gets cheaper if there’s more people in the group. Thank you.

Hello, Unfortunately, CityTours theme has not such feature. Best regards,

Hello, Unfortunately, CityTours theme has not such feature. Best regards,

your post have not H1….title is just H2 ? why ? how can i change it ?

Please edit /wp-content/themes/citytours/single-post.php file.
<h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2><pre>
Best regards,</pre>
Hi C-themes. i would suggest that you add the same features that you have already on the HTML template like the RESTAURANT section for example ….......ETC. On the HTML template there is more features .we would love if you can add them to the wordpress theme as well . https://themeforest.net/item/citytours-city-tours-tour-tickets-and-guides/10715647

Thank you. We will update the theme in the future. Best regards,


I’m interested in knowing a few things before buying your theme.

- Is it possible to automatically manage the stock of my tours? For example, if I have a 10 seat tour and a customer buys 5 seats, then only 5 seats are available.

- Does the theme use Woocoommerce as a shopping method? I need a system that supports the YITH WooCommerce Points And Rewards plugin.

- What kind of builder is used in the pages? Is it compatible with the wpbakery builder?

- Is there a way to test the internal workings of your theme before buying it? Or if not… Is it possible to request a refund if it doesn’t finally fit the needs of my project?

- Is it possible to ask the buyer for the name and surname of all the tickets he buys?

- Is the content of the demo included with the purchase of your theme, so as not to build it from scratch?

Thank you very much for your time.


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Hi, Thanks for your interest. 1. Yes. It is possible to manage the stock of tours automatically. 2. You can use woocommerce payment to book the tour or the hotel, but it is not woocommerce product. 3. It uses WPbakery page builder. 4. Unfortunately, you can not test it before purchasing and if you request refund soon, we will accept it. 5. Please try to book in our demo site. There are name and surename field in booking form. 6. Yes. You can import demo content in backend.

Best regards,

If i purchase this theme, how can i completely remove the google map feature?

Hello, Unfortunately, CityTours theme has not such feature to disable google map. Best regards,

i cant import the demo this error shown to me https://ibb.co/3Rvdwbk I’ve changed the limits and they’re working. However, the theme does not accept them

Hello, If you configured them correctly, it will not show such messages. And please create a ticket in https://c-themes.support-hub.io/ with your purchase code to get our support. Best regards,

​Hello, last update of citytours theme is mentioned as 3 November 20 but the version is not mentioned, I ‘d like to know what is the last version of CityTours theme to know if I need to do update, my web runs version : 3.2.3, thank you

Hello, The latest version is 3.2.6 Best regards,

Hi, is it possible to search through the city of the hotel in the search form?

Yes. You can search hotels with city name, too. Best regards,



I watched



http://www.soaptheme.net/wordpress/citytours/tour/pompidue-tour/ Booking

CityTours does not show AVAILABLE SEATS:

Can CityTours display AVAILABLE SEATS:?


If I want to delete the last name, can you help me?

Hope to answer my question

To facilitate my purchase

Hello, 1. It has no feature to show available seats. 2. It is difficult to remove the last name field in booking form. Best regards,

Hello there, I am trying to put in order my products on your theme, but i dont know how to do it. Example. I have 9 products, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. The order to be listed i want to be like: 1st: nº 3, 2nd: nº 7, 3rd: nº 1, etc. How can i do that?

Hello, You don’t need to edit them again after updating the theme. Please send me the example page url, so that I can understand your question. Best regards,


Go to down until Popular Tours, and I want to change the order of the tours, like “family and friendly tour” to be on the first place, dolphin tour on the second and etc.

I understand what you want, but unfortunately, CityTours theme has not feature to show tours by special orders. Best regards,

Greetings, I have presale question. - Is it possible when the user wants to book the hotel, the notification arrives to the administrator, hotel and the user himself. Then the admin approves the reservation Then the client receives an email with instructions for payment via pay pal, after which a notification should arrive to the client that his reservation is successful and to the admin that the reservation has been paid. Is this flow possible.

-WPMP compatibility

-Translation of the emails

Thank you

Hi, If the customers book a room, the email notification will be sent to the Administrator and the hotel owner. And customers will pay deposit amount when they book a room. CityTours theme is compatible with WPML plugin and you can translate the email content. Best regards,

Presale question: Is this theme still maintained?? Because I see that the last update were in Oct 2020. Just want to make sure it’s still maintained before purchasing

Hi, We are supporting the theme now. Best regards,

Hi I bought already travelo theme but it did not work for me. This theme supports also multi affiliates to manage hotels and tours? Or it works strictly for one manager? Thanks

Hello, CityTours theme has business owner user role like Travelo theme, but it has no affiliate feature. Best regards,


Chriss19 Purchased

Is there going to be any update soon?

Hello, We will update the theme in the future, but not be soon. Best regards,


Shiewa Purchased

hello, booking system on tour is not working. It doesn’t bring the booker into payment processing. Could you help please! thank you

Hello, Please create a ticket in https://c-themes.support-hub.io/ and send us your website url and admin credentials. We will check your website. Best regards,


paolobros Purchased

Hi. The theme with WP 5.6 gives a lot of problems Please update it.

Hello, We tested the theme in the WP latest version. It works well. Please confirm you are using the latest version. Best regards,

Hello. Strange. The hotel and tour pages no longer work since I updated.


I cant seem to setup the hotel list page. Can you help me setup the page exactly like this one: http://www.soaptheme.net/wordpress/citytours/hotel/

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