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Dear designer,

Could you please style the drop-down list (<select>)?

Hi, we’ll add it in the first update. In 1-2 days.

I like it! It’s not bloated.

Glad to hear that. Thank you for purchasing!

Hello, how are you. Sorry if this question makes no sense, but I would like to know if this clean admin is to replace wordpress admin for the site owner, or if it is to offer wordpress users/members a nicer private section, for those sites that have members managed areas….

Hi; it does make sense :) This admin has nothing to do with WP. It’s just HTML . If you want it to have that functionality you’d have to add some PHP to it.


Just now I realized nothing in the description mentioned wordpress, sorry, I was so “into” looking for a wordpress private area for members that I didnt even realized this one was not related with wordpress. Ok, so, if I want to use this for wordpress members area….what exactly will I need to do? Is it something that will take too long to a wordpress developer?


Unfortunately I can’t give you any estimates. All I can tell you that you’re definitely looking at “custom development”. If you know exactly what you need you can contact us via email and our devs will give you an estimate.

Sorry, one other question…the login page would “accept” loggin from wordpress registered members? Or this register/login process of clean admin would not be “compatible” with wordpress members?

It can be anything you code in …. at the moment there’s no logic behind it, no code – just HTML .

Hello I would like to know how to have a Theme switcher like demo? thanks

Can I use this in my open source software?

You’d have to purchase an extended license but it depends on what exactly you want to do so I suggest you contact our support via the profile page.

Great template.

Perfect if it includes third level menus.

Hi, thank you for purchasing and those kind words!

I’ll add the third level menu to our to-do list and hopefully the devs can sort it out soon.

I’m new to this… can you point me to an installation file so I can tell if it is going to be over my head?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

This is an HTML template, there’s no installation file.