Discussion on ClaPat - Creative Masonry Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on ClaPat - Creative Masonry Blog WordPress Theme

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Can you update the theme to support WooCommerce? On a fresh install of WordPress (no additional plugins other than ClayPat and WooCommerce) the proudct single page has no option for product image. The product gallery shows but no product image. The product image is basically the featured image. I looked in the screen options (default wordpress settings at top of page) and there is no option to enable/disable product image. I have also tried installing a child theme of ClayPat and that also did not work.

How can I enable product images for WooCommerce on ClayPat theme?

Hi there, we have not tested or integrated the theme with woocommerce however let us have a look. If you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access? Thanks

Hi! Is there any caching plugin what you prefer to use with blog-theme? W3 Total Cache?

Hello, yes, we are using W3 Total Cache.

Is there documentation on how to use the different post layouts? I’d like to use the travel vlog, but not quite sure how to use this with my existing site. thanks.

Hello, What you need to do, when you edit the blog post, is to select the post format in the left side panel and then set the post options for the corresponding format type https://prnt.sc/12vefy8 Thanks

Hi! On my page the search function doesn´t work very well on the right corner. If you search for products: https://www.fumee.at/en/index.php/cosmetics with keywords like “aftershave” there is no match? Also general keywords like “cosmetics” has no matches …

How is that possible to fix that?

Best, Alex

Hi Alex, The aftershave product from what I can see from page source is not a blog post, therefore it does not appear in blog searches. Try the native search provided by the grid plugin you are using. Thanks

Anyone know how to update wp bakery without paying for the full version?? I tried to submit a ticket via support but I’ll need to pay $23 to ask this question.

If you download the latest version of the theme you have the latest WPBakery version. Or we can install it if you provide wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com. Thanks

Thanks, I was able to update it.

is there a chance to get the instagram stream updated to the new api? this one isn’t working anymore – or is it possible to chance this part to add widgets in the future?

Hi, we will look into it to see if there are any updates for it. Thanks

I have a question before a purchase. Is Adsense also possible in the main ‘Home’ grid page?

Hello, I believe you can add it with a plugin. Thanks

Hi, very elegant theme. Is it possible to get rtl version? Thanks.

Hi, thank you. We did not specifically test the theme for rtl, but you can get it and within 14 days since the purchase you can ask for a refund. Best

I couldn’t find any posts/pages w sidebars…??

Hi there, the sidebar is displayed when you press the burger button from the upper right corner of the page. Thanks

Hi :) the template works with WP 5.2?

Hi, Yes, it works

Hello. Great theme, I just have one question. How ads works on page ? Is it hard to add ads between first page grid articles and i didnt notice any ads inside of articles/posts, is it possible to add ads inside posts ? and one more thing, is is possible to create second home page with posts sorted by popularity ? like by views or comments,... ? regards

Hello, the adds are added dynamically and setup to appear between blog posts at a certain interval and starting with a specific position. You will have to add the ads inside blog posts content for single article pages. You can have a second home page with posts sorted by popularity by modifying the code of the original blog page template and the query that selects the posts. Thanks

I can’t find any detailed instructions. I can’t import demo content because the site I have exists with content. So I need to find out how to add the parallax news slider. Or how do I get post boxes to show.

Are there any instructions for this. Nothing I am doing seems to be giving me what I want. I want my site to look like your demo… but with my content.

Hi Jennifer, we responded to your ticket. Thanks

Thank you. I’m sure it’s human error and i’m missing something obvious.

Hi! “Compatible Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge” http://clapat.ro/themes/clapat-blog/ I run your live demo on IE 11 and… is not working… Why? On my new web site too is not working :/

Can you try again? (on our live demo). We applied a fix which will be included in an update. Thanks for pointing this to us.

It is still not working(on your live demo). Boys is another mistake on the site. I can send you a screenshot. Previous errors:
  • template content does not want to be uploaded right away.
  • you did not upload all the plugins that are in the manual, you have to add them manually.
  • redux plug – 3 days ago I removed the entire carousel silider and general post options – I had to turn on and off the plug to make it work. We bought 2 templates. The first impression is great! Over time, let two, step by step, create problems …

First of all try hard refreshing the page. Second, send us a screenshot if the pb still persists in a ticket on clapat.ticksy.com. Third the problems you mentioned I think they are related with your site configuration and the restrictions you have there. The WordPress Importer can be slow and network restrictions can prevent plugins to be installed with a single click. Providing wp admin access in a private ticket can help us diagnosing (and confirming) the source of your problems.

One last question. I notice the image thumbnails in the masonary blocks is the full size. This will be a problem on my clients site which has thousands of posts. Is there a option to have those as thumbnails rather than full size images?

We indeed use the ‘large’version of the original image. But this can be changed to thumbnails very easily.

Great thanks. Think this is the one. I’m looking for something that I don’t have to make too many changes in the code.

Not at all you just replace ‘large’ with ‘thumbnail’


Today I had purchased theme, it looks very good, I appreciate your creative work. After updating logo on the site, I can see “Post Formats” text behind the logo. Can you pl. help me ASAP to resolve the same issue.

Looking forward to you!


Hello, what is your site url?

Can shortcodes be put into the masonry block area? Meaning will the shortcodes come through. I see you have a sponsored ad, i assume that it was made by a shortcode.

Sponsored ads are special boxes you can add in between blog posts. They are defined by their starting positions and repeat cycle. You have popular posts, social links and ads (images).

Can I add shortcodes that come through in the masonry? I use eventon and would love to get ride of the right column and have a theme like this. But I would need to have a calendar via shortcode in one of the boxes

It’s a good idea except not sure how this would work with infinite loading. But we don’t have shortcodes (as boxes) in blog masonry pages.

Hello. For some reason MailChimp for WP can not inherit the form layout from the clapat theme. Am I doing something wrong?

I made a change and apparently it worked, but the field “Enter your email” was “out”. I tried to fix it through css, but for lack of experience I did not succeed.

Sorry, I can’t see the text placeholder overflowing. can you give us more details? Was it on your mobile device? Which browser did you use?

I was able to solve the problem a short time later, thanks for your attention.

Is the template compatible with the latest version of WP 5.0.2? I started to create a site before the new version (4.9.) I am interested in whether the WP update can ruin my current job?

Hi, our live demo http://clapat.ro/themes/clapat-blog/ runs on WP 5.0.2

Okey! thx!


Thank you!

Report a problem: When using the mobile phone to view the theme website, if it is not a drop-down menu, it cannot be clicked.

And: If the logo is not square (rectangle), it will distort the search icon.

Hi, Thanks for reporting. The first issue has been fixed in our latest update. if you re-download from envato, you should have it. Let us know if it still persists even after you cleared the cache. Regarding the second issue, can you send us the site url?


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