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Hey Cudazi,

I really like this design. Currently all the promos are images. How can I make one of the promos HTML so I can have a icontact sign up form on it?

Hope you can help.


Hey jeskel,

Just drop your HTML inside a promo-item tag:

The first (default) one that shows when the page load is like this:

Any further questions, just shoot me a message through my profile page, thanks!

Thanks, Cudazi,

I am new to code so I always have questions but thats what I though I should do!

Thanks again! love the jQuery features!


I was wondering if you would be able to code a table.sql for this once i have created the site after purchase?

I am struggling to find anyone who can help me create a working search box without having to use the free google one as that does’t seem professional

I love the look of this template but for what i would be using it for i would definately need a working search box as there would be a lot of products going on the site

Many Thanks


Hey Lee, send me a message through my profile page – thanks!

Love the layout and design, and it’s extremely clean code.

I’ve added some extra menu tabs on my design and had to lower the font size to have them show up, which is fine.

Here’s my problem…

All of my menu buttons will show up fine on Firefox, no problems.

On IE7 , all except for my last button will show up. I’ve even tried shortening the name of the category and it just won’t show up. Any fixes for IE7 ?

fixed it!

changed the header logo width.