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Great modern style and wonderfull work! Have a nice day :-)

Thanx, Fleedy! :)

Great. is psd files included ?

Yep. Today I will update the template and add PSD file.

love this one, great idea ;)

Thanks anariel7 ;)

Nice ideas , wish you the best with sales :)
Color looks great.

Thank you Bedros ;)

Also light version will be soon.

Like the concept. Nice hover effects, btw. Good luck with sales… ;)

Thanks pezflash ;)

Like you white version more!

Thanks logomaster! ;)

Is it compatible with wordpress? If not, will yo make it ?

Hi deluxextreme,

No, it’s only HTML template. Wordpress version in the near future is not planned.


This looks great. I’d like to use it with a sub-nav at the top (e.g. like on http://wbpreview.com/previews/WB0CTJ195/reports.html). Do you think this would work?



Hi Paul,

Of course, it would work.

Thanks Zerge. I made a quick mock-up, the colors on the sub-nav are a little more subdued than on the main-nav.

Is this how you’d do it?

Yep. Superfish menu already have such layout, nav-bar style. So you can easily customize this menu.

Are there any plans to upgrade this to the latest version of Bootstrap (or better, with font-awesome)?

I’d also love to have the .scss files, if possible.

Hi nathanaeljone,

Not planned.

What would it take to change your mind?

You can do it yourself, after buying template.

This theme uses Skeleton, not Bootstrap, and should not be listed as Bootstrap-compatible – that’s deceptive.


Are you kidding? :)
It’s 100% build with Bootstrap.

My bad – the outer frame was using Skeleton, and the Bootstrap files weren’t showing up for some reason.

Would love a WP version!

Unfortunately there are no plans for WP version.

Awesome theme! Is it easy to remove the responsive features? I’ll purchase it instantly if the answer is yes. ;)

Hi madmarvin,

Yes, it’s easily, in two steps.

Other than the contact form is PHP required in any way? (I use a hosted CMS who handles the contact form code for me.)


You can use in-built PHP contact form or any other you want.


Overall, this is a great theme. Everything is really pro. One problem though. In Internet Explorer (9-10) the images never finish loading (I just see the swirling icon). I don’t have this problem on any other browser.

I reduced the image sizes as much as I could, to see if it would fix the loading problem, but to no avail.

Any advice on how I can get the images to load in IE?

Thanks again for making such an awesome, easy-to-use theme!

P.S. My website is http://hypnoticcopywriter.com/

Zerge, could you tell me the easiest way to disable that swirling icon feature?

Exclude this from the footer:

<script src="js/jquery.preloader.js"></script>

You are an awesome help Zerge. 5 stars big time. Thank you!

Hi Zerge, the twitter feed on my homepage stopped loading. It appears that twitter changed some settings. Can you share how to adjust the code to bring it back please? Much appreciated!


As you can see all works fine in the demo – http://html.color-theme.com/claystone/light/

Show me your site.

Hi Zerge, you are right, it seems like it’s a firefox browser issue. Your example works fine in IE and Chrome but my firefox doesn’t load the feed. Have you had this before?

All works fine in FF also. Try deactivate all extensions. Show me your site.

Hey! Zerge Before purchase i want to know will this template work on Google blogger?

And its not for wordpress right? I am new don’t know much!


It’s just simple HTML template. Not for Blogger or WordPress.

Hello Zerge,

The old twitter API 1.0 has been retired and the feeds in the template no longer seem to work. Is there a chance you will update this template to use Twitter API 1.1? I bought this template in the hopes this would be working.


Hello Zerge,

Any word on when the Twitter feed update is going to be fixed? I’m almost ready to go live.



In progress. Yet you can use the oficial Twitter widget – https://twitter.com/settings/widgets

Yeah, I did that already… I had to move some elements around as the official Twitter widget doesn’t fit the space you made on the template and limits the customization options.

Hello Zerge, another question for you…

Is there a way to get the “flexslider” to auto-rotate?


Yes, this can be changed. May be this helps you – http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/

Excellent… thanks!

Hi ther… great work!

so i need some help please with the accordion… is untill 3 Collapsible and if i try to put more nothing is happening… i see that they have id for example: collapseThree… but if i make a new and give collapseFour nothing is happening… how can make this flexiple… to have as many as accordion i want and not only 3 or 1…?


thank you for the quick reply… if any person ask for that is just the id collapseThree to demo3 etc… then you can have as many as you want…

thanks again :-)

Glad to help ;)

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