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Very nice, elegant styling. There a LOT of quite poor resume templates posted here in the last few weeks – this is more like it!

Best of luck with it…

I agree with sticker. This is probably my favorite resume template on ThemeForest at the moment. I’ll be purchasing it soon. ;)

Thanks for the comments guys. I appreciate it! :)

Love it ‘nice clean and crisp work ’ ive been waiting for someone on here to come up with a perfect solution for a cv ’ this is great work A1

I’m glad you like the template. Thank for for the purchase and taking the time to write this comment. Much appreciated! :)

Absolutely love this template! :) Now in use at:

Thank you!

What you done with it looks very good. Also quite a impressive resume! Thanks for the comment :)

Hey bitpuc, question for you—i was looking the source code of the contact form becuase I’m hesitant to buy templates with contact forms becuase for some reasno i can never get them to work—where would I add my email to get the contact form to email me? Do i just type it in in the php or something?


In the download the form script is send.php found in _layout/php

It starts like:

/////////// Add your own email below //////////////// define("WEBMASTER_EMAIL", '');

You just replace with your address and it works for the current form in index.html

Hi Bitpub,

I replaced the emailadress but get the following error:

’; // Check email if(!$email || $email == “Email*”) $error .= ‘Please enter an e-mail address. ’; if($email && !ValidateEmail($email)) $error .= ‘Please enter a valid e-mail address. ’; // Check message if(!$message) $error .= “Please enter your message. ”; if(!$error) { $mail = mail(WEBMASTER_EMAIL, $subject, $message, “From: ”.$name.” <”.$email.”>\r\n” .”Reply-To: ”.$email.”\r\n” .”X-Mailer: PHP /” . phpversion()); if($mail) echo ‘OK’; } else echo ‘ ’.$error.’ ’; } ?>

Where did it go wrong? Thnx.



That is NOT an error. send.php is a script so it needs to be executed. If the enviroment you are testing it in does not have PHP functional the ajax function responsible from bringing back the result from the execution of send.php will receive it’s source code instead of the result.

My guess is that you tried it locally and do not have a apache + php instalation locally.

Copy it on your server and you will see that it works ( if it has PHP , but which hosts don’t nowadays :) ).


Hi, thanks for the great template!

I’d like to change the colour of the yellow bar. What is the easiest way to do this?



Hello. Thanks for purchasing the template!

To change the colors go into screen-style.css and in #cv{ background-color:#FFF; border-bottom:15px solid #FDB020; border-top:15px solid #FDB020; } modify #FDB020 with the other color you want, in hexa format.

I would like to buy this template. But im looking for a way to embed one video file. Can it be done and if so how ? I will buy it on the spot …

Hello. Thanks for the interest in the template.

A video can easily be embedded either on the page directly or by making it open on click of a link in a pop-up fashion, using the already added lightbox script.

After you buy it ( if you decide to :) ) just send me an email through the form on my user page and I’ll assist you to make the changes needed to get the video embedded asap.

This template is great.

I was wondering if you could make an html email template based on the letter design.


Hello. Thanks for the purchase!

Contact me through the form on my profile page and i’ll certainly help you get the letter coded :)

Wondering if there is a way to add another bar like the Email me button. That will allow there to be a PDF version of the resume downloaded? Or something else on the page that would allow this functionality. – what are your thoughts on that?

You can easily add another bar such as the email me one. Just create a link and then duplicate the css of the current bar for the new one, change top and left positioning so they do not overlap and you are done!

Another approach is to replace one of the social media icons with a download icon and make it link to a pdf.

If you decide to buy contact me through the form on my user page and I’ll be more then happy to assist you with any of these.

How do you remove the picture and keep formatting correct??


Thanks for the purchase! I’ll send you an email with the solution now.

I sent the email.

For other people asking the same question – removing the image is as simple as deleting 3 lines of code:

<a class="lightbox-movie" rel="video" href="example-movie.html" title="description item 2" > <img src="_content/100x100-placeholder.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="john smith" /> </a>

Also, since only the image uses the lightbox script you can delete the references to it in the < head > section of the page to speed up load times even more.

Great template. Source is very well documented. Using it for client at

Thanks for the purchase! Glad you like it :)

Hello, it is possible to do with two language – for example in english and german and switch between this ?

Of course. You just add the texts in english then save the file under a different name and change the texts to be in german.

Switching between the two languages can be done for example by replacing two of the icons intended to be social media icons with two flags each linking to the appropriate html file.

I am also interested in having two version of my resume, but is it possible (and easy) to add a flag on the left side below “email me” (in order to be visible even if we scroll down) ?

Thanks for your lovely vita !

Yes it is. Just contact me through the form on my contact page after you purchase ( if you decide too :) ) and I’ll be more then happy to make this adjustment for you.

Thank you for your answer. Just another newbe question : how am i suppose to change the lorem ipsum to my info ? Can I use a software such as iweb ? (i’m on a mac)

I use a PC so I don’t know what Iweb can do.

Any html editor will do. To replace the text lore ipsum you have to delete it from between the html tags and write your own. Pretty basic.

Hi there,

I just purchased a regular license of this great CV template. My wife and I are planing to use the same template for our two CVs linked from a small vcard you made as well and I just purchased as well (“Introducto – Personal Website / V Card Template”).

My question now is if we are allowed to use the CV template for two CVs (my wife’s and mine) on the same homepage/vcard or do we need to purchase a second license of the CV template in this case?

Could you please convert the Adobe InDesign files into a format I can open and edit with Inkscape or Gimp? That would really help me in providing and mailing my CV as PDF …

Thanks and best, Lars.

Hello. Thanks for the purchase.

The Regular License you bought allows usage of the template on one website, so if both CV’s are on the same domain there shouldn’t be a problem. ( )

If not than please consider purchasing another license :)

I am definitely willing to help and convert the Indesign to something you can use. I kindly ask you to contact me through the form on my profile page so I have a email where to send this converted files to as I have no way of contacting you through your profile page.


Thanks for the very fast answer, what a service… :) It will be the same domain of course, so thanks for granting a “double” use of the template.

I’ll drop you a message via your profile in a minute…


Thanks for template – its easy and great – look here

Like what you done with it :) Thanks for the purchase!

It’s great!

Glad you like it :) Thanks for the purchase!

hello, can you help me with this please. i am getting the error below when i press the send button:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /nfs/c01/h09/mnt/1234/domains/******.com/html/_layout/php/send.php  on line 3

Hello. Thanks for the purchase!

That is odd – in the send.php that comes with the template line 3 is just a comment.

Do you have php available and did you change the file in any other way except modifying the address? Send me a message through the form on my profile page and I’ll help you get to the bottom of this :)