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Great sport template, glws. ;)

Peter Zickler.

Thanks, man.
Appreciate it :)

version html ?

I intend to do it, it will take a while though, because I’m working on a wordpress theme for a previous design of mine.

Thanks, man.

Good Work bro :)

Thanks, man.
Glad you liked it :)

nice work, sheko. good looking psd, good luck with sales.

Thanks, Ahmed

Nice, which is the font for logo?


when wordpress theme?

Working on it.
Stay toned :)

Love the look of this. I don’t have much experience using templates like this so forgive my ignorance. If I purchased this, would I be able to have a fully functional page like Screenshot 9 just by entering game data/content or would that require custom programming that isn’t included in the downloadable files? Thanks!

This is just a PSD file.
It means it needs to be coded to HTML /CSS site in order to work as a static website.
And then you need to convert it to a Wordpress theme in order to be a dynamic website.

I’m currently working on the HTML /CSS version of it, and after that I’ll release the Wordpress version.

stay toned :)

Thank you for the info. Very helpful.

release date of the html/css version?

I can’t give you an exact date, but if everything went well, then it’s gonna be soon :)

version html ?

Almost done with it.
Maybe next Monday or so.

I can’t wait

good job.