Discussion on Classy Missy - Fashion Shop Shopify Store

Discussion on Classy Missy - Fashion Shop Shopify Store

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I want to install this theme on my site? Can you check my site? https://ilanekle.net

You can install this theme on any Shopify site.


I tried to install the theme but i got the following error: (Upload theme, choose install.zip, and install now)

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

(Used: Wordpress 5.1.1)

Thanks! Best regards, Laszlo Osvald

It seems you have purcahsed Classy Messy Shopify theme instead of WP theme , You need purchase this WP version: https://themeforest.net/item/classy-missy-wordpress-fashion-shop-theme/19627603?s_rank=2

Hello, recently I’ve downloaded this theme from envatoelements and tested it, it works really great! But I would like to change the icons and use .png or .svg files instead of the ones that are being used with the material design iconic font, I’ve already tried changing the shopping cart icon, for example trying to change this:

.zmdi-shopping-cart:before { content: ’\f1cb’; }

And replace the content area with a specific url, but it doesn’t seem to work, I was wondering if you could tell me if this is possible and maybe tell me where or how could I achieve this specific task.

Thank you!


Kindly refer to this Url


If you have any doubt please refer this screen shot

For Example : http://prntscr.com/m8rxab

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Hi there,

Is there anything I am missing? I can’t seem to get the same grid style layout for my product category page as for my shop page. The shop page is correct. The category page isn’t.

I can’t see what I am doing wrong or missing.

Any suggestions?

Correct style: https://nexxtshoes.nl/ons-assortiment/ Wrong style: https://nexxtshoes.nl/product-categorie/damesschoenen/

Kindly send your store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com, we will check it out.

Hi there, I am having troubles with the button on the main hero slideshow for the classy missy theme. I am not sure what is happening, but would love to get your assistance and can even provide you with access if needed.

Thanks, Tanya

Hi Tanya,

Kindly, Confirm your purchase code through the right bottom form located @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes . so that we can move forward. If you need your Purchase Code you may download it from your Theme Forest account > Downloads > choose the necessary product>Download>License certificate & purchase code. Kindly refer the following links for getting clear idea. http://support.wedesignthemes.com/knowledge-base/purchase-code-where-to-download/

Hello, can you help me how to install demo site to my site?


I don’t have Importer button, idk why

Hope you have purchased the wrong theme, This will work only with Shopify platform. You must be purchased the WordPress version of this theme, that is https://themeforest.net/item/classy-missy-wordpress-fashion-shop-theme/19627603

No, i use the woocommerce version

The template for the About Us Page is not editable. the only section that shows is the footer in the edit section,

Here you can change the about us page info. http://prntscr.com/kpwrh5

Thank you so much. is there any way to take the black box off the grid banner ion mobile?

Hope you are talking about this one : http://prntscr.com/kud8x1

It is possible by editing code, kindly send the store login details to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com. We will do the required things.

Hello, I downloaded this theme from envato elements and I’ve used it in my shopify store. It’s pretty awesome. I have a question regarding featured collection, which I would like to do a slight edit for the number of products displayed. Is it possible to increase it to 4 featured products from the collection instead of the default 2? I have trouble adjusting images because the featured product is always 50% of the size of the featured collection image. This creates a void area below the 2 default products and I would like to fill this space with 2 more products from the collection. Please could you let me know where I can make this code edit to make this possible. Thank you.

Regards, Farizan

In that case you need to change the carousel jquery from owl carousel to something else to support multi row slide. e.g http://idangero.us/swiper/demos/170-slides-per-column.html

Ok, thank you.


Thank you.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

UI not wokrking on widescreens???

Hi Thanks for using our theme!

Could you share screen size details with issue screenshots? Plz forward your store details to our support mail support@wedesignthemes.com.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Plz, check our demo with your screen now, if its fine just change the existing values to 5000 in your .scss file as per screenshot. http://prntscr.com/hkoch3


1) We found out that we need unbelievebly extreme hosting options. For example; you ask for a max_execution_time of 600. 120 is normal..

2) On the selling page of the template we could not see these requirements. Why did you not tell in advance these extreme requirements? We checked this by a professional hosting company named TransIP. They are a very professional and popular hosting company and do not host these kind of websites..

3) Do you have another modern theme with the same possibilities which is much lighter and needs a normal hosting for WordPress + Woo commerce website?

4) Otherwise we want a refund.

Regards, Ruud Bleeker

Hi Ruud Bleeker.,

It seems that you have posted the comment in the wrong theme. This is a shopify theme and not wordpress.

Here is the link of the wordpress theme comments section.


And regarding your issue, Kindly mail your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials through the right bottom form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes so that we will check the issue.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Hi! I just recently purchased your Classy Missy theme and it was working fine until today. I made some changes and am not sure exactly what’s wrong. On the product/collection pages, the sidebar where “enable best sellers” is located, the slider is not working. (it has the images displayed vertically) Also, the List View and Grid View icons are not working. (they are redirecting to another page instead of sorting) Thank you for the help!

Hi andrewfullen,

Thanks for purchasing our theme!

Kindly send your shopify store login details to support@wedesignthemes.com, we will look into this issue!

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Can you let me know how I enable the currency set up on the site


Thank you


Please send your store login details to the support mail : support@wedesignthemes.com.

Thank you, in the product preview is it possible to make all the product previews the same size. Also when you click view cart icon the text runs over the image, can you fix


2)Text over image – Fixed , Plz check now

Send your comments and queries to the support mail support@wedesignthemes.com instead of posting on this message board.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

On my site Shopaccessorize.com when you click on the text on a product tile the text dissapears and it is difficult to work out how to go to the full description.

Can you fix so text remains as you click on it



Hi Stephen,

It seems you have changed the link hover color into white(#fff), so that text not visisble , plz make it to some other visible color


Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Hello, the template is full of bugs. You are selling a broken product. I would like a refund.

Ok awesome if you are fixing quickly :)

2) Try on a bigger screen resolution. It’s fine on 1920×1080 but over that it’s not. If you get rid of the padding in ’.site-header__menubar’, you won’t have this issue anymore on any resolution.

I tested on an iMac 27”, Macbook pro and on a Dell XPS

5) Sounds like a lot of work :D

6) Not bad, could be better.

Would be great if you get rid of that awful animation on the mega menu. So hard on the eyes. Keep it simple.

Please do a good bug search & fix and I won’t ask for a refund.

It’s an awesome theme btw, I am a designer/developer too and I am very picky. I choose your theme because I think that it’s great. Just fix the bugs :)

We have fixed cart summary issue on large screens.. plz check it out now!

A couple of questions

How do I link buy button on smart watch image to URL so that it goes to smart watches category. If you click on copy it goes to smart watches category but not buy button

Smart watch image on home page does not work on mobile through responsive design, how do I correct this



Hi Stephen,

We changed link for shop button now…Its working fine…Please check it out.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

How can I link Buy Button on the watch image on the home page to the smart watches category not just through Modern Accessories copy

Hi Stephen,

Its working fine now..Please have a look at it now.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

When I add a buy button to an image on the home page and connect it to a URL to the buy button it does not redirect.

This is the case of watch image on home page of shopaccessorize.com

Can you help



Hi Stephen,

We changed link for shop button now…Please check it out…..

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

For shopaccessorize.com three questions:

1.If you click on smartwatches three dropdown boxes appear; how do you clear these 2.On Reflective Case for iPhone 6 and 7 series, it is not showing iPhone 7 and 7 plus even though this has been selected as one of the options. 3. Also is there a way to show the colours if they are not typical like reflective in this phone

Hi Stephen,

Can you please be more specific about your query with some screenshots, so that we can help you better.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Thank you but it does not seem to allow me to past a screen shot in this reply box can you let me have an email address I can reply to.


Hi Stephen.,

Please mail us your screenshots along with your issues to support@wedesignthemes.com

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Hi, i purchased Classy Missy – A Fashion Store Shopify Theme (Purchase Code: 4bdaa065-9ae7-4e41-a74d-b68e220d41a1 – 10 Feb 2017 REGULAR LICENSE)

I tried installing and keep getting an ERROR message that says (Zip does not contain valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid” etc. Can you help with this. Thank you


Thanks for purchasing our theme! Hope you are trying to install core package file that you downloaded from themeforest. You need to extract it and install the zip file called “install.zip” ,

Kindly check the documentation:


Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Hi, two things. How do I move the products into the middle of the page not right side? Also it looks unprofessional how it says the collection name twice up the top… can we change that? Thanks https://summerdealz.com/collections/dresses-and-jumpsuits

Also the logo does not appear on the website from a mobile device?


Thanks for purchasing our theme!

You need to pick the the proper template to make the collection page as wide layout without sidebar.


And for breadcrumb , It seems you are using the previous version of classy! We need to do some edits… Plz share your store login details with us or create staff account to the mail address ram@iamdesigning.com.

Logo on mobile: Plz upload the logo @ http://prntscr.com/e0gxkc

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.


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