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Any plans on upgrading this theme for 1.9?

You can download file and replace file app/design/frontend/default/ma_classicshop/layout/checkout.xml file. After you replaced you need clear all cache (admin > system > cache management > disable)

Yes this did the trick. Thanks!

In checkout page I have two issues: 1. clear cart button is not working. 2. I can’t update quantities.

You can replace file app/design/frontend/default/ma_classicshop/template/checkout/cart.phtml by this file

Best support I ever got! thanks.

Sorry quick little question: where we must take action to enlarge the circle containing the price? I enclose a picture. thanks
You can open css file skin/frontend/default/ma_classicshop/css/styles_green.css
find line 1512
.product-view .product-shop .price-box { width: 65px;
then change width

Yes Thanks!

I would like to remove the option “show XX per page”

You can remove in file app\design\frontend\default\classicshop\template\catalog\product\list\toolbar.phtml

Yes worked. Thanks!

good afternoon I’m looking for a theme that shows different for each type of user and end values ??depending on the amount of purchase, the discounted value is varied! Is it possible? If so how is this customization?

Thank for your interested. This function doesn’t available. You can find other modules or themes.

Hi, I have problem with Wide Menu on IE 8. When I try select subcategories all manu is blinkiing.

You can make a ticket and provide your website info. We will check and help you fix it

Hello Guys,

how do I install new Fonts for this Template?

You can change fonts in css file styles.

template only install question: when installing on v1.9.01 am I supposed to copy only app,js and skin folders to site root or do I copy entire directory ma_classicshop_quickstart_1.8.0.0 to root? thnks

You can contact us. We will help you install template

I thought that’s what I was doing was contacting you. How do you prefer that I contact you?

You can make a ticket provide details. We will help you

I have problem with checkout process. When i want checkout order, it show only blank page. I restore checkout.xml with yours uptade, which you post in one comment and flush cache, but still it show only blank page. Can you help me please ? Thnks

ok, thanks !

uhh, problem is back but when im logged customer.

You can make a ticket provide details. We will help you

Hello, I am using magento 1.9 and theme woks fine expect on checkout page. It cannot pass through the shipping to payment. I press continue and it stays there. can you please help me out. It is a fresh installation of magento. Let me know if you need more info. my development website is:

You go to app/design/frontend/default/ma_classicshop/layout then remove “checkout.xml” file. After you removed file you need clear cache (admin > system > cache management)


I am thinking about buying the theme as i really like, but have 1 question, we have special page we build to ask the customer to put the payment want to pay, its simple it does work with magento 1.8, , and i tried it with some other themes it did not work, is there a possibility to test the page on theme if it does work, ill be happy to purchase the theme? or do you have a refund policy? Thanks.

This theme is compatible with magento 1.8. You can use it for your website. If you need we can help you install theme. We haven’t refund policy because we don’t manage payment.

Hi, could you please inform me how to change the Most Popular products on the homepage to a certain category?

Thank you so much!

Did you get my mail with the login?

I would like to know how it is done so that I can make the changes myself if my client wants to go back or change the category some day..

You can check your email and follow your ticket

Hail to enlarge the character of the wording of the product group (from :) and also to enlarge the character of the price, as it gets I tried unsuccessfully in the style file but can not find the right line. Thank You Matthew

Hi, You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will will check and help you fix it

Pre-Sale Question! Does this theme come with a CONTACT US PAGE?

With this theme, can you shut your site down for maintenance or do you have to by a plugin for that?

I love the look of this theme, but I am having the exact same problem someone else here posted about 2 years ago. I need help fixing this right away please. Below is a cut and paste of the other persons post so that you’ll know my problem…

“hi, i’m having problem adding product direct from categories page. the box appear without the button CONTINUE SHOPPING or GO TO CHECKOUT. it only works if i enter the product page and click add to cart… its being a big problem for me…”

Ticked opened, as well as email sent with FTP access and admin access. Please fix this issue ASAP, because I’m spending money on promoting the website. I was told by my hosting company that it seems to be an issue between HTTP and HTTPS and the way ajax is trying to add items to the cart, but since you guys built the theme I am sure you will know more than they do and can fix it pretty easily as it seems to be a minor code issue, yet causing a major headache.

You can follow your ticket we will help you.

Thank you. Issue is fixed. Great customer service!

Hello we are having some difficulty proceeding to the order review on checkout for credit card purchases. We are using Magento 1.8 The error log shows

2015-10-22T07:54:06+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Undefined variable: search_parameter in /home/fsclothing/public_html/app/design/frontend/default/ma_classicshop/template/catalog/product/view.phtml on line 65 2015-10-22T07:54:06+00:00 ERR (3): Notice: Undefined variable: search_parameter in /home/fsclothing/public_html/app/design/frontend/default/ma_classicshop/template/catalog/product/view.phtml on line 68

We have tried using the files in the download but still seem to be encountering this issue. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


You can create a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you

I use magento 2.0. Your Theme used for magento 2.0 ?


This theme is compatible with magento 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x. It isn’t compatible with magento 2.0

Hello header files are rendering though And your server is down and my website is not working. Can you please provide all the files you have used in the header please, this is very urgent. Otherwise our whole website is wasted. I have sent you an email too. Please reply asap.


You can check your email. We will help you