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Clean work! more sales for this :)

Very nice! Can you also add Google+ icon?

Sure – you just have to edit the html and the css and you can add / change what ever you would like.

Thanks for the kind comments! :)


As always great work.

:) thanks man!


What about WP version?

it’s a resume not worth having a full CMS running a single page sorry – it’s basic clean html – edit your details / upload and done.


Well done. I like the fact you have a huge range of projects you do jonathan. Not just in and out word-press themes. Stuff like this makes the community in my opinion.

Many thanks for your comment – yeah we try and spread the love around the categories – makes life interesting ;)


Thanks for the great theme. Easy to modify. Clean. Worth the whole $8 :)

Thanks, Matthew

thanks for the kind comments! they really mean a lot! and thanks for the link! we love to follow up on these!

please don’t forget to rate the product – it really helps with sales!

thanks for your purchase!!


You are a production MONSTER Jonathan! Great work yet again bud!

haha me and the team bro.. me and the team.


Loving this clean design (as well as your others). 5 star rating!

Cheers, Phil

Hey Phil – many thanks for the purchase and rating and comment – btw gotta love your t-shirt designs bro.

Page / site looks awesome.


how can i add video the potfolio section?

use the video link as your a href url for your list items. for example instead of this <a href="img/portfolio_lightbox_img.png" title="Portfolio Item" class="prettyPhoto[portfolio]"><img src="img/portfolio_1.png" alt="Portfolio 1" width="295" height="174" /> </a>

you would swap out the img/portfolio_lightbox_img.png and place the url of the video.

hope that helps.



and it will embed the youtube video perfectly?

Depends if you want an image when clicked shows the video – that would be your href link – and that will display your video in the popup modal window lightbox – that’s the common way of doing things.

This doesn’t embed the video but rather displays it in the lightbox when an image (such as a still or icon etc) is clicked.

If you want to insert in to the portfolio itself, that would be another matter completely as the portfolio is setup as an image gallery with an on click to larger image displaying in the lightbox window – just depends how you want to do things but there are plenty of ways of doing things, just depends on your skill levels etc.



Simply excellent work, with a manual on everything, works perfectly.

Awesome news – glad you are enjoying it – please don’t forget to rate on your downloads page ;)


I would be interested in a Wordpress option, I know its just a resume but it would be great to have a blog that mirrors the look and feel of it.

Great work! :)

:) Thanks – we’ll keep it in mind for future development!

So I was using a wordpress amazon machine image before, but this won’t work with that. Any idea what sort of AMI I can use to get this hosted?

This is a standard HTML page – any hosting account that handles HTML .

Hope that helps.


Excuse my ignorance :)

Can I use this with my wordpress theme?

Hi and thanks for the question but unfortunately not really as it’s pure html. There are ways of doing it but in all honesty if that is what you want to do it’s really not the correct solution for you.

Hope that helps


Hi There, installed this yesterday and made quite a few changes to it All seems to be fine apart from the Skills animation when run in IE9 . It works fine in Firefox and Chrome but just wont animate in Microsoft’s poor effort of a browser! Any ideas??

Hi and thank you for your purchase. IE9 does not support CSS3 transitions, if you look at our live preview in IE you can see we don’t get the animation either.

Hope this helps.


OK, thanks for the speedy reply! Just one more question, I want to condense the template down and to make the page shorter. How do I reduce the gaps (See this screen cap for example)

Many thanks, Lee

No problem, please make sure in the future to use the contact form on the profile page for support, however, saying that – you would need to open main.css and adjust the .full_width class – there is a padding-top of 15px however, that will affect all your sections, so you main want to give that particular template a different class name and using negative margin-top adjust it so it’s placed exactly where you want it.

Hope that helps!



Hi Jonathan,

Looks great, and I’ll pick this up tomorrow. One quick question.

In your other resume theme, “the resume,” you have a very cool feature: Animated Testimonials. Which (because there’s no live demo) I assume is one testimonial fades out as the next one fades in, at some predetermined time.

Any plans to include Animated Testimonials in the next update of the clean bus resume?

Or better yet, is there a way to do Animated Testimonials now with this theme?

Thanks and best of luck!


Hi Carl and thanks for the question, unfortunately we will not be adding in an animated testimonial in this resume template – however there are free scripts available on the internet you could use to customize the template and include one in for yourself.



Can i see an exemple of the CV as pdf when downloaded

Hi – we don’t provide a PDF you simply link to a PDF of your resume. Many thanks


Hey mate,

Awesome work, I’ve been using this for sometime, always trying to expand on it! I love the fact that it’s simple. I love word-press, but sometimes it’s just nice to get into the code a little and play around and try new things out!

Definitely has helped out set apart myself from my competitors, since I have a resume site that a personality touch, so they really do get to know me instead of all the fancy stuff we put in resumes!

Thanks again man, keep up all your awesome productions!


That’s awesome and I’m very grateful you took the time to comment and let me know! :)



I have finished editing my Photoshop file. Since I am not any good with writing code. Even though I am sure its easier than I’m making it out to be; I have a website I have created using And I am trying to add this to my “Resume” page. Every time I add it looks bad resolution wise. I was wondering what I should do to make this fit onto the page.

Any help you can be would be most appreciated,

I’m a little confused Zack as I think we have a disconnect here – All I see is an image on the page, looks fine? If you have further questions please use the link in the above comment for our support center – but right now you have an image of my product, displays fine…

I would rather not sign up for the support center. I just want to know how I can make the .jpg linked to the resume page larger. What image size settings would work in this case? I am also confused.

I’m confused also as it seems this would be a question for your people? I’m not sure I can really help to be honest as the resume HTML is meant to be hosted on your own server and the html edited by yourself to input your details. You are asking me how to insert and link an image on account – I think you should contact them possibly.

I’m tempted to buy your theme, just because your gibberish text made me chuckle. :)

hahaha we try to add in lots of things like this in all of our items – thanks for noticing and I’m happy it made you chuckle (that’s the idea!)


It worked. You have a new stalker—er, um… I mean follower. :)