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nice nice…

but on the projects page the witdh is a lil bit more i think… ... then on the other pages ?

perhaps u should fit ,,,

i like this clean stuff

@g3niuz I don’t understand what are you saying :S

By the way, thanks for your comment!

5 stars I love it!

I just have one question.

-On the about page the margin for my text is really wide its the width of 80% of the whole page or so.

So when I type about myself the paragraph is really wide and makes few lines. How do I make the about page have a less wide margin so that my paragraph doesn’t stretch across the whole page but only a third of the page?

I’d like to leve the margin width wide for my thumbnails on the portfolio page and not change that.

Thanks for the great work,


I love the simplicity! Might like to use it for my portfolio.

@g3niuz – That’s just because the scrollbar displays when the content is long in height.

another question.

notice on the preview how the nav moves to the left and right by a few pixels when you click on the different buttons, how do I fix it so the nav does not move.



@ne-design Thanks for all!

@unovis Thanks for purchasing!

- You can apply a new class by using CSS in the aboutArea to avoid the big wide. - I will take a look at the nav bar, but it seems it’s for the fade effect or similar…

Thanks for all one more time guys!

@unovis I cann’t see that, I think there is no error on the nav bar, just move a little when you have scroll bar at the porjects section for example, right?

@Cesial Sorry I didn’t know about your item name! By the way, doesn’t work that link!

Everything adjusted this is a great file!

My last question, I had a little issue finding where to validate the email form, what line of code do I insert the email that the form send to? I did figure out the email for the mailto:, but not for the form yet.

After you get me that answer I will have no more questions.

I suggest everyone gets this file if they want something cool and clean.

I love it!!!


Thank you so much for your comments! It’s great to see people happy with my own creations :D

I am not sure what do you want, but if you want to send the form to an email checkout these options:

Good luck!

This link doesn’t really answer the question, here it is to be more clear:

All I am trying to do is to insert my email address into the code. So, when people fill out the contact form that has them type in their email and a message that it gets to my email address that I need you to show me where to specify in the code.

Where do I put my email in the code?

I am not trying to add to your contact form I am just trying to get it to work and mail to the email that I want to specify, but can’t figure out where to specify it.

just to re-iderate it is not the mailto: link it is the contact form that I want to work, this should be very simple for you to answer, it’s just not in the help file and since I have basic html knowledge I need you to tell me where to put my email so your form works.

much appreciated.

Guess my comment got deleted. Sorry, I guess it was a little unnecessary.

Good theme though!

@cesiel thanks one more time!

@unovis Yeah my link explains that but here you have the line:

<form id="formContact" <a href="mailto:action=""">action=""</a> method="post" name="formContact">

I hope it is clear now hehe :P

Arg… one more time, don’t know what is going on with the code… you only need to search at the form the string action=”” and change for that:


very nice one Adrian!

I already know about the “mailto:”

I need to know about the email form below the sentence where the mailto: is inserted.

The form…....

how do I specify THE FORM email…...??

Just simply help me on this code below from your file. As you can see my address is in there for the mailto: link.

Can you fix the code below and show me where else I need my email , so that the email form on your contact page sends me the user message.


Feel free to contact me by using the form below or just e-mail me directly.”>href=””>directly.

Your message goes here…

In this case… you can use PHP to check if the form has been sent and then use the mail() function of PHP .

But I am not including the PHP code on the template so I recommend you read this article that shows you how to do that:

Good luck one more time unovis!

I decided to delete your form and use my own flash form it works fine.

Next time please include the PHP code for the form.