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Just a heads up for anyone interested:

The Aller font isn’t compatible with IE9 and it takes freaking ages to load because it’s over 0.5MB (due to encryption). Getting rid of it will half the size of your site.

The size of the .js file that contains the font used by cufon can be reduced if you decide not to include all available characters – you can regenerate it here : .

All you need to do is update jQuery to 1.5.x and to update the cufon script to the latest version and everything runs fine.

Anyone else having a problem with IE9 ? None of the titles show up (Professional Profile, Work Experience, etc). I’m thinking that IE9 doesn’t like Cufon??

The cufon script needs to be updated to the latest version and cufon will work just fine with IE9 . I’m making an item update to fix this but in the mean time you can download the script directly from here and repalce the old one:


Are these wordpress resumes or are they static designed websites ?


They are simple html / css pages.

“The cufon script needs to be updated to the latest version and cufon will work just fine with IE9 . I’m making an item update to fix this but in the mean time you can download the script directly from here and repalce the old one:" rel="nofollow"

Trying to get it to work on IE9 .. which file is it I should change? I cant understand which file to dowbnload, where is cufon.js located?


The item has been updated and this small bug fixed. The simplest way to go about it is to redownload it and just copy paste the file cufon-yui.js from _layout/js/ in what you have now.

Hey there, I may be purchasing this template soon, and was wondering if I printed this would it turn out the exact same way, obviously without the contact parts, as I previously purchased a different CV template, which wasn’t able to print, and as I hate CSS , I wasn’t able to convert it myself. If it is, I’ll be assured to purchase the template.

You can check out the Print Preview in Firefox for example to see how it prints out.

Yeh, just as I thought, it didn’t work. Hmm, I did just notice the bonus files, and I’m guessing they will let me print them out right?

They are adobe indesign files. You can edit and print them.

hi there,

just bought your template. big fan.

one question: my web host doesn’t offer me PHP as part of my cheap hosting bundle, but does offer server side includes and seems to support cgi (I’m basing this on the fact that there’s a cgi-bin folder on my FTP ).

As such, your php-based email form doesn’t work.

Can you possibly help me convert your email form to one that is cgi based?


I don’t have experience doing that, sorry I can’t help you.

no problem – looks like i will have to pay for php support!

Hi, I was just testing the look of the theme after i purchased, however, its not showing as it should as u can see at the link below:

[url removed]

Can you tell me what i am doing wrong? I uploaded the html file via filezilla to my server.

cheers dal

You haven’t uploaded all files. stylesheets are missing for example.

Hello, I’am french and I need to have this ’ and é in my CV …. Can you say me how to insert this in the template ? Thanks

I do not understand the question. Arte you inserting them and they are not showing?

yes, this is my problem

Since you didn’t replay to the initial discussion and I’m viewing messages through the author dashboard I can’t tell what you are talking about.


I have one problem with this template which is when anyone sends an email to me using “Email Me” his email goes to junk, how can I edit the code to make sure all emails will go to the inbox not junk.


It depends on your email inbox spam filter. You can’t do anything to the email script as far as I know. Just mark the emails not spam and it should learn.


Hi, I purchased this template a few days go.. I’m rearranging the categories some to fit my brother’s needs.. I’m realizing that when I do his, it doesn’t give me a horizontal line as a divider. Can you please assist?

Thank you,


You are probably not copying all the code needed. Can you contact me through the form on my user page and send me a link to your version.

If you want indented bullet points simply go into screen-style.css and change:
.item ul{ padding:0 0 15px;}


.item ul{ padding:0 0 15px 1em; text-indent: -1em;}

For the Email Me for to work, where “exactly” do I put my email address in the index.html file?

You have to add the adress in send.php in _layout/php

Just wanted to say, I recently got a new job, and after my new boss commented on how good my CV looked, I was using this design, Thanks Alot!

Thank you for taking the time to share this, it made my day :)

Hi I love you site and I bought it today. I am having an issue with the form. I know exactly what part of the send.php file to change ( I used my gmail account) and I am running my site on 1and1 personal hosting (linux) and yet it is still not working any ideas?


Fixed! I created an email using my domain name and forward it to my email.

I purchased this the other day and love the design of it, but I don’t own a copy of InDesign and I would like to use the letter as well. I saw from an earlier comment that someone else had this same problem, do you have a HTML version of the letter that you could send to me?

No i have not. The indesign files where only bonuses.

That’s fine, I figured out how to change the CV into the letter format pretty quickly.

Imagine someone buying the template, without experience in html. Thinking that will be a quick work in word, for instance. Well, I am this one. Now I have a template that I can’t use. Very disappointing !

Well this is at core a HTML template, the other stuff included in the package is just a bonus. You won’t find in the SITE TEMPLATE category any item you can work with without knowing at least a bit of html and css. How can I be of assistance.

I have purchased your template but when i try to install it it says that the style.css is missing.

It is a HTML template, NOT a WordPress theme So that is why you cannot install it.

So how do I install or use it?

You have to edit it in a html editor and upload it through ftp to your server. You need a little bit of experience with html and css to do this. Also, read the documentation, it helps.


This template is also available in Microsoft Word?

Thnaks in advance

No, it is not