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i found a website dedicated to this error lol

Yes I have php on my server, i tried php4 and php5 and got the same eror. I have about 3 other contact forms on my server which use php and they work fine, so I am surprised i am getting the error.

I checked the syntax according to the website above and there’re no ; {} ”” missing.

oh i found out why, the first time i save the php file i have to choose save as and select Roman encoding otherwise it will save it as something else. Now it works :) thanks.

Glad to hear you got things sorted out :)

So it was you re saving it with roman encoding causing the problem and not the file included in the download causing the problem. It is working as it should.

yeah the file in the package is fine. when i change the email and save it i should save as, if i just save it automatically chooses a different encoding. thanks.


I am trying to ad an background image but can´t get it to work.

I added the image bg.jpg to the folder images and then modified the screen-style.css

body{ color:#333; font:12px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height:22px; background: #fff url(_layout/images/bg.jpg) repeat fixed center top; }

but it will still only display the background colour and not the image.

Can you see any errors in my approach or in the code?

Best regards, InformationDesigner


The “fixed” in the background might be the problem. And, since you are making it repeat you should align it top left. Something like:

background: #fff url(_layout/images/bg.jpg) repeat top left;


I am about to purchase, and please excuse my ignorance. What I don’t know is how to actually publish into my own website-blog. My lack of knowledge seems to be in the “Text Editor” side of it. I think I don’t have one. Are there free ones? And once I do get it, what do i do next?, it seems I need to publish through FTP . Also what are the options for FTP . Thanks in advance.

Hello. Thank you for the interest in the template.

The actual html file can be edited with pretty much anything – something as simple as Notepad for PC – so you have a editor available on any operatin system by default.

You have to have a minimal knowledge of html to edit the file but it is not really hard – you have to multiply some cv sections with copy-paste and then change the dummy text with your own.

Once you finished, using ftp, upload all the files on your server. I use total comander for ftp but a quick search on google will reveal other ftp programs. Once you give it the login data – host / user / password – and you get logged on copying the files on the server is just like a local copy from a folder to another.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Bitpub. What do you mean when you say “you have to multiply some cv sections with copy-paste” ?

It refers to the style of coding – to make it super intuitive to edit, using some div’s and class names, I created a system in which each part of the CV ( Education, Technical Skills etc ) is wrapped in a cv-section. And the section has a name and some items .

What I was referring to with the copy paste was that if you want more sections (for example to display a portfolio) you will have to multiply this basic structure and then add the extra text in there.

I hope that this explanation didn’t make it sound more complicated then it is – it is really is easy! Plus, if you don’t figure it out, after you buy it, you can contact me using the form on my user page and I’ll give you an extra hand with setting it up :)

Bitpub, already bought it.

Also downloaded Komodo (free html editor) to edit it (good combination?).

Already took a look at it, and all the support material seems very complete. Also nice to have all the social media icons. It doesn’t look like something to complicated.

I’ll keep you posted.

I just checked the live preview and really liked it! But when I turn of Javascript in my browser it just displays the gray background. Any solution for this?


The preview has some encryption applied to it for security reasons and the encryption needs javascript to work.

Rest assured that the version in the download .zip works, will degrade gracefully and is still usable even if javascript is turned off.


I am having a problem how to put print on fancybox 1.3.1 with this template?¿ Also is it posible to print all in PDF format?¿.

Many thanks in advance for your replay.

Best regards Julio Verissimo

I understand what you are referring to now.

I would be more then happy to extend the functionality of the lightbox by adding this feature in, for you.

Would you be so kind and send me an email through the form on my user page so I can have an email adress where to send a .zip file with the modifications.


I just sent my email from the form you just give me.

Many thanks in advance

Best regards Julio Verissimo

I sent you back a .zip with the Print option for the lightbox content added.


DMT Purchased

Hey, I just wanted to say that you have a great file! It’s designed very well, and was super easy to use!

The only thing that I would suggest is that you organize your Photoshop layers a bit. :)

Could someone tell me fast which fonts are used in the Indd.-files. Because i used it with the trial-version and now its over! And now i want to copy the layout on “pages” its like word for mac. But i cant find out what fonts are used. Please. And offcourse i bought this item!! :)


The help.txt file for the .indd files mentioned what fonts are used:

  1. Aller:
  2. Scriptina:
  3. Arial: standard font

Hi i love the design, just a quick question for you did you ever think of doing a wordpress version of the CV, this would be a killer!!! :) I would definatly but it, the reason i ask is i have got alot of people who want to use a CV that is online that havent a clue about web design so they cant set it up and thats where my idea comes in, having a wp version taking the stress out of setting a cv up online,

Hope you agree,


The thought crossed my mind and as a matter of fact I am now working on a new much improved cv / portfolio template that I will consider building a WP for.

Broken? I have this error with panel admin “The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template Name Description Clean CV Stylesheet is missing” Can you help me? s

There is no problem. You are misusing the purchased item. You have purchased a simple Html/Css template and you are trying to install it as a Wordpress Template (I presume by your mention of an admin panel). You have to edit it locally and then upload it in the root of your website using a FTP program.

Thank you. s

After uploading the files and googling my domain name, at the top of the list is the CV / RESUME Template (bitpublimedia website)!!!

I find this extremely annoying and cheeky. I’ve looked through all of the code and can’t find anything that would cause this (apart from some annoying hidden code perhaps). Obviously, I’ve changed the ”...add description here…” section. Please explain how to get rid of this invasion :)

PS – The website also takes way too long to download (other websites from the same server upload much faster and yet are much larger too).

If the above can be sorted then it’s 5/5 from me.

To be able to give you clear answers I need more info from you. Please contact me through the form on my user page ( ) so we can exchange info. Thank you!

Hello Bitpub,

I would like to purchasthis your work, but I would like to know if this template support Cyrillic characters in any part of it?




You will have to update the font used with cufon font replacement to include Cyrillic characters ( 2 minute job, I can send instructions if needed, contact me through the form on my user page after purchase ) but other than that I don’t see any reason not to work…

OK, I bought it! So, can you cand me please your instructions regarding cufon font for Cyrillisc? I’m actually know how to make it, the only reason why I’m asking you for instructions is not mixed up the headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.). Please send it to

Thanks in advance!



Email sent :)

Very nice template and great documentation included.

Thank you for the purchase and the comment :)!

very nice stuff :)


I am on the cusp of purchasing but I have a question.

I would like to use this for my resume hosted on my wordpress based website, do you have instructions for this?

Thanks in advance.

This is a basic HTML / Css template. You can NOT install it as a WordPress template as it is NOT a wordpress template.

If you decide to buy and use it you will have to edit the pages in a html editor and then upload the files on your server using FTP .

This template does not work in IE9 !!!!! (check the official envato example, and loading times at first viewing) and it takes horrendously long to download in all browsers :| What on earth is it doing at the start that takes over 10 seconds to initialise anything\\?!?

Please look into this urgently. The issues above are not specific to my site, it’s the same thing on the envato website because it’s the files that cause these problems.

Hopefully there is a quick fix for both problems.


The size of the .js file that contains the font used by cufon can be reduced if you decide not to include all available characters – you can regenerate it here : .

All you need to do is update jQuery to 1.5.x and to update the cufon script to the latest version and everything runs fine.

I’ll do that and update the item. Thanks for the heads up.