trixati supports this item


39 comments found. not workin but I need some support & may I write in Russian or eng is better?

now our site is working. we restored support

Thanks Fred for you full support during all the process, the theme now is ok

several questions:

1 – The price listed is different from the record when I have discounts

2 – As the upgrade to version 1.1?

3 – times for responsive version


Hello 1. Problems with displaying the prices we are now solving 2. To upgrade to version 1.1 you need to replace the files in the file ( 3. Send me your purchased code on my e-mail 4. Responsive version coming soon Regards

hello, have resolved the problem price?


For this theme does not appear subcategories on the page. I need to appear these. Can you help me?

Many thanks.

I tried but says that the Item Purchase Code is invalid.

could send your Purchase code to my mail?

You received my email with my Purchase code?

where you set the display of products Products List and Grid View?

And ‘possible to decide whether to display as the default list view or grid products?



Product view you can choosing on category page, and for default view you can choose in the Theme settings module.

Hello, I’ve problem with the theme settings module. Buttons and Text customization doesn’t work. I am not able to modify colors or fonts… By the way, I tried to register to but I got “wrong Item Purchase Code” message.

Thank you

Hello, Sorry for that, we had some problems with support registration. Now it should work fine. Please try again.

I’m trying to sign up for support but the form is telling me that my purchase code is wrong. Can you please contact me so we can figure this out? Thanks

Hello. Please give me your purchase ID and I’ll check the issue with registration in our support.


How to configure the twitterwidget module?

There’s a message there saying “Look at this video from our partner how to get Twitter API keys what you need above:” but above this message there is just a blank space…


Sorry for the late reply, if you can not see the video here is the link to it in YouTube , if you have another Problem, try reinstalling the module. to fully support register on our portal

Best regards

I send four tickets to the following support site. No one answer my quesions, thats the worst support service i ever had. Please donot buy, you will not get any help from them.

I am triying to update the shop of one customer using the 1.6 version of this template, but i find some bugs (?). For example, the slider in the homepage is not showing. No way to show it… Left column is gone too. Modules are correctly installed, configured, but if you take a look at source code when loading that pages, left column and slide are emtpy.

If you are thinking to update to PS 1.6 keeping this template, think twice before.

Hi. I just purchased this and installed in on a fresh install of Granted, i have not done much configuration yet, but right off the bat:

1. I noticed there is no search area to type anything although there is a search icon. 2. Also, the search icon overlaps and covers the social networking icons on top of the page. (it appears to be because of the size of the logo (image). I made the logo smaller and the overlap decreased, but it is still there. It basically doesn’t handle the image logo vs. “text” logos. 3. i don’t see store information in the footer. i need to see how to find out how to configure it. 4. I just started so i will put my observations as i go forward.

Continuing: #9 minic slider v3.0.3 – by minic studio – DOES NOT SLIDE. it just stacks the pictures on top of each other.

Continuing: #10 – Elastic Slider DOES NOT SLIDE. it just stacks the pictures on top of each other. – could this be just me??? i am using latest version of FireFox and Chrome and see all these issues.????

I wish i could get my money back!!!

Hello, Register on our support site fill out the form with your personal information please and we will solve your problems. Best regards

OK I think i am going to not waste my time anymore on this and quit. Chalk it up to BAD purchase!!! Not recommended.

I may downgrade prestashop and try it again, but waste of time and money so far.

Hello and congrat for this beautiful template. I have just uploaded it but it is not displaying correctly. The slides photos showing all at the same time vertically and all the other modules are kind of messy :(


Could you register on our support site and leave your personal information (web site and access to your back-office). We help you with all your problem

Best regards

Hello, I’ve sent you a PM and posted a message through the forum: I need help. -The slide on the homepage is not displaying properly. -I’d like to change the top logo to a photo Please can you answer me ASAP, thanks in advance


You already have answer on check your topic

Best regards

Hello. I buy a template and be happy with it. But I have a problem (and see that your template too). Faces facebook plugin not displayed. No how to fix it and my client is angry.

Thank you.

Hello. Could you give me access to your Back office and FTP server. Best regards

Hello. Forguive my delay. As I can send the access?. Thanks

Hello, you can send access in private message or you can register on our support site http:\\ Best regards

I’ve installed your theme “Classic Store” for Prestashop 1.6 but there are some problems: the theme is not displaing correctly, and some elements are set differently from the demo; - the theme setting panel does not work, it only appears the “general” tab; - we have several jquery errors, that we partially corrected with the prestashop function that moves js to the end of the page; - some error for scrollTop and mouseover on the images of the products, and errors in the Elastic Slideshow, ecc…; - error on LoginRadius; - dropdowns are not fluid.

In general, we have a different experience from the demo version. We use prestashop ver.


Could you register on our support site and leave your personal information (web site and access to your back-office). We help you with all your problem

Best regards

Sorry, but we have temporary problems. Could you send in private message access to your Back office and FTP server.

Hello, I have problems with your template. When I want delete a item for ajax cart it isn’t working.

I tried to contact you many times but I don’t get a answer.

Please, contact me as soon as possible.