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Grub, do you think you will be developing this as a WP theme anytime soon? I think you’d do really well with it. Its by far the best looking theme on Theme Forest. I’m going to use Dreamweaver to work on it. Any thoughts on setting it up in DW? Any procedures I need to be aware of?


Hi SWHC 1066 ,

Thanks for the compliments! I don’t think you run into any problems using DW. If there are you can always drop me a mail.

About the Wordpress part, I really would like to make it a wp theme! Currently i’m learning the basics and so on… I don’t expect it to be finished soon because I want to putt in a couple of extra elements/features. But I will send you a message when I do or follow me ;-)

Hi, I love this template and I’d Like to buy it… but I’d use it for my blogger blog (blogspot); it will be possible? I need to use it with all blogger functions, including comments, etc.

Hi Robertac,

Don’t see any reason why it should not work if you can use html on blogspot its gonna work!

thanks… I was afraid that i wouldn’t be able to find a way to insert comments, and the blogspot features… will comments appear automatically? because if not, iìm not sure I will be able to add the right code… If ou tell me that I will not need to do anything special, I’ll buy it! (sorry for my bad engliesh) It is simple to install it in the html of blogspot? It it the same way of every blogspot templates I always download from the web?

thanks again

ok I trusted you and I’ve bought this beautiful template, but I’ve simply lost 20 S. It DOESEN ’T WORK IN BLOGSPOT . many thanks for your wrong indacation.

Hi robertac,

Just looked at the possibilities at blogspot. I’m still positive that is should work. Look at the link below:

hey how do I disable the activeX in internet explorer? I need the code…

Hi Bro 182,

Maybe you’ll find some info here

yeah thanks for sending me to the Google search page!! I know how to disable the actrive x from the tools menu…. I need the javascript code to enter in my html?


incredibly cool template, really. Only thing that annoys me is that the images slide IMO too fast and too often. Is this customizable? If so, I’m sold…


Hi the_mob,

Thanks!, the slide show are completely adjustable in speed and duration.

Its also explained in the help file that comes along with the template. But if you need any help with that just send me a message.



My site is up and running. First I took your template “out of the box” than I started to modify a little here and some there and oops, looks diffrent now. Anyhow, basically, it’s still your work! THX again, really great Template!

Is there anyway to use the CU3ER flash plug-in instead of the current slider now. I love both of your themes Clean studio and Discovery, but clean studio is better for the layout, but the slider on discovery is much better.

How can I mix and match the sliders for Discovery to Clean studio html template? Thanks.

Hi First I just wanted to say that I love this template and it works great.

I wanted to make a change to the portfolio page, instead of having three row of three across I just want to have one row of three across. I realize this means I need to change the showcase in the css but I have been at it for hours and I can’t get the wrapper to shrink. I have tried coding the height to a set pixel height but it didn’t do anything! I will be the first to admit that my html and css skills are very limited so I don’t really even to where to begin. Is there a way to change the code on the showcase so that it is only one row instead of 3?

Thanks so much

Does anyone know of a person who can set this up for me? I don’t know anything about programming and HTML , but I’m trying to put together a website. I have a domain and hosting, but I don’t know how to design it. I purchased this theme, but now do not know what to do with it.

If you are interested or know someone who may be please email me at


The contact form is fully working or do I have to integrate my own script?

The contact form is working, you can add or remove inputfields etc.


I finally bought your theme, How do I set the contact form to my email?? I didnt found the php file…..Can you help me with that???

very nice template. just purchased and making some customizations. is it possible to change the font to Champagne & Limousines like in one of your other templates? would this show on end user’s browser?

not sure if/how you were able to embed that font


There’s no point asking….apparently he doesn’t answer, unless you havent bought the theme yet….....

PHP file is missing although stated it was included. Any ideas?


Did this template ever work out for Blogspot? I’m probably going to buy this if so.

No this theme will not work on blogspot

Your demo site is broke, if you need hosting let me know I can do a simple account for $1.99/mo