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Where is the vector icon packs. The kit says it comes with 300 but I didn’t get file with icons in the download. :(

Nevermind, I found it in Muse when I chose the icon layer. Sorry!


I created a website with your template and when I do a web search only shows Clean Business | HOME | by Zacomic I would like to eliminate that, if that possible?

Please advice as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Yes, open your template in Adobe Muse, yo will look all the pages thumbs, and in the “footer” (Down) you will see one thumb this is the Master Page, open it!


My apologies about this I’m a little confused still.

I see that you guys are based in Honduras if you prefer spanish I also speak spanish and feel free to send me an email address so I can send you screen shoots of what I can see so you can better help me.

If you have an international phone number that I can contact you guys I can also make an international call.

I’m a bit desperate to solver this.

Thank you!

Hi Zacomic Sales, I am having the same problem removing Clean Business from a web search. Can you please post specific instructions?

Thanks, Paula at CryingBoy Media

If you want to Change the Name of the Navigator, you need to open the master page and change there the name.

Thanks for your quick reply. I had already done that but I think it needed some time to clear out of google because it took a few days. Looks great now. Thanks again.

Thank you for the Purchase!