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what icon set did you use for this please?


I just purchased this admin theme, but i’m having difficulty installing it… So that you are aware I already have a non WP theme installed for my WP site, but this theme did not change anything in the Admin skin, so thought I’d buy your theme to tidy up the default WP admin skin/theme. My problem is I don;t know how to upload and install this them successfully?

Things i’ve done/tried…

Read through the pdf readme doc – couldn;t find any install instructions there.

Uploaded the theme via WP admin>add new themes etc.. No joy here

I’ve even tried to manually ftp the extracted zip into the themes folder..

Because this theme changes the admin skin am I looking in the wrong place?

I’d appreciate your help..

Regards Matt

My sidebar to also fails to work, the text turns bold but the page wont change. this is very strange.


Could someone offer advice on how I can install this theme?

As posted before i’ve tried uploading it via the wp admin theme installer, but this didn;t work..

I also tried installing it, again via wp admin as a plugin, but this did work either?

I can;t see it’s a prob with the hosting because I can use other themes and plugins without any probs??

Any help would be appreciated!! ;-)


are there instructions on how to install this theme?

Quick question-

Whenever I apply class=”selected” to a drop-down menu, the”selected” menu elements turn white.. Does anyone have any fixes for this?

So I fixed my issue with the “white” menu items.

For anybody else who’s wondering about this-

insert a line right after line 67 that says, ul#menu li.selected ul li a {background:#6c7275; color:#5c6467;}

This will fix the “white” menu items.

- robert_

My client bought this … man … looks nice … but the code is horrific. i wasted SOOOOO much time on it.

Ever get into a situation like this? You are so deep into it, that you can’t pull out now … but man do I want to!

Templates like this make me want to not buy templates anymore.

Do we really save time and money by paying $20 for a a theme and then spend hours to make it work? Um … no.

@skattabrain: I’m assuming it’s just the css habits don’t match :) Cleanity has been already adapted to so many applications without much struggle.

Hi, currently it only have 1 page html, is it other pages missing?