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Any idea why the Email me form no longer works and part of the form shows at the bottom of the page now; no longer hidden? thank you

I wanted to take a look but see you have commented out the cod part. I’ll respond to your email and you can send me a .zip of the wbesite and i’ll try to sort it out for you.

Can you not download or print this CV from the page?

You can print it from the browser menu option. Did you expect to have a button in your page to do this?

Your Portfolio does not work very well in Chrome. The pictures sometimes not in the right place / overlap itself.

Ok, I made the fix and sent the update but it may take 24 hours for it to be accepted. You can already see the change in the live preview of the item – just make sure to refresh your browser cache to get the latest version of the page.

I held my end of the deal, now I hope to held your and change the rating :)

OK thank you :-) i gave you 5 stars

Thank you very much!

Hi, I’ve just purchased this template. It looks great. Everytime I create a gallery in Portfolio it includes all the images in the portfolio. Where is the problem?

Is there a way to create different galleries with different images? I need my images sorted without mixing them.

Well it is a html template so you can edit it as you choose. You could skip using the portfolio filtering and just display portfolio items in the grid.

Ok, thanks.

I have 2 languages for my CV. Is there a button that I can switch different language page?



No there isn’t by default but it is a html template so you can add on easily.

Best regards, bitpub

Which HTML Template do I use then?

As in how do I upload the site


in 01.html-website folder select one of the index.html files and use that.

best regards, bitpub

I bought it. Looks good. Also found elements.html but the accordion and toggles don’t work. can’t find anything in documentation about it either. Bart


I took a look. the problem is that a script is not properly linked on just that page and it break javascript. it should work if you copy the code on the main page. I will fix this with an update.

Thanks, I took the last part starting with <!- /// jQuery //////// -> from the index.html and replaced this part in elements.html It now works! Bart

Hi there,

I can’t install the this theme. please help! here is the message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


This is a HTML template NOT an WordPress on so you cannot install it to WordPress. I don’t know where the confusion came from.

Best regards, bitpub

thanks for your reply. do you have any post on how to install the theme? I am not a developer but just want to upload my CV on my website. thanks!


If you are a beginner with HTML and CSS you need to read some tutorials on how to edit a website and how tp upload a website through FTP. I repeat, you cannot install HTML templates.

Best regards, Bitpub


I’ve been using the template for a bit now and really like it – nice job! My only question is how can you align the bullet text (or wraps the second line text) so it’s inline with the line above?


You have to edit the css and add a padding left to the UL LI items.

Thanks. Do I add padding left in addition to the current, or do I need to remove any of the current structure? I see the UL LI items, just not sure where to add it.

Hi! Bought the template recently and so far so good. But the pdf download button isn’t working. Any suggestions?

You have to create a pdf and then add the link to it in the download buttons HREF attribute

It seems like the accordions and toggles from elements.html still aren’t working. the call to jQuery is at the bottom of the file so I’m unsure of what’s going on.


I made the changes but didn’t get to update the item. I though i did. I will update it today. Thank you for letting me know.

Thanks for letting me know once it’s done.

Hi! Is this theme localization ready?

Thank you for your answer.

This is a HTML5 template and not a WordPress theme.

Hi, I’m new on the web thing. Do you have any tutorial? like how to insert my information, etc…



If you unzip the archive you received upon purchase you will see it comes with a documentation. That is a good place to start.


Firstly, thank you for such as clean, easy to use, but yet simple CV template, I have been on the hunt for something for ages and fully satisfied with this purchase, but I have a question.

Please can you assist me with the code to move the contact form icon to the location of print CV and download as PDF as it would look nicer and easier to use in my opinion.

Thanks in advance!

Hi. What is causing this issue?

A meta element with an http-equiv attribute whose value is X-UA-Compatible must have a content attribute with the value IE=edge. …a http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge,chrome=1,requiresActiveX=true”>

That line of code generates a validation error but that doesn’t affect the page in any way. What it does is tell internet explorer 10 if it is in metro mode ( win 8 ) to ask to go in desktop mode so it has plugin support. If you do not need it you can delete it.

For the other question please send it through the item support page along with an url to the actual site, it is more easier for me to help you if i can see it.

Hi sir, Please, If i have a WordPress site, Can i add your template and use it ? and How , please ?

This is a HTML template so you cannot use it with WordPress.

Hi there, great template. I have a query about printing however… When I print this out it looks ghastly – nothing like what is displayed on the web page. How would I go about printing this exactly as it is displayed on the webpage? Thanks


You can set up a stylesheet and just hide the elements you don’t want to show:

Best regards, bitpub

Hi there, When I upload the html-website file, wordpress tells me it misses the style.css stylesheet. Is it correct that I only make a .zip file of the html file? Or should I use the old version first? Thanks


You have bought a HTML template. HTML templates cannot be installed to WordPress!

Hi there,

The contact form is not working on my website The issue is that the server is not supporting the mail () PHP function. Can you please modify the contact form do not use the mail PHP function.

Appreciated in advance, Mihail


I am sorry, I am not a backened guy, Using php mail is the only way i know how to do it.

Hi, do you have the new resume pages and letter on indesign format (bonus items)? It’s been a pain and a half (I’m not advanced at all.. )to try to use the photoshop formats included. I would greatly appreciate it!


I unfortunately do not have such sources.

Hello, I thinking to buy the template for my cv, I have a question: Is it easy to translate the template?


this is NOT a WordPress theme. this is a html template, you edit the source code directly and can write any language you want.

ok, great :)