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Claue - Clean, Minimal WooCommerce Theme

Claue - Clean, Minimal WooCommerce Theme

WC Marketplace Compatible!!!

WC Vendors Compatible!!!

WooZone Affiliate Plugin Compatible!!!

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin Compatible!!!

RTL Language Support!!!

Claue – Clean, minimal WooCommerce theme for online fashion store, personal blog…. It comes with a lot of great features that would take you months to develop. It is fully responsive, it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices. Including easy to set up for MailChimp, Contact Form 7, Instagram Feed, Lookbook, WooCommerce Email Transaction and Product Colour Swatch, Product Colours Swatch Gallery Images, Product Video Thumbnail, Instagram Shop, Product Bundle, WC Vendors, Multi Vendor, market place

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Note: All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the theme and NOT included in the final purchase files.

Need Support?

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==v1.2.4== 10/15/2017

* Fix    - Fix style of filter and variation swatch
* Fix    - Fix minor bug of zoom on quickview modal
* Fix    - Fix bug flip image thumbnail work with variation swatch
* Fix    - Fix bug zoom level of colorswatch plugin
* Fix    - Fix bug aq resize function does not work with Jetpack plugin
* Fix    - Fix bug can't add product bundle to cart when disable ajax
* Fix    - Fix bug currency of order on dashboard
* Fix    - Fix bug add amount of product not correct
* Update - Add option to display sidebar on Product Details Page
* Update - Add option to change background for sale, new badge
* Update - Update header-5 style
* Update - Update language strings and fix some text can't be translate
* Update - Update currency to auto detect location
* Update - Add support custom attribute variation swatch
* Update - Improve style of WC Vendor
* Update - Improve RTL layout style
* Update - Update plugin ClaueAddons to 1.0.8
* Update - Update plugin Variation Swatch to 1.0.1
* Update - Update plugin WC product bundle to 1.1.2

==v1.2.3== 09/02/2017

* Fix   - Fix bug don't display demo store notice
* Fix   - Fix bug can't adjust the product amount when add product in cart
* Fix   - Fix bug product bundle can't add to cart in product type is simple
* Fix   - Fix bug display wrong product variation when add product bundle in mini cart
* Fix   - Fix message on layout with header layout 5
* Fix   - Fix bug Ajax add to cart conflict with Product bundle
* Tweak - Add style for Vendor List
* Tweak - Update document

==v1.2.2== 08/21/2017

* New   - Sticky add to cart button feature
* New   - Popup cart
* Tweak - Improve color swatch plugin

==v1.2.1== 08/15/2017

* Fix   - Fix bug sale badge doesn't display the dash before number
* Fix   - Fix fatal error problem of blog shortcode
* Fix   - Fix theme option color scheme
* Fix   - Fix bug add product to bundle does not show the Mini cart
* Tweak - Improve style for WC Marketplace

==v1.2.0== 08/07/2017

* Fix   - Optimize Ajax Add To cart function in product detail
* Fix   - Fix bug websafe font loader
* Fix   - Fix issue add link to slider doesn't work
* Fix   - Fix product listing responsive
* Fix   - Fix bug sale badge for product variable
* Fix   - Fix error mesage when enable product attribute on up-sells, cross-sells product
* Fix   - Fix single blog post layout without sidebar
* Tweak - Add option to enable add to cart button on product listing
* Tweak - Add option to disable quick shop button
* Tweak - Improve style for WC Vendors
* Tweak - Add style to support WC Marketplace plugin
* Tweak - Improve Apple Pay style
* Tweak - Update ClaueAddon to 1.0.7
* Tweak - Add options to control display of icons on header
* Tweak - Add option to choose the Instagram image size
* Tweak - Add option to add extra content below add to cart button on product detail page, mini cart, shopping cart, checkout page

==v1.1.7== 07/17/2017

* Fix   - Improve Apple Pay style
* Fix   - Fix conflict style with WooCommerce Simple Auction plugin
* Fix   - Fix image zoom use png image + overlay layer on product listing layout
* Fix   - Fix image on metro layout
* Fix   - Fix price of Product bundle display is not good on quickview
* Tweak - Update document
* Tweak - Improve product listing layout on small screen smaller 360px
* Tweak - Style for WC Vendor Pro

==v1.1.6== 06/27/2017

* Fix   - Fix metro layout on tablet portrait
* Fix   - Fix header layout-3  break on ipad pro screen
* Fix   - Fix bug setting for product tab in product detail does not work on layout 4
* Fix   - Fix problem with HTML dom when enable product flip thumbnail
* Fix   - Fix bug image zoom does not work when enable product swatch
* Tweak - Make feature to config footer layout
* Tweak - Added logo support svg format
* Tweak - Add support new language (Chinese - Taiwan, Portugal-Brazil)

==v1.1.5== 06/20/2017

* Fix   - Fix bug preloader does not work on Safari
* Fix   - Fix bug Sale Badge in PHP 7.1.x
* Fix   - Fix bug Illegal string offset 'name' in content-product.php
* Fix   - Fix issue when sell product as single order
* Fix   - Change wc categories menu on mobile to slide
* Fix   - Fix OpenSwatch can’t save option on PHP 7.1.x
* Fix   - Fix rounded price
* Fix   - Fix update plugin WPA WooCommerce Product Bundle
* Tweak - Update plugin Claue Add-on to 1.0.6
* Tweak - Update plugin WPA WooCommerce Product Bundle to 1.0.4
* Tweak - Update plugin OpenSwatch to 2.1.1

==v1.1.4== 06/13/2017

* Fix      - Fix wrong breadcrumb on cart, checkout, my account page
* Fix      - Fix  issue with product badge on mobile
* Fix  - Fix slider height on mobile
* Fix      - Fix content of header layout 5 on mobile
* Fix  - Fix slick slider does not work inside VC tab
* Fix  - Fix bug can’t disable filter option
* Fix  - Fix bug can’t override content-product template in child theme
* Fix  - Fix bug subcategories does not display when setting in each category
* Fix  - Fix product varation style with plugin AliDropShip
* Fix  - Fix product layout on mobile

* Tweak  - Make option to on/off column switcher
* Tweak  - Update FontAwesome version
* Tweak  - Create option to enable/disable social share in product detail
* Tweak  - Add option to select sidebar on single blog post
* Tweak  - Update document
* Tweak  - Update Claue Addons plugin to 1.0.5
* Tweak  - Update Pin Maker plugin to 1.0.4 (fix responsive issue)
* Tweak  - Update Product Bundle plugin to 1.0.3 (fix issue related to additional tab, related product, calculate price wrong)

==v1.1.3== 05/16/2017

* Fix  - Fix bug can't add quantity over 2 when set product with amount in stock less than 10
* Fix. - Fix shipping zone address enable break layout
* Fix. - Fixed breadcrumb of product detail page on boxed layout
* Fix  - Fix bug product shortcode does not work when set filter is “featured products.”
* Fix  - Fix bug does not show product variation on mini cart
* Tweak  - Make feature product image magnifying
* Tweak  - Make string on js file can be translate
* Tweak  - Make option to config number of product related & up-sell display per row
* Tweak  - Add option to select all portfolio category of portfolio shortcode
* Tweak  - Add action to improve social network sharing
* Tweak  - Update document
* Tweak  - Update Claue Addons plugin to 1.0.4
* Tweak  - Update Pin Maker  plugin to 1.0.3 

==v1.1.2== 05/03/2017

* Fix  - Fix bug can’t add product bundle to cart & can’t redirect to cart page when enabling in WC setting
* Fix  - Fix maintenance mode background image can’t change in theme options
* Fix  - Fix style of top menu and breadcrumb when switching layout to boxed
* Fix. - Fix price of product bundle display wrong in mini cart
* Fix  - Fix bug product sale countdown did not work
* Tweak  - Improve Currency switcher compatible with WooCommerce Price Based on Country plugin
* Tweak  - Add style to compatible with WC vendor plugin
* Tweak  - Update Claue Addons plugin to 1.0.3
* Tweak  - Update Product Bundle  plugin to 1.0.2 ( add option to change bundle title and bundle description on product detail config)

==v1.1.1== 04/25/2017

* Fix  - Currency switcher doesn’t change symbol on mini cart
* Fix  - Header layout 4 generate wrong height on mobile
* Fix  - Style of header sticky when changing the layout to boxed
* Fix. - Can’t translate “continue reading” string
* Fix  - Mini cart display not good on sidebar
* Fix  - Can’t remove products from the cart
* Fix  - Can’t add product to cart when disabling ajax on product detail
* Tweak  - Improve add to cart behavior when select product quantity over quantity of product in stock
* Tweak  - Add option in theme option to add custom javascript
* Tweak  - Add class for header icons to easily override with CSS
* Tweak  - Update string for translate
* Tweak  - Add display error message when can’t add product to cart
* Tweak  - Add parameter in blog shortcode to control thumbnail size
* Tweak  - Update Claue Addons plugin to 1.0.2
* Tweak  - Update Pin Maker plugin to 1.0.2

==v1.1.0== 04/18/2017

* Fix    - Fix click on product detail open on new window not in lightbox
* Fix    - Fix bug short code products slider working inside Visual Composer tab
* Fix    - Fix sub-categories title style on Woocommerce 3.0.x
* Fix    - Fix message box on my account, checkout page
* Fix    - Fix style of add account on checkout page
* Fix    - Fix issue with logo on header transparent layout
* Tweak  - Improve style of filter on sidebar
* Tweak  - Improve quick view on mobile
* Tweak  - Add option to config logo width
* Tweak  - Add option to display sale badge as percent
* Tweak  - Add option to change menu button icon
* Tweak  - Update Claue add-on plugin to 1.0.1
* Tweak  - Update Pin Maker plugin to 1.0.1

Files change

- claue/style.css
- claue/core/libraries/janstudio/hooks/helper.php
- claue/core/admin/config/framework.config.php
- claue/core/libraries/vendors/woocommerce/templates/loop/sale-flash.php
- claue/core/libraries/vendors/woocommerce/templates/single-product/sale-flash.php
- claue/assets/js/theme.js
- claue/core/libraries/vendors/woocommerce/templates/checkout/form-billing.php
- claue/views/header/layout-1.php
- claue/views/header/layout-2.php
- claue/views/header/layout-3.php
- claue/views/header/layout-4.php
- claue/views/header/layout-5.php
- claue/core/libraries/vendors/woocommerce/templates/cart/cart.php
- claue/core/libraries/vendors/openswatch/templates/variable.php
- claue/core/libraries/vendors/woocommerce/templates/checkout/terms.php
- claue/core/libraries/vendors/woocommerce/templates/single-product/product-image.php
- claue/core/libraries/vendors/tgmpa/init.php

==v1.0.2== 04/09/2017

* Fix    - Fix Ajax add to cart on WooCommerce 3.0.1
* Tweak  - Update document
* Tweak  - Optimize code and improve performance

==v1.0.1== 04/07/2017

* Tweak  - Update theme to compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 
* Tweak  - Update Product Bundle plugin to 1.0.1 to compatible with WooCommerce 3.0
* Tweak  - Update OpenSwatch plugin to 2.1.0 to compatible with WooCommerce 3.0
* Tweak  - Update Visual Composer plugin to 5.1.1
* Fix    - Fix display product bundle on checkout page.

==v1.0.0== 04/05/2017

    * initial released