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Is this template suitable for use with PHPList please?

Hi deltatech,

Thanks for your interest in Clean Mail. Yes, it can be sent with PHPList but PHPList has one issue: it spoils conditional comments for Outlook so to use Clean Mail there you will just need to remove couple lines of code (it will make template displayed in Outlook without background pattern just with the solid color instead).

If you decide to purchase this template feel free to contact me afterwards via my profile contact form so I can tell you which lines exactly you should remove.


Hi, can we use this email template in Mailchimp?

Hi, I was able to add it to Mailchimp but when previewing in mobile browser, it is cut off – is this a responsive template? It doesn’t seem to be mobile friendly.

Hi LianaL,

Thanks for purchasing Clean Mail. This template is not responsive, but mobile friendly, for example (a bit technical stuff!) iPhone would increase font size of text, this could break the layout whenever a small height/width needed for containers holding spacer divider images, the template deal with it by preventing webkit browsers from making this auto re-size so the layout never breaks.

Since it’s not responsive email the email scaling/resizing is done by the email client/device, if you view it on iPhone it would be scaled to your screen dimensions and you can zoom it.


How do you get the editor to work Constant Contact. I added the code and that is all I see Code. The Advance editor does not see to be working.

Hi whereismykit,

Thanks for purchasing Clean Mail, Constant Contact allows importing HTML templates only by using the advanced editor (which is a code editor) so you need to edit the template first in any WYSIWYG editor (such as Microsoft Expression Web, Dreamweaver, etc…) before importing it into Constant Contact.


Ah well crap. I don’t expect the client to do that for a monthly newsletter.

That’s the only way Constant Contact allows importing any HTML templates, no other workaround that I’m aware of, maybe you want to contact their support if they provide any other solution.


Pre sale question…how easy are these to integrate with MailChimp? I want my client to be able to edit the content once I import your templates.

Cheers, JC

Hi cyrjm,

Thanks for your interest in Clean Mail. Once you follow the help documentation to import the template into Mailchimp your client should be able to edit all text, pictures, links, etc… in Mailchimp, but if the client will want to add new content (change the layout) this will need to be done in the code tab, not in the visual editor, should be easy to do it since the template is well commented showing the start and end of each content.


Hey, i wanna know if i can use my own font which my company uses and import it as @font-face?

Hi mslichtblick,

Thanks for your interest in Clean Mail, yes you can use your own font via @font-face (you will need to host it on your website), if an email client doesn’t support font-face then it will display the second specified font in the font-family, for a list of email clients that support @font-face please click here.


This is coded with inline css correct? Looking to buy today, need an answer asap!


Hi jamrod,

Thanks for your interest in Clean Mail, yes the template is coded with inline css.


Hi, can we use this email template in MyMail wordpress Plug-in ? I wanna purchase but I need to know if it will work with the plugin or not.

Thank you

Hi gouchti,

Thanks for your interest in Clean Mail. Unfortunately our templates are not compatible with that plugin since that plugin requires some specific code.


I just purchased this product, specifically as it clearly stated it was compatible with Vertical Response. However, a few issues are:
  1. PNG Images:  In Vertical Response, it seems you can’t upload PNG based images to the Vertical Response library.
  2. Text Versions: When I tested one of the email newsletters by clicking on “Text” (if people don’t want to look at the graphic version), the text version will display the full links of the social media sharing links. This looks really bad.  Isn’t it supposed to NOT display those links if the Text version of the email is displayed?
  3. Instructions:  What’s the best way to get the email newsletters to be uploaded in Vertical Response?  As I already mentioned the issue with the images, & basically, I”m having issues displaying the layout correctly when I cut & paste the HTML code in the Vertical Response editor.

Hi Eirlymeyer,

Thanks for purchasing Clean Mail, here are couple answers for your questions.

  1. PNG images have less sizes compared to gif and better quality to jpg, if you wish to use them you need to host the images on your site and update images absolute path to read from your site, here is how to do it assuming you have uploaded the images folder to your website: Open the layout using any text editor and search and replace all images/ to the the location of images folder on your website, for example http://yourwebsite/newsletter1/images/ , that can be done quickly if the editor you are using has “find and replace” function, for example in Windows Notepad just press Ctrl + H to open the “find and replace” window.
    If you wish to upload the images to Vertical Response library you can export them from elements PSD file in gif or jpg format.
  2. Vertical Response auto create the text version when “Generate Text Version Automatically” is selected, after you make all needed edits in HTML tab switch to the text tab and deselect “Generate Text Version Automatically”, you will be able to edit the text as you wish, you can also insert a custom text version.
  3. I assume that first you have edited the HTML in any text or WYSIWYG editor, then in Vertical Response just choose “Freeform HTML” and paste all the HTML there, if the preview tab doesn’t render the newsletter correctly you can send a test preview email to see it looks like, Vertical Response doesn’t provide any other method to insert or create custom newsletters.

If you need any other help feel free to contact me via my profile contact form.