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nice website keep the good works :)

If I purchase and get the .psd, how easy would it be to turn that green into blue?

It wouldn’t be too bad, aside from a few color changes in the CSS file for the top menu color and heading 1 tags, I believe the only images using the green are the “more / less” button, the small triangle bulleted list, and the promo area backgrounds, which are editable shapes in photoshop, some with a gradient overlay which can be edited as well.

I can do a custom color very reasonably if you would like also, just let me know!

It looks great!

I would add some minor changes myself, so I also wonder how easy, or hard this would be.

Main concerns would be: - putting the text on the left, and the image right (has something to do with eyetracking).

- adding or subtracting links on the tab menu

- editing the blog. Is that easy? can you add an archive or something?

The site looks very straight forward and slick. This could well be a basis for many, many designs! :)

Thanks dekraan,

Swapping the promo image and text on the home page would be pretty simple, they’re each in their own container so you would have to change some HTML and CSS , changing a margin to space the two elements apart properly.

The tab menu is a simple unordered list so it’s easy to change. If you go with more items with longer names, you may have to reduce the font-size in the css file.

The blog is just a static page so editing it would be basic HTML editing, it is just an example of what someone could do down the line.

As always, if you need help customizing, setting up or custom add-ons to this site, please contact me.

@ cudazi:

thought swapping the promoimage and text wouldn’t give (even a beginner like me, who can barely use html and CSS ) much problems. If I’d choose this one, I think I would go for the shift and lose the white background.

Pherhaps reducing the font could be usefull throughout the site, to give it some more breathingspace, but I’d have to wait and see :-)

Do you think adding a weblog that resembles the one you have is an easy, or a hard task?

dekraan – I sent you an email – thanks!

Hey I like this!..:)

I love the simplicity of the design and i am considering purchasing it. Can pages be easily added or subtracted?

@kauaidaze – yes, you can just copy & rename any of the existing pages that comes with the download, then just edit the menu (an unordered list

    ) if you would like it to appear there. Any other questions, just email me through my profile page, thanks!

Aloha cudazi, I have purchased it and it is so easy to use! I have already uploaded my own “promo pix” and have added my logo. Your css is also simple and easy to use. Great job!! If I do have any other questions, I will contact you as you requested. Many thanks!!


Thank you for those kind words, I’m glad you like it and it fits your needs!

Well I have spent some time working with the files and so far they are very straight forward and easy to use. Psd was well organized and appropriately labeled. Well worth the investment.

Thank you blue_drgn, I appreciate the comments!

Can you customize this template to use the color scheme and side categories shown here: http://www.train-ee.com/

I am willing to pay extra for the customizations.

Thanks, Deep

Shoot me a message through my profile page please, thanks!

Hi Curt, me again buying another of your themes :) I’m uploading only the “site” folder, but it’s not working—I can’t find a style.css anywhere in the docs either. What am I missing? Thx!

Hey there!

This one is a site template not a WordPress theme, is that what you mean by not working?

Otherwise, the css is in a css folder called screen.css.


Oops, totally missed that :( Does it explain it, thanks.