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Extremely beautiful! Nicely done mate

Yes very nice!

This is a beautiful theme! I love it!

It’s given me some inspiration for sure. I might buy it :D

Great work!

i’m in psd category…doh!! i mean this is a beautiful template but i need to have it coded…damn

i like the subtle colors.

lovely template… its clean but unique :D

do you offer code for this? SD

Wow! Nice 3D effects! :D

Yup i’d easily pay an extra to get this coded its by far the most beautiful

Can anyone code this i have 12$ left ;)

cool one )

If someone is willing to code this template, I have $12 left in my account.

Is this flash or html?

=)... .psd = Photoshop…not flash or html…you have to code it to html

I want my money back. This is not a template. This is a bunch of photoshop files. I have no idea what to do with these files and, moreover, I couldn’t care less. I need a template. Please tell me how to get my money back.

Don (dotonyskid@aol.com)

nice looking, but I expected HTML in here too, nit just PSD files!

I can do HTML , CSS