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Hey Sparkle21 – Thanks for checking out my template – for the first part, yes – you can place whatever you would like there. I included the PSD if you want to keep the same look/feel or you could just drop in anything you would like.

As for the second part, the lightbox plugin I used is for images right now but there are plenty of modal box / slideshow / lightbox plugins for jquery. You can contact me through my profile or post a message in the forums to find some good recommendations. It would be easy to swap out.


Using it as my global homepage and portfolio page and blog splash. Very clean, slick design. Impressive! 5/5

In action:

Thanks Collin!

Can the colors be easily changed with the psd files? I really like this and would like it even more if it was flexible enough to have a dark theme applied.

Since the site is pretty minimal, it wouldn’t be a very big undertaking to swap the colors. The PSDs are included. You may have to re-save the icons you want to use since they were optimized for a light background. Contact me if you have any questions along the way!

Nice work cudazi.

One small question. I’ve set up one of the menu items as Blog and created a page with the blog template, as per instructions. However, when I post items they don’t appear there. What else do I need to do to get the posts to appear automatically? Is this possible?


Hey Andyaz, this is a HTML template, are you referring to my WP version of this site?

If so, all blog posts will appear on your blog page except when using the portfolio category you set in the “Smart Portfolio Settings” page in the WP admin area.


Is it possible or can you explain how to load different size/resolution images into the portfolio page.

Thx, love your work.

I’ve just about got everything customized on this and am preparing to upload, but I can’t get the email form to work. Whenever I try it, instead of going to the thanks.html screen it shows me the mail.php code in the following browser window. This is in Safari, but the same thing happens in Opera. Firefox asks to open the php file and opens it in text edit mode.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the great template, I was to lazy to code and design my own as I am busy with clientel work so I wend with this one as it is simple yet effective.

Here is my site using it with a couple of additions,

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

Even for being practically coding illiterate, I was able to get it up and running and ended up with t he look I wanted. Excellent template, thanks!

Great work, thank you for taking the time to share!

Hi, I’ve just bought, tried to install but it says in wordpress that the stylesheet is missing. What can I do? Thanks

Please be sure you have purchased the Wordpress version, this forum is for the HTML /Site Template version.

Yes, I got the wrong one. I want the wordpress and downloaded the html instead.

What can I do? :(

You can check with Envato support, authors don’t handle the sale side of things unfortunately. Thanks

Hi Cudazi !

Thanks for the theme. Really nice. I just have a question : on your demo site, the images appear in a lightbox. On the version I’ve installed, there is no lightbox plugin. Images appear in a white page, on the left corner … Can you tell me how activate this plugin or why it is not working right now ?

Thanks a lot.



Hello! The lightbox is built into the html/site template version but you should be able to use something like easy fancybox ( in the WordPress version.

Indeed, it’s working ! Thanks for the quick answer.

Do you know if it’s possible lauching the lightbox on the gallery page (like : and not on the next page where there is one single image (like :

Thanks again.

Excellent. The gallery link you’re referring to would require some modifications – send me a message via my profile if you’d like a quick quote for the update of the function and page template.