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Is the theme in my account’s download section the latest version of this theme?

Correct, you can re-download at any time

Hey Cudazi,

I was trying to install an acordian plugin and also disqus comment system into Wordpress. Both seem to have a problem with Java.

Here is what it says when I activate disqus:

We were unable to load Disqus. For more information please see our documentation on identifier and urls. We encountered the following error(s): •Could not connect to URL : “” (error was ”<urlopen error timed out>”)

Any ideas…java script problem…


I don’t believe that would be a JavaScript issue, it seems like the server just timed out…

Thanks for the quick response.

How can I fix that?

No problem – I really don’t think the server timeout when setting that up is theme related, it would be best to test with the 2011 theme and see if it still occurs.

Hi there,

Another slight problem, the blog archives are listed by date and category on the sidebar using “archives” and “category” widgets. However when the the category links are used, there is a page not found error.

I looked for the achieve.php file in the theme to ensure it wasn’t blank and couldn’t find one.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Thank you.

Do you have a link I can take a look at? Archives can also be handled via index.php, you may want to set your permalinks to default and then back to your setting again to refresh everything. -C

Sorry to bother you.. its just that I am using Portfolio slideshow plugin which isnt centering.. I left them a comment to see if they could help me and they could to some degree… please see their comment in link below:

Also, it isnt just this page. Its every page that I post images on. I will center align them originally when I import them however when they show up on the page without a plugin.. just plain images.. they arent centered. See below example:

Please HELP !



The cycle plugin setup is loading in footer.php (lines 16 to 40), feel free to remove it if your customizations are conflicting – thanks!

I just purchased this and tried installing into Wordpress and it says install failed, missing css style sheet.

What’s up with this?

Or rather: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

See my reply below – thanks

Is there a quick way to align the sidebar on the right side of a page? I have Widget Logic so my sidebar is only on one page.

See link:

I would like the testimonial widget to be on the right.



Hey there – I’m not quite following you on the testimonial widget. Either way, check the code being output and you’ll see classes and ids specific to each widget you can then use in the CSS for your customizations – Thanks!



I will have limited access to internet for a few days between Feb 27th and Mar 2nd.

During that time, I’ll try my very best to answer any support questions but please be patient and I will get back to you.

As always, I provide free theme support, not free customization work.



Cudazi, have been working with your great theme for a while and went live yesterday, have been firefighting a few bugs and have somehow managed to see the whole site become left aligned. Haven’t been as scrupulous with tracking my changes so not sure what i’ve done!

URL is

Hey there – I got your email as well, can you reply with the account used to purchase the file please? Thanks!

Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

Hi Cudazi,

I need to remove the Meta descriptions on all post Date, Author, Category, Comments, Archive for the ‘XYZ’ Category

Thanks so much

You may just want to hide it via css, eg:

.postmeta, .postdate { display: none; }

Or similar, there’s no built in option to do so, you would otherwise need to edit the template directly for your customizations.

Is it possible to have just a single image or slideshow only on the Home page? Thanks,

I’m not positive how the slideshow will react with just a single image but it should be possible. If it gets weird, you can always add the image to the home page template directly too and avoid the slideshow script. Thanks!

Hi there!

I just purchased your theme. Very nice! Yet, I just went to install it and it says that it’s missing the ‘style.css sheet.’

Can you please help me? I actually need to have this website ready by tomorrow!

Thank you for your prompt attention! ~Lara

Please unzip the files on your computer and read the included documentation. You can’t upload the entire download to your web server – thanks!

Hi. Is there an easy way to add a [browse…] button / file uploader to the slideshow? I’d rather not have the end user have to figure out where their image lives. End users shouldn’t have to think about such things…..

Thanks! Really nice theme….

Not at this time, sorry but it could be modified, I can get you in touch with some folks if you’re interested. Just send me a message via my profile page.

Is there a tutorial on how to choose the category when you use the Custom Category template? I couldn’t find anything in the REad Me instructions about this. Thanks!

You should be able to find a note in the update txt files about setting a custom field of categories (exactly, no caps, plural) on that page and for a value, give it the category id or list of ids 12,33,22.

Hi there,

I am missing my theme settings button… It used to be on the bottom left of the menu on the the admin panel i think but no wi cant find it anymore.

The only thing i know that has changed was my webhost disabling the online editor for WP for security reasons. This was some time ago though.. .then again, I haven’t had any reason to change theme settings in a while.

Any ideas / solutions? Cheers!

Hey there! It’s hard to say what may be the issue if your web host is disabling features but I checked the function adding the edit page and it requires “edit_themes” as described here—

Yay, you got it in one go :) The edit_themes function was disabled in the config file. Thanx for the excellent and quick support!

Hi Cudazi,

Could you tell me how to configure a “single column page”. In the demo it says “set by using a custom field: columns with a value of 1”. How do you do that?

Hello, I’m a complete novice at this so forgive me. I cannot figure out how to remove your page heading displaying the Clean. Simple. Modern. template. I’m also having trouble figure out how to add my custom header with scrolling images. I would assume it would be under themes>custom header image, but it isn’t. Also, in the themes setting menus under general settings what does it mean to exclude from main menu and has a place for page IDs. Also, is there a way to having the recent comments, archives, etc. at the bottom of the page instead of on the right side. I have put larger images in the post, and it is covering up the image. Thanks for your time, and I appreciate your help.

Hey, I’ll reply to your email soon, thanks!

Hi there. Not sure if you’re still responding, but how do I hide the title of a page? I’ve tried a number of different code chunks suggested on the google, but none of them work. Thanks.

Done! Thank you. I wasn’t sure you’d respond, with the most recent question being 2 years old. Thanks!

If I may ask one more question … on my site – – the drop down menu under “Work” isn’t working correctly. Have I mucked up a setting? Thanks!

Not a problem for a fellow MSP area guy. It just looks like your menu/font is modified a bit, so I’d play with this line in style.css -> (Left is the original, right side is what seemed to work for your site)