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Does the jquery lightbox plugin work for Flash flv files?

I was reply your email

Plentong this is a very nice and clean template, what is the set of icons used here?

I create the icon by myself

The font you have used in the logo, is it free one or paid? what is the name of the font. Sorry, i don’t know much about the photoshop and designing stuff.

The font is “myriad pro”, and i think it’s free.

Great work. Bookmarked. I’ll have to pick this up soon.


Just wondering if FabioK coded this for WP yet?


Is there a quick way to make the main menu tabs active when you are on that page…

I like the hover and I would like to identify the page more making the tab active…


Contact me from my profile page, so i can get your email address and give you the file with active menu, thanks

your preview doesn’t work

It works now, pls check it again :)

Just to be certain: With the active menu option that you mention sending to sweetdan007 above, does selecting a given menu item (and navigating to the corresponding page) then keep the secondary menu items visible until the user navigates to a different page?

Yes, but I need to modify the code

Are you going to make this Wordpress ready?

No, there is no wp version for this template, it’s pretty hard :(

Would you be interested in creating this template into a Wordpress Theme?

Sorry, but there is no wordpress version of this one.

Hi! I just bought this template and it’s great !!

But … always a but ;) I’m missing a page with a nice table design! Do you think you can add one? Preferable with hover effect, sort, search and check boxes for multiple delete, etc … If you can add this, your template would be even better :)



Unfortunately I dont have the table style for this template, but you can contact me from my profile page, give me your url and ftp access and I will try to give you the style for table

Hi, I sent you a message from your profile page a couple days ago, did you get it?

Let me know when you can send me the table and style … Everything else with your template works like a charm, absolutely the best one I used so far … I’m really happy I bought it :)


Hi again, I just got the table design you sent me and it’s great :)



Hey… I fount your template being used here: Looks nice.

Would you consider making this a wordpress theme?

Sorry, this is old theme and I’m not sure if TF will accept this one in wordpress version

The contact form doesn’t work, how can i fill my emaill address in the contact form ?

Contact me from my profile page and I’ll give you the php file for contact form. This theme only have html version so it didn’t wok

Can this template be easily used for a web hosting review website..Like a top 10 web host kind of site with reviews etc?

Explain a little for me, thanks..