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Centrino just want to say (as a buyer) that I can certainly attest to the fact that it is SUPER easy to edit. The gold / yellow wasn’t the color scheme I needed either – so I’ve changed the accent color thru-out to a shade of purple – all done via CSS and took me… probably 5 or 10 minutes tops. :)

Great work, congratulations! :D

Thank you for your support, much appreciated.

Love this template. One question, please can anyone tell me how to make the footer menu horizontal?

Hi, thank you for your kind words. Please get in touch with me via my profile contact form and I’ll do my best to help. Regards!

Is there anyway you can have the menu and footer as separate include files to save multiple page updating.

You can achieve that within your backend development language. For example you could use include or require in PHP and set up a header.php and footer.php. That’s up to you to modify, the template is HTML based.


Spent ages looking for a theme and finally came across this. Great theme! and I really appreciate the IE compatibility – it’s such a pain when choosing themes. I have one question. I uploaded a logo image and it is being halved in size automatically. I made it exactly the recommended size. Could you take a look please?

Thanks a lot Marie

Hi, thanks for your appreciation. One question though: where did you buy this template from? You don’t seem to be a buyer with the current profile your using. The logo should be double the visible size in order to have support for retina display.

Oops sorry about that, I bought the wordpress version not this one, I posted in the wrong thread! Thanks for the fast reply. I presume the answer remains the same anyway. I can send you the purchase code if needed.


No worries, I hope my answer helps.

Pretty nice looking theme. What about the blog or “journal” like you name it, how would I be able to update it ? Is it connected to some kind of XML or database ?

Hi, thank you for your support. The template is HTML based, meaning you have to add the content yourself (manually or via a CMS of preference). Regards.

Hello, my previous comment was never answered… about the lightbox not working (on the demo) or in the downloaded files. It also seems to have now been removed. Anyway, I still like this template alot, but, I just found another error that I cannot seem to fix on my own. PLEASE fix it in a future update. Here’s the error:

UL’s (lists) such as the
    cannot be nested within your grid columns that are boxed, such as …. <div class="grid7 col"> <div class="box"> <h2>Our Products</h2> <p>Features of this amazing product include.... </p><ul class="square"> <li>feature 1</li> <li>feature 2</li> <li>feature 3</li> </ul> </div> <!-- END Grid7 Column div tag --> </div> <!-- END Box div tag --> So, because of this, the only way I can include nested lists within the DIV’s in my site content is to not use the BOX class, which is the one that controls the formatting and aesthetics – accent colors etc. of the area of the page. This is a really big problem, please PLEASE fix it.

Hi, I respond to all your comments and issues – tried to help previously but you could not share your links. I’m doing my best to help, but I need to see the problem at hand to debug it. The lists inside a box element work just fine, take a look here:

Hi there, just bough it and the template is one of the best I have seen – good work.

One question, what would you suggest for setting up the search functionality? Im not running a CMS like WP of Drupal just a static site with PageLime. Thanks

Yes, this is done in order to have menu navigation on phones – on a parent menu click (touch) you want the dropdown to expand, not the link to get fired. Comment out line 179 in site.js to disable this feature.

Oh I see. I don’t actually need to do that then. Just realized if I remove the sub menu items and the class of ‘arrow’ a top level nav button becomes clickable any way.

Sorry, another question. Only when I shrink the site to mobile width, the disappears. How could I get this to stay up there?

What does actually disappear, you didn’t specify. Drop me a message via my profile and I’ll continue my support via email.

I’m about to put this new site online and everything works great, but the photo gallery. Is there an updated file for the lightbox that will let you add more than one photo to an album? When on the gallery page, I’m wanting the lightbox to open the gallery instead of opening another page to then find the gallery. Thank you so much for your help!!

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Please modify the gallery page with lightbox items just like in the Alerts & Widgets page – you will find the markup necessary there.

Hi, Can the funky hover affects be toggled off? Cheers, Kris

Hi, thanks for the interest. Yes, the hover CSS3 animation can be changed or removed, of course – it’s just a matter of changing/removing a class name.

How many photos can an album in the portfolio gallery hold? I only saw two photos. Can it have a slider that can accommodate and show multiple photos under the same project file / portfolio? Please advise. Thank you.

Hi, the template is static HTML based – you can add as many images to the portfolio items as you like.

Hello, I really like this template. I would add more social networks can not. How is it done?

Hi, thank you for your purchase – the simplest way to add a new social link is to wrap a 21px X 21px image in a link element: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a>

thanks for your reply. and another question: to add them as sprite the same as the original theme? how to do?

Well, to add a new social icon to the sprite you need to edit both sprite images (retina display included) and add some custom CSS styling. I’m available for additional changes to the theme – contact me via my profile’s message form and I’ll continue support via email.

Hallo, we´ve purchased your theme. But we have two questions.

On the following page you can see a picture gallery but the bottom of the picture is hidden (you cannot see the white border). I can´t find the code to chage this. Also we want to show the photos bigger, so that the page alwas fit in window. May you can help us.

The second question is: the arrows to change between the pictures are hidden in the mobile verion (iPhone). Can you help us?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue to offer support via email.

it´s done, thank you

Hi, I need help with the filter function on the portfolio page.

It is not working. I have changed filter name of each item and they are not corresponding when I click the filter name at the top.

Hi, please follow the markup of the example in the template and everything will work just fine. If you change the filter names make sure you also update the filters of each portfolio item.

For any other concerns/questions drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Hi liviu, Is there any way to use Turkish characters with open sans? I cannot use characters like ? ç ? ?.

Hi, you should probably use the online Google Font service with an Open Sans version that contains special Turkish subset characters (I think it’s latin-ext). If you have problems replacing the local version with the online one let me know via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.

Hello, does this theme have a twiiter feed? Thank you

Hi, this is a static HTML template that you can customize to your project specifications and needs – you’ll be able to add whatever you need if you have some basic HTML knowledge (that includes a twitter widget).

Purchased some time ago and never had the chance to deploy till now, excellent template and happy to see it’s still supported.

Thank you for the purchase and for your kind words!