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Preview address is broken.

Live preview page not working??!

Its working now

Live preview isn’t working…

yea works fine—looks clean ;D

Nice and clean, Good job.

Thanks for the appreciation g3niuz, CasLay!

someone knows if I can use this template with Joomla?


Its possible to implement this theme into any preferred cms. (joomla, wordpress etc. )

Only problem is that I can’t help you yet with implementing it :-(. But there are a lot of capable people here that can help you with this.

Really cool template! I’m gonna buy it, and (big voice) I see lots of sales in the near future !

Told ya ; )

so for those interested :

- PSD are well built, clear naming ; a very good point !

- The helpfile is detailed and covers all aspects of the template : design, code (HTML& CSS ), JQuery, etc.

- Code is well commented in the website files, quite useful

- Ready to upload files ; change texts & pics for yours, and you’re done !

A cool design, a professional creation, a great file to use ! I bought some templates on TF, it’s in my point of view one of the best.

Thanx a lot for your time and work !

Thanks! and lets hope your right about the sales ;-)

Thanks grubforce!

I have already install Joomla in my database. But If I buy this template, and what to use it directly, what kind of program do I need to have? What’s best to do?

I’m a very beginner with all this, so I don’t get yet everything! Sorry….

First of all I suggest to use a program like dreamweaver or if youre on a mac Coda to edit the site template. A big plus for these program’s is that you’ll get immediate visual feedback of what you are doing.

Although i’m a compleet noob a cms’s like joomla etc. I know that they start with the same basics like standard layout’s and simple snippits of code to call data from the database. Off course you will first have to learn these basics. There are a few good tutorials about this on the site.

Next you can just use this template by copy and pasting the html code you need into youre new joomla theme and then calling the dynamic content from your database with these code snippits.

I’m sorry I can’t help you futher with this, but like i said there is a bunch of good info that can be found on the Envato sites to help you with this.

Hi there mate, any chance of any help with the contact email form? How do i change address? etc.etc. thanks in advance

Hi Boki,

First of all thanks for buying my theme.

About your contact form, I searched and came up with the following links to help you out with this:

a tutorial:

here on theme forest:

thanks mate, i have a look at this. Also if you be kind enough to provide some more info on how the gallery works. would be greatful

Hi awesome template. Works perfect.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’m having problems with changing the images on the front page. I’m just replacing the png files for “home_01” etc. but they aren’t showing up. Do the png files have to be under a certain size to show up on the page? Most of the ones I am creating are about 800kb – 3mb. I’m trying to make them smaller but I’m not great at photoshop, so I was just wondering would this affect them not showing up on the front page :)

Rated 5 stars – awesome! :)

Hi Emmett,

First of all thanks for purchasing my theme.

About your question:

You can replace the image with any other image you like. Just keep in mind that the width must be 980 pixels and the height 300 pixels. I think the biggest problem is the image size. Try getting it down to about 150 – 300 kb.

To get lighter image file sizes in Photoshop. Follow these steps:

1. Create an image with 980×300 pixels (Style RGB )
2. File > Save for web
3. Select png or jpeg (whatever you like). On the bottom right you will find the filesize after saving.
4. If the file size is to big, adjust the quality (from 100% to 80%)

Alternate options:

It’s easily possible to edit the image size for the homepage showcase. Its a little bit more complicated but here are the steps:

1. Edit the width and height dimensions in the index file
2. Edit the width and height dimensions in de styles.css file ( they can be found under the heading “Home showcase” )
3. Keep in mind that the witdh should always be 980 pixels

Ziet er goed uit alleen is het engels en nederlands door elkaar ;)

Ach dat soort dingen sluipen er altijd in! :-)

Hi there. No doubt that it’s a great template but I’m stuck and am completely frustrated…

I edited the homepage image 1 and it didn’t change anything. Then I realised that in the source code it has classic_images/home_04.png” as the first image, so I changed this to classic_images/home_01.png” and the entire site screwed up…

suddenly i could see all home images in a row across the page – it looked ridiculous.

So – I changed it back to home_04.png – this didn’t help. The site still is out of sync.

It’s as if the mask of the slides to come has been removed and you can see them all. They have also moved downwards slightly so that they cover the text and colomns below and the entire thing looks ridiculous….

I’ve been working on this for hours trying to work out what is wrong and just can’t find a way to fix it.

If you could email me at i’ll gladly email you back with screenshots of what’s happening.

I’m sure it’s a problem with me and not the template and would really appreciate your assistance!

Thank you

Hi Borderbound,

Sounds like the jqeury isn’t working. Could you please send me a link?

I’m new to this and am trying to learn as much as possible. Alot of people have suggested that Word Press is the best way to edit your site but I saw on this blog that it you’re not sure how to implement the theme into Word Press. Does any one here know how?


Hi SWHC1066 ,

Thanks for buying my theme! Unfortunately I don’t have the time to make it a wordpress theme now. I’m starting to learn the basics :-|

Ask this question again on the themeforest forum, and you will get a quick response from some one!



43 sales, not bad at all ; )

I know! and I working a two new ones :-)

very nice and clean i like this as its not overloaded ‘and has very good Documentation well done ‘TOP MARKS ’

Thanks ttheb64! Good luck with the template.

(please send me a link when you put it online ;-) )