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I really like this one, it would be GOLD if it came to WP

need to load cash on the account and get it, maybe if I code it to WP and send it back to you )))

so clean, bookmarked already

I love this template!! And only 12 USD ! I would have payed 60 ;-)


Good idea :) i don’t know anything about WP, maybe you can code it and we can make collaboration ;)


Thanks mabuc


Thanks for purchasing my template, you can pay another $48 to my paypal lol ;)

this template is awesomely clean and unique, I love how everything is smoothly progressing to the other.


Very Impressive. Worth much more than $12

Dude way to make a kick a55 template. Love it…...

Thanks for all your comments guys :)

I get an ‘undefined’ null or is not an object in IE7 ???

Hey how come you only have the home page working in the preview and not the other pages? They just as nice wouldn’t you want to show it?

In IE8 the site is giving a JS error. (‘undefined’ is null or not an object.) Great looking template though. Kudos.

@infuzed & @barboni:

I didn’t see error in my IE, I’ll check it again.


There are under Products drop down menu. I was write it in the introduction text :)

I found the problem, thanks for your information. I will update the file soon and let you know so you can re-download it.

If you already download the file and can’t wait the new file, you can fix it manually.

On index.html go to line 29, you’ll find:

$('#placetabs ul').tabs({ fx: { opacity: 'toggle' } });

Replace it with:

$('#menutabs').tabs({ fx: { opacity: 'toggle' } });


File updated, you can download it again if you found javascript error on IE :)

Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Looks great!

One thing though, the coda bubbletips on the frontpage? If you repeatedly hover over them the animation queues and then it just comes down over and over and over again….. Might wanna stop the queue before proceeding =)

$(this).stop().children(“div”;).animate({opacity: “show”, top: “-148”}, “slow”;);


Thanks Gyro, I’ll try that :D

Damn, this is the sexiest little html template I’ve ever seen. How much would it cost me to stop you selling this any further? :)

lol, if I stop sell this template, you an another 78 people already got this template, I’m not sure if another people have this template will be good for you ;)

The template rocks!! I’ve ported it into the concrete5 CMS . Well worth the money thanks :)

That’s great, thanks for purchasing this template :D