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Will there ever be a WordPress version of this beautifull template?

What font did you use for the Logo?

Lucida Sans

Hi. Please forgive my ignorance. Can the names of the subpages be changed? I love the design, but I’m not selling anything on the site.


Yes, you can edit all the template if you want

Does the PHP Contact Form only work when uploaded to a server?

Yes, you need to have the mail function for that work, so you must install it on the server or install a “virtual server” complete in you pc!

regards, Vidich Team

If I purchase this and have some questions are you still offering support on modification help?

Yes, you can contact us by mail!

This a great template. Thanks!

thank you

I purchased the template… I changed the navigation names at the top on each page, and now the orange rollover icon stays stuck on the “home” link

If i leave the nav. like it is, then it works fine… what could be causing this?


You must leave the the ” class=”active” ” in the hiperlink you want to have the “active” orange class..

for example


in the home section..

anyway, contact us by email and send us your code so we can see what’s happening!



Great template.

I’ve used it for a site but the accordion on the right of the slideshow isn’t working in a Safari, Chrome or Opera browser.

Is there something i’ve missed.



Please try default one.

I have tried it in all browsers right now and it’s works perfect.

If not please contact us by email, sendind your code so i can help you better.


I need to change the navigation and when I do some of them are longer than supplied so this makes the text larger and bumps down to 2 lines.

Any way to avoid this? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I figured out where to change the size of the nave bar in the CSS file :)

I need to remove the search option though and cannot find that. Can you help? Thanks again.

Hi! I just bought the template, very nice and clean, im just having a problem in the index, how can i do a link in the right JS sqare? beside the image banner?

Maybe i didnt explain my self so well, i want to do a link in the right square (js sqare) but when i try i just can make another button, thats not what i want, i just wanna have a link in the text. here is the link, maybe if you see it yo may understand better. ( in the right square in “looking for a job? ” there is a link but it doesnt work… )

If you can help me it will be great!


Great template. Is this wordpress or drupal compatible. Or is there another version?