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Great job! Keep up the good work!

Thank you

Nice first file. Welcome ;)

Great Work!! Keep the good work and upload more :)

neat and clean more sales :)

Nice design, but I’m not seeing the ‘Responsive’ part of it… am I missing something?

Hey, Thank you.

Would you please be more descriptive? Basically, You can create custom pages with only a few lines of code, so that’s what I meant.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask – I’m here to help.

Regards, Dor b

Nice work, but it don’t seems to be ‘responsive’. Maybe you have missed some js or css ?

Responsive Web Design ssentially indicates that a web site is crafted to use W3C CSS3 media queries with fluid proportion-based grids, to adapt the layout to the viewing environment, and probably also flexible images. “Wikipedia”


I guess you both right. The preview image will be replaced today. Thanks!

WordPress version will be soon.

Dor b

i can convert to wordpress theme. Tweet me if interest.

And change top nav dropmenu ;) overflow to the right is not good.

I think you need to research more on what Responsive design is..:)

Thanks, read my messages above. Im currently waiting for a reply from the support team about that.

Thanks again for the remark.


Great stuff, I can’t believe I missed this…

Yeah you need to change the responsive comment ;)

Good luck with your sales.

@iamthwee!! :) I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for everything.


great job :) good luck!!!

Nice theme! I’m curious as to whether the portfolio photo images can also be videos (embedded or on the site)? Thanks!

EDIT : Nevermind, I see on the start page a “Video Example.” It was just not loading on my machine. :)

Hey there,

I can see you figured it out, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Hey hey I found you here, :) GL with sales, your template is nice!

Hey, I remember you! :)

Merci beaucoup / Thanks!

Hi, is this designed around any popular grid systems?

hey nuvru!

The grid I chose is 980px (940px content, 20px gutter) It is very comfortable, and it can divided in many ways, as you can see here:

Theme columns examples:

And this might help too:

I need to use this template as a wordpress theme. How do I do that?

Hey there cheekuji,

In ThemeForest there are categories. My theme “Clapper” belongs to “HTML Templates”, therefore you cannot use it as a wordpress theme, as they way it is. The best way for you to “make” Clapper as a wordpress theme, is to find a developer to do that.

Here is the wordpress category, which all of the items there is built for wordpress: