Discussion on Classiads - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Discussion on Classiads - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

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after I pay here, can I choose which theme I want? or how to proceed, in the demo that I want, I am redirected here where I pay the Regular License Regular License SELECTED $59 I saw that all themes have the same price and that’s why I don’t know ?

All sites layouts are included in purchase package

Great, how to install? I use a host

Yes, you need an hosting and domain, you can contact our support channel for free installation

Hi, 1- Can I create a subscriber account per month or year and options? 2- Can admin send notification to member ? 3- Can add pub sections in the members’ account? 4- Can I add woocommerce multi vendor ? thanks.

Hi yacineamotech, Thanks for taking interest in our theme

1. Classiads theme packages are based on listing which includes expiry as per admin requirements but user will remain registered unless admin remove them from wp admin. 2. pub section not available. 3. Yes Classiads is certainly woocommerce supported you just need to buy multi vendor add on from following link: https://designinvento.net/downloads/wcfm-integration-module/

Regards Team Designinvento

Hi there,

Presale question. I looked into the demos you provided. I’m looking for a particular feature where end users (buyers) could submit their information via a form submission on a listing. This is different than the seller form submission where you need to post your ad. It’s the end-user (buyer) form submission where they can apply for a service.

Specifically, I’d like to build a healthcare system where there are healthcare service providers and patients in the platform. Healthcare provider lists different options by purchasing a package which already exist in your system and the patient applies to different services offered by submitting their information. (first name, last name, email, phone, address, etc.). Then these submissions come to seller’s dashboard under a tab called “Leads”.

Would that option be added to your system?


Hi there

Thanks for taking interest in our theme

Classiads Theme is based on classified listing system similar to olx in which seller and buyers do contact with each through listings with instant message or contact form but forms will be similar for any registered user on site.

Kind Regards Team Designinvento

Pre purchase Query- Can I allow users to select their favourite category and tags, so that they are shown any new items from that keywords first when visiting site ? Example I have multi country Ad site, and a visitor needs to see only Real estate ads from USA/Chicago ?

Hi Forester Thanks for taking interest in our theme

Classiads theme favorites are based on listing ads only which shows under user dashboard related to all locations in site.

Kind Regards Team Designinvento

Hello ! A pre-purchase question, can I make my site multilingual with your theme? And can I use PolyLnag for this? thanks

Yes, but with wpml

Quick Question, is it possible for users who want to list their items verify their account through document. They have to upload document like ID Card

We have currently mobile and email verification option, new addin for legal id verification is in our to do list, if you need on urgent basisypu can avail our custom work services

Ongadi Purchased

I just want to leave honest reviews here since I bought the theme in 2020;

1. The live previews you see online is not exactly what you get after installing their demos. These live ones are here to entice you in buying the theme.

2. You will get lots of “Your theme (ClassiadsPro) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce.” errors on your WordPress dashboard.

3. The theme has internal errors on demos and sometimes SINGLE LISTINGS just disappear without warning.

4. On random occasions, you will get PHP errors in different lines of the theme’s code displayed to your site visitors.

5. Some demos refuse to download at all e.g Malt, if you have’t renewed support, you’re doomed.

6. Since 2020 I have never built anything constructive because, I build next morning delete.

7. The speed of the them is more than slow, they should improve.

Points to take: The theme owners should reduce demos and concentrate on few ones to make them better.

Thank you for your feedback, but as per record your last ticket was addressed 2 years ago and there is no pending query.

1 – we keep updating our demo sites time by time and what you are seeing on our demo sites are latest layouts, even we are still working on demo sites for upcoming release.

2 – woocomerce template versions updates with theme, but all templates are tested and working fine with latest version of woocomerce.

3 – share your errors with support team will fix it as soon as possible.

4 – there is no such issue reported.

5 – as mentioned we are working on demo sites, feel free to contact our support for demo import related issue.

6 – since 202o you have not reported any issue so item can not be blamed for nothing.

7 – we keep working on improvements, but wordpress websites needs multiple configurations to get optimized, including, cache, server, scaled images etc

Ongadi Purchased

Thank you for your reply.

1. Today I tried installing classic fantro, yes the live previews are the latest versions of your demos but only on themeforest and your site for demonstration PURPOSE ONLY, but when you install the demo you get the old odd looking version not the present version.

2. The theme does not work fine with Woocommerce, where did I get the message error that I referenced above??

3. I can’t share my errors with support because my support expired and I can’t renew.

4. The moto demo has problems with php errors displaying on front end. I know you can’t admit it but I have used the theme and tested almost all the demos.

5. The malt demo refused to download today, check on that.

6. Install the latest Fantro demo on my behalf because from my end I get the old demo. Or to cut story short, put them on the imports so that people can download. Why would you make important updates and keep them for yourselves.

7. You should have 2 copies for the demos, one which can be downloaded while you work on the other copy updating it. But you have one, when you work on updates the demos can’t be downloaded and installed properly.

NOTES TO TAKE: 1. Be honest with your work and give people what you show them. 2. Admit to these faults and make the products better.

Read my reaponse above carefully, we are still working on demo sites for upcoming release, mean while we offer free installation of our new layouts, we never ever force our customer to renew support, be honest and mention that you have not even tried to contact support channel even after your support is expired we never denied to provide support. But as for as your are here to make just arguments, wait for new release to get updated data or contact support channel


maxibaut Purchased

Hi, I don’t see how I can create a listing myself from scratch. I want to be able to organise my listing page myself. I hope this is possible. Content fields, listing media, listing locations. I want the fields addapted by myself.


Please. Contact support channel

monkgogi Purchased

Why some demos don’t appear on the ‘Import’ options?

There some new demo sites and some retired demo sites are being removed from upcoming release, you can contact support channel if your desired demo is not available or not installing properly due to ongoing upgradation, our team will install it for you.


sorinleo Purchased

Hi, after I updated to the latest version I’m getting this error on the Website heather . Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in content/themes/classiadspro/styles/dynamic/global/classiads- What can I do?, Thanks

seems like you are coming from an older version, please go to classiads dashboard -> theme settings -> header -> logo -> remove any code from logo width/height field and hit save button, for further queries contact support channel https://help.designinvento.net/support/

Hello team

Is there a way to edit (add, delete, edit) fields to display on frontend submission? Thanks

yes, you can add,edit or delete unlimited fields


Last week I submitted a ticket requesting the installation of one of the themes since I cannot install them because you have not had them available for several weeks to import them.

The answer from your team is that they can’t install it because my support is expired and I have to renew it so they can do it.

My friends, I am not requesting support, I am requesting that you comply with the contract and make the themes available so that everyone who has purchased the theme can install it.

Anyway, I’m asking Envato for a refund for a breach of contract.


Hello, I know that several years have passed since I bought the theme (4 years) and my support has already expired, the question is, what is the issue with the time elapsed if I am not requesting support from you?

The only thing I asked was that you import one of the themes to my server, because these themes are not available from you for import as established in the contract with envato.

I’ll wait several days for your ‘server to upgrade’ (which, tracking this issue in the forum is already over 30 days) to import the demo myself.

And again, to import one of the themes I DON’T NEED TO RENEW MY LICENSE, put the DEMOS on the servers like everyone does. If you can’t do it, hire a freelancer.

Thanks for nothing!!!!!

you are just making arguments, don’t you see extensive upgadation has been done to make more visual improvements, we already offered you installation but making such argument here only leads to a dispute, let me clear if you keep doing this do not expect any kind of support from us, While we are working on demo sites, we are offering solutions for our customers. keep in mind there is no obligation for us to provide you support after expiry so show some patience and contact support channel for any support query otherwise i would have to report to Envto. I hope you understand

Thanks for nothing!!!!!

Hi. I just submitted a ticket #24015 and I will appreciate if support can look into this. One of the issues was raised in my last ticket and there was no response to it. Thank you.

Hi Lanre, Our technical team has already responded to your ticket and just waiting for your response now. kind regards, team designinvento

Good day,

1 – I AM NOT ASKING FOR HELP OR ASSISTANCE. Demo Import. Why are demo imports failing? I used to do this on my own without need for your assistance guys, WHY NOW?

2 – AS per theme license, I can only install it on one WEBSITE. Good. What if I want to move it to another new site? I AM NOT SAYING installing the theme on TWO WEBSITES. NO. Removing the theme on the old website and installing it on the new website so that it is only installed on ONE WEBSITE as per the license.

I AM NOT SURE, if the two things above need the intervention of the authors of the theme.

Hi Linnister, we have already responded to your ticket and just waiting for your response, don’t worry at all our technical team will certainly help you out in demo import process. Regards Team Designinvento

Thanks for your support. Their support is fast and functional.

Hi Sivendex, Thanks for your remarks, we are always available for your help. Regards Team Designinvento

Good day,

We moved the theme to a new domain. Now demo import is failing. We are stuck. Anyone with ideas of how to proceed?

Please submit a ticket at https://help.designinvento.net/support/, our technical team will certainly help you out. Regards, Team Designinvento

Please kindly install a demo version on my website. I’ve been waiting for the whole week and the customer is now complaining that nothing has happened over the past 7 days. My ticket ID is #23782.

Why do we have to create a ticket for you to install a demo site for us, just fix your server so that your customers can install demo versions on their own, as is the case with all other themes!!

Hi Mansheb, thanks for buying classiads, our technical team has already responded to your ticket. Kind Regards Team Designinvento

On 4 Mar 2019 I purchased.Your theme Unfortunately.It didn’t. Work With elementor templates.At that time.I have given up.Using the theme. Very recently.I was going through Your Site.And try The live demo “classiads mode” .With the elementor And I was very happy with the.Demonstration.So I decided to use. So I Installed the.Theme And tried to set it up. “Classiads mode” Import Starter Site Unfortunately I have spent.Many hours.But finally I gave it up.Without.Success. My purchase license.Expired.So I cannot.Request.For the support.If you give me a solution, If I am happy with the work.I will buy one more license in near future.I have a requirement.

You can still submit a ticket for support, we are working on demo site upgradation, there might be some demo import issues due to data changes, meanwhile support team will setup for you if demo import failed until we complete on going maintenance.

You can still submit a ticket for support at https://help.designinvento.net/support/ we are working on demo site upgradation etc

Thank you very much i have open ticket #23841

Hello, How can i hide/delete or change this part – (../listings-2/..) from url? www.noname.lt/listings-2/cat1/category-title/

Hello Simou286, Please contact support channel https://help.designinvento.net/support/

Demo import not working. Is there a quick fix from your end yet?

Hi Lambmeister,

Thanks for purchasing Classiads.

Please submit a ticket at https://help.designinvento.net/support/, our technical team will certainly help you out for demo import.

Regards, Team Designinvento


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