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data paging template is missing?

can you add a editform with tabs interface ?


gianfragolo – please contact me through my profile page, thanks!


The template looks great. I have a few quick questions.

How dependent is this template set on jquery? Basically is it usable if I choose to not use jquery?

How easy would it be to alter the colors? I’m looking for a bit less intense blue or green.



Hey Lee,

The use of jQuery on this file has been reduced to displaying the optional status messages (ex: One Column page) and hiding/showing text blocks which can be removed as well so you shouldn’t have problems.

Changing colors will be easy for you as well, the only image used with color you would have to change is the menu background, the rest would just be find & replace in the CSS file.

I hope this helps, thanks!

Dear cudazi this template is very simple and fantastic, i have …a stupid problem… i customize the logo, but i don’t know the option(.gif) to save the logo.gif… i save the logo i put the logo on the root, i see perfect the logo on firefox but i don’t see the logo on Explorer 8… why? i wrong the save mode(.gif) in photoshop?

sergix – I would need to see a live link, send me a message – thanks!

I would love to by this and I think it’s perfect for what I need my issue is though it’s fixed with. Are you planning on making a fluid version?

I don’t plan to in the near future but with a little studying of the CSS , you should be able to edit as needed – thanks!

As always, great stuff. I love all your work.

I appreciate the purchase and comment. :)